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  1. I get that some cruisers like to prepay gratuities for the convenience, and I am glad they have this choice but I would never prepay.
  2. The MDR has really gone down hill over the years. We now leave our formal attire at home as we now use alternative dining mostly.
  3. You should be angry! Please voice your concerns.
  4. We do this as well, nice and easy way to have more outlets.
  5. We always leave them in our checked luggage, 35 years cruising and never an issue. We bring it even when we have the drink package, as we enjoy our special drinks on the balcony.
  6. Yes if needed, just like anywhere else!
  7. We use them all the time, they are great!
  8. Love my Rum Runner's, we never cruise without them.
  9. The gratuity applies to all guests sailing, regardless of age. These gratuities are shared among dining, bar & culinary services staff, stateroom attendants and other hotel services teams who work behind the scenes to enhance the cruise experience. When Royal came up with this gratuity policy, it was a great way to fool those who pay gratuities. As you can see by Royal Caribbean policy they can give your tip money to just about anyone they please, even those who do not serve you. You have no idea or control who RCCL will give your money too. Royal is able to save plenty of money by having guests pay more members of the crew salaries, this has been so great for my RCCL stock. Royal gives you choices on how to tip, choose the way that works best for you. We will continue to remove our auto gratuities and tip those who deserve in cash.
  10. So I am responsible for tipping the person who restocked the toilet paper? I don't think so! We will continue to remove those auto grats!
  11. We always remove the automatic gratuity, very easy to do.
  12. Open discussion is a great thing. Many cruisers might have already made up how they will tip and that's great. Many new cruisers may not even post here on cruisecritic but come here to gain information and learn different point of views. It is kind of sad when you are tired of hearing about a topic and you have to tell people to shut up and stop talking about it. Maybe you should just move on to the next topic and let those who wish to discuss tipping, continue to share their own point of views.
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