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  1. I got mine this morning for my b2b symphony for Nov. 07
  2. Hello all sailors out there I hope that all of you are enjoying the best of health. OK now back to the topic. As all of you now know that all the cruise lines are asking for a doctor's note from people over 70 in order for them to cruise. Now as of today according to the CDC 40% of young adults are being hospitalized here in the U.S. So now what are the cruise lines going to do ask everyone to produce a doctor's note in order for them to cruise? If not I think they are going to have a big lawsuit coming against them because to me if they don't it looks that they discriminating against us senio
  3. Hello all could anyone please tell me where the smoking areas are on majesty of the seas ? Thanks
  4. I'll be on liberty of the seas next month could anyone tell me if there is a u s b port in the inside cabins. thank you.
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