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  1. Not everyone might care about the Super Bowl but it is still the biggest sporting event in the United States and a whole lot of people do enjoy the event.
  2. You can remove tips for any reason, in fact Royal will not even ask why you are removing the tips!
  3. Many people, including myself, always remove the auto gratuities. We tip in cash at the end but do not allow Royal to decide who gets our tips. Royal is fine with this. Tip the way you are comfortable and let everyone else tip the way they want.
  4. Good for you! Everyone should tip the way that is best for them!
  5. Why because you can't handle the discussion. Put your big boy pants on!
  6. It is a choice, if they don't wish to leave a tip, or adjust the tip, it is up to them.
  7. If you believe that to be true, keep tipping that way! It is your money, spend it any way you like. We will continue to give cash and remove auto gratuities. Royal is just fine with either way of tipping.
  8. Gratuities make up most of the compensation for crew in the housekeeping, beverage and food departments. Royal now even requests we give gratuity to crew members we don't even see. Royal profits even more when they get passengers to pay more of the crew's salary.
  9. Gratuities contributes a substantial profit margin for Royal, it will not go away anytime soon.
  10. Good for you! You should tip the way you feel most comfortable. We always remove our daily tips and tip in cash. Royal makes it very easy to tip this way. Everyone should tip the way they feel most comfortable.
  11. The gratuity applies to individual guests of all ages and stateroom categories. As a way to reward our crew members for their outstanding service, gratuities are shared among dining, bar & culinary services staff, stateroom attendants and other hotel services teams who work behind the scenes to enhance the cruise experience. I guess you find their policy clear, I do not. The way Royal's policy is set up they can give your tips to almost anyone on any of their ships.
  12. When you leave it up to Royal to give out your tips, you don't know where your money goes.
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