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  1. We always transfer our bookings to one of our Travel Agents. We compare our approved travel agents and we use the one that gives us the most OBC and perks. You are leaving lots of money behind, if you are leaving your booking with Royal.
  2. And all that gratuity money goes straight to Royal and Royal does whatever it wants to do with our gratuity.
  3. Not only are we on the next cruise with you but both my wife and I are also on the Keto diet. My wife will only have a wine and I will usually have my drink over ice with no mixer. Some people have suggested diet coke, that can be keto friendly. I agree, most mixers would take you out of Ketosis real fast.
  4. We have done ATV tours a few times in the caribbean and we have never been asked to pay a $500 deposit or anything approaching that.
  5. Does anyone know if Captain Tore Grimstad is currently on the Allure?
  6. 31 days to before we cruise on the Allure and 112 day and we will be on the Independence
  7. $65 a day for our Indy cruise in December and $59 a day for our Allure cruise next month, we will pass on the drink packages for both cruises. It has been a long time since Royal had good prices on the drink packages, not counting the $18 a day mistake that some were able to take advantage of.
  8. Royal wants $59/day for our Allure cruise next month and $65/day for Independence cruise in December. Reality is we will not be buying the drinking package at those prices. We will adjust by bringing two bottles of wine with us when we board, use drink coupons, use the discount for wine deal with specialty dining, and taking advantage of a couple of private excursions that include drinks. We will still buy a drink or two. We will have a great time on our cruises with or without the drinking package.
  9. It is not a matter of how many cruises but how many nights we are out on a cruise. This year we will do three cruises, 9 nights on the Jewel of the Seas, 7 nights on the Allure and 4 nights on the Independence of the Seas. In 2020 we have a 25 night cruise cruise on the new ship Enchanted Princess. We now enjoy combining land and cruise vacations, allows for the best of both worlds.
  10. We purchased The Key for our Independence of the Seas 4 day cruise in December. The cost was 19.99 day, so for the two of us the cost of The Key was $160 for our cruise. We cancelled our two device internet that we had purchased on sale for 20.99 a day, so this saved $84.00. Since we will get to eat a nice lunch at Chop's on embarkation, that is a big plus and worth $40. After enjoying the above, The Key is still costing us about $36. The ability to drop off our bags and not drag around our wine is easily worth $10.00 to me. Having a nice breakfast and an easier way off the ship the last day is easily worth the difference for us to purchase The Key. Having priority check in, priority seating and private hours on Flow Rider and hopefully Ice Skating made purchasing The Key an even better benefit. We have a cruise on the Allure next month and the cost of The Key is $29.99/day, total cruise price for two $420.00. The cost of the Key on our Allure cruise would be a waste of money as it seems very overpriced. We agree with others who said, The Key is a better deal on shorter cruises, not so much on longer cruises.
  11. You have done a nice job of explaining yourself here. Good luck with finding out the answers. The laws are changing so quickly. Here in Miami-Dade County, they have just announced they have stopped prosecuting minor marijuana cases.
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