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  1. Personally I would suggest having the childs card on them if possible. A lady on our cruise her daughter was 7 and in a big crowd in Cozumel she dropped her hand for a second to pick up a shirt, daughter was right next to her, then daughter was gone, she had stepped around a corner, then walked out thinking she had seen mom in the crowd. Child got lost, and because a sign and sail card was on her, authorities got her to where she needed to go, and was able to notify the ship where the child was. I understand children losing things, but in a foreign country some form of ID on them is a good thing.
  2. You can take a spouses sign and sail card. But if you are getting 2 coffee's on your sign and sail card you will have to wait 5 minutes. Usually water isn't a issue. I have found the key is find a good bartender/barista and tip them well, they remember you and tend to do more for you.
  3. The Fantasy scored a 99 on its October 5 inspection. https://www.wkrg.com/top-stories/carnival-fantasy-passes-re-inspection-after-failing-july-health-inspection/
  4. MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Mobile city officials and Carnival Cruise Line officials will sign a contract extension keeping the Carnival Fantasy in Mobile for three more years on Monday. The ceremonial signing is set for noon aboard the Fantasy. The three year-contract extension would keep the Carnival Fantasy in Mobile through November 2022. Carnival resumed service in Mobile in 2016. Mobile Mayor Sandy Stimpson has been an advocate for the city’s relationship with Carnival saying it brings tourists to Mobile. The contract agreement also outlines the Carnival Fantasy’s schedule through December 2020 https://www.wkrg.com/top-stories/mobile-city-council-to-vote-on-contract-extension-with-carnival-during-tuesdays-meeting/
  5. CJJ - They have the buffet, Guys Burgers, Blue Iguana Cantina open usually. But depends on the ship and could be more, but seems like that is generally what is available. They are open until boat drill if I am not mistaken. But you can eat something as soon as on board. Just know it will be busy, lots of people waiting in these areas until their rooms open, with all of their carry-on luggage. Very crowded!
  6. Still I am correct. The price will go up once the cruise is here. Whether there are two prices the pre-purchase or onboard doesn't really matter. The current price WILL go up. It will NOT go down because as you said there are two prices. So I AM correct. It won't go down, it will go up.
  7. Oh good grief....Technically yes, but the price WILL go up. There will not be a "special or cheaper" rate.
  8. The price will not go down, it will only go up. You can buy one and share it, but you both cannot use it at the same time. It also takes forever for documents to upload and send. So you may have issues with things going out. My suggestion is you are usually only at sea one day at time before at a port. Can you do major uploads on those days instead?
  9. They are not strict about boarding times from my experience. I would suggest that they prepay for parking, saves a TON of time by going to the ports website and having that done.
  10. You will have a blast. I have friends on the ship this week and they report not seeing any issues and enjoying themselves immensely.
  11. Isn't that small. Few people standing but on my cruises never had anyone complaining they couldn't get in. And the Bar is on the outside of the comedy room. And no real need for a bar as there are plenty of cocktail servers taking drink orders.
  12. I am friends with a crew member on board. We met him on last 3 cruises and have kept in touch. They said that this was some rogue kitchen staff trying to get a failing score thinking they would get days off if not cruising.
  13. On my cruise they were in the Comedy Club
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