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  1. The other posters were referring to the MDR - not the Crown Grill.
  2. I did not see your post - I probably was booking it before you posted ( I had to verify date / time ) and by the time I did, you had posted, so I just started my post. My original flight was 8/17, but when I went to re-fare it was changed to 8/16 - glad my wife caught it. I simply entered 8/18, and it was changed to 8/17, the date I wanted. Go figure. So anyone re-faring should be cautious of the date.
  3. Just checked my flights Miami top London - 8/17 with return 9/1. I had what I considered a great fare of $359 p/p. Just re-booked for $299 p/p.
  4. I don't quite understand when people refer to it as lobster. They do not serve a lobster - just the tail!
  5. Microwave - but leave it in the husks
  6. Go on Amazon and look for "Jet Bag" They protect the bottle, and have an insert that can absorb 750 ML if the bottle were to break. Also useful for other liquids.
  7. On a recent cruise to Hawaii we brought 2 bottles on board, and then at each port we bought 2 more - never charged corkage, and they were aware we had them.
  8. I read somewhere that turning off HD calling helps in this situation.
  9. Agree there are 12 mini's on emerald, but no insides directly across. As a mater of fact there are only 2 insides in that area. https://cruisedeckplans.com/DP/deckplans/Star-Princess
  10. Sometimes referred to as "black and blue"
  11. The menu says "Featuring the Finest Center Cuts from Sterling Silver Corn Fed Beef". This from Sterling Silver " Sterling Silver only uses the top ⅔ of all meat graded Choice using these parameters. Choice beef is high quality, tender, juicy and flavorful so you know you’ll get premium quality in every bite. So is Princess lying??
  12. Think about RCCL - Chops Restaurant is $49.00
  13. Actually, you can avoid the Horizon Court - just ask which dining room is open.. The may first tell you Horizon, but ask again and they will tell you. You can leave your carry on at the entrance and enjoy a leisurely lunch without the crowds.
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