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  1. Go to this site - https://cruisedeckplans.com/DP/deckplans/Regal-Princess It gives you all the deck plans - and the ability to drag a deck plan over another - I personally would avoid this as it is directly below the Horizon Court - where you will hear chairs, food prep etc.
  2. I would love a picture of the embarkation Patter.
  3. Where do you get current names??
  4. If you research you will find most plastic waste comes from 10 rivers - 2 in Africa and 8 in Asia. https://nypost.com/2017/12/12/10-rivers-are-responsible-for-90-of-the-plastic-in-the-ocean/
  5. I am hosting a M&G on a Princess ship - does anyone have advice on inviting offices and staff? My contact gave me a list, but it is too many people. Any suggestions for a invitation? Thanks
  6. I assume there was no problem returning on time. The company seems big enough to deal with any problems.
  7. I just wonder when people say their service dog "can detect low blood sugar, etc" what they do on an excursion. Can "Fluffy" detect from a cruise ship balcony while there owner is off the ship, or is this all BS?
  8. Many posts reference the ADA rules. That is the AMERICAN disability act. Do cruise ships have to comply?
  9. I will be at the Doubletree as well. I have confirmed they will shuttle us to buy wine, etc, but they want to do it the day you arrive, as they will be super busy in the morning. They also shuttle to restaurants.
  10. I'm glad you recommended Raffaello's - I'm staying near the port and thought this looked like a nice place. We are staying at the DoubleTree and they tell me their shuttle will take us to restaurants.
  11. LA will not be on Daylight savings in January, so there will only be 2 changes each way/
  12. I have flights to LA on Southwest. Due to the 737 Max problems, they automatically changed my flight. I have EZAIR for a flight to London in June. I just received a notice from my TA company of a flight departure change. When I went to my booking, there was a notice there as well, and I had to acknowledge that I received it.
  13. I am arranging the M & G for the Star 12/4 to Hawaii. My contact is Diana Hall (661) 284-4449 dhall@princesscruises.com
  14. And what if there is no room in the lifeboat? Also, your muster station will think you are missing, and perhaps endanger a crew member sent to your cabin to look for you!!
  15. Are you saying the cruise line opened it? Before I started using TSA locks, we got called to the naughty room where the asked us to open the suitcase, saying they are forbidden from doing so. They said they had seen something on the scanner - turns out it was my wife's curling iron and a can of aerosol bathroom spray. The never saw the extra bottles of wine.
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