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  1. mackenzie80

    Carnival Fantasy Blog/Review 1/3/2019-1/7/2019

    You will have a blast! Look forward to reading more!
  2. mackenzie80

    Carnival Fantasy November 17-22, 2018 Review

    I was on this cruise with my mother and we had a wonderful time as well! Enjoying your review!
  3. mackenzie80

    Fantasy Drydock January 2019

    CJMini, Also keep in mind Mardi Gras is going on during this time. Keep an eye out for Parades on Embarkation or Debarkation days. Could cause delays.
  4. mackenzie80

    Fantasy Medical Deviation Nov 21

    Just to update as I was on this cruise. Coming out of Cozumel there was a medical emergency. The ship had to turn around and head back towards Cozumel so an Emergency Water Rescue could be made. No-one knew this was going on until the next morning when the Captain made the announcement. We were told we would be getting into port 4 hours later (Thanksgiving morning). Everyone was allowed to stay in their rooms until 1:30pm. And they had all bars open, and served breakfast and lunch. Disembarkation was chaotic as everyone was trying to self disembark and wanted to go at one time. Lots of chaos and yelling. But made it off ship once docked, and made it to car within 30-40 minutes with FTTF.
  5. mackenzie80

    Fantasy Stabilizers

    Have sailed on Fantasy twice this year. WIll be 3 times in a year come February. Have only felt movement twice, and both times sea was a big rough.
  6. mackenzie80

    Fantasy Drydock January 2019

    I would suggest arriving 30-45 minutes (12:30-12:45) before your scheduled time. IF the doors aren't open yet, you will be at the first of the queue. Make sure to prepay parking, so you can park and hop in line. If there then Garage won't be full yet, and may miss the big hunk of crowds.
  7. For me, Faster to the Fun is worth it. You are one of the first on the ship. Can drop off your bags, do a little unpacking. Then go get food. Because everything is so crowded we bring our food back down to our room so we don't have to worry about dealing with the chaotic crowds. Much nicer to be able to relax and non sit there for hours in massive crowds of people with luggage.
  8. mackenzie80

    Gadget found attached to tv

    I'm rolling laughing at all this!
  9. mackenzie80

    Gadget found attached to tv

    This is a IR receiver. Many hotels/cruise lines use it to make all tv's uniformly work for remotes. It is not a camera.
  10. mackenzie80

    WiFi package?

    When you add it to your room you choose who it is being purchased for, could be it is listed for him. There is no password, just the folio number on card and something else I think (DOB/Year?)
  11. mackenzie80


    1. Unsure about the salad 2. Windjammer lunch wasn't a 5 star meal, but I enjoyed it. I am almost certain they had a carving station. 3. Room was always comfortable, you can adjust using the nob in ceiling (Fantasy) 4. They usually had pizza, and until about 1 hotdogs, hamburgers, and pub type food available. 5. How many drinks would you drink in a day? More than 5-6? Each day? Then yes, it is worth it. If you won't hit that, then it would be a waste. Pro - ship is smaller, so you are able to experience the entire ship, not as crowded imo. Con - Ship is smaller, so less to do/experience that a larger ship. However i wasn't bored once!
  12. I would suggest the Hub App. Much easier to use, just make sure it stays open or notifications won't come through. $5.00 per person. Walkie Talkies don't work super well on the ship, and it is so loud many times may not hear them.
  13. mackenzie80

    New to carnival (sort-of)

    Most of the shows are first come first serve. I would get there early for most shows. Your time dining gets you seated whenever you like, may be a short wait. Dress code varies. I have seen people in dress shorts in the MDR to full length ball gowns each night. Main thing is no swimming shorts, dress like you would for church or to go out to eat at a decent restaurant, same with elegant night.
  14. mackenzie80

    Facebook Calls

    FYI for anyone else reading this. "Not supported" is also fancy speak for it could work, but if it doesn't or you have trouble we won't help you fix it. I've had no problem with facebook calls or wifi calling from my cellular device.