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  1. Another small waterfall that we couldn't resist We could sense an increase in elevation and a decrease in traffic Alnesreset is the highest elevation in our journey Magical Mistical Tour
  2. Thanks Mic . We're hoping that you didn't have to evacuate and we heard that the airport was closed .
  3. Further along highway 63 we stopped at a waterfall with a viewing platform Here is an article about our destination http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trollstigen As we drew closer to our goal the road became more crowded
  4. Our ship went to Alesund so we hired a guide to take us to Geirangerfjord . Check out the guy on the right We rode on this ferry through the fjord Our guide brought lunch which we ate on the table
  5. The first time we went to Alesund we did this . We met Diane and Larry on our Roll call on Cruise Critic. They wanted someone to share the cost of a car rental to Trollstigen. It was about 1/2 the price of the ship's excursion. We were some of the first off the ship and had a nice walk to the car rental. We drove East on 136 out of town. The sky looked like it may cloud over so we stopped at the view point at Aksla before the tour buses. The view was amazing ! It was so nice for Diane to drive and being an avid photographer, we could stop when the view moved us. We were moved a lot to stop and breathe the clean air and the views.
  6. Our next stop was Akershus Castle This is the chapel inside of the castle Nice tapestry We noticed that one of these cannon was trained on our balcony Leaving Oslo
  7. Don't know if you have made plans for dinner in Ft. Lauderdale but we have enjoyed the Mai-Kai for dinner and a show . It's close to the cruise port and fun and a drink . https://www.maikai.com/
  8. On many of our threads you will see this . It's not true , Photobucket removed or deleted it . If you click on image the photo will appear .
  9. As we were leaving the museum we saw some friends from the ship with a local friend. He informed us that there would be a seafood festival at the down town area. We jumped off of the bus at the modern Aker Brygge shopping area. Some tents were set up where local chef's were preparing snacks and lunch Seafood display After nosing around for a bit were drawn to some spicy scampi and a pizza - like bread . It was great ! Walking around the mall we returned to the waterfront with this view of the Legend tied up in front of Akershus Castle. Walking along the waterfront with Aker Brygge on the left , you can see that is was a nice , warm day.
  10. We tip as we go because sometimes the personnel may go home or be moved elsewhere .
  11. Seeing some of the farms reminded me of my grand parents farm in the 1950's in Texas Small wooden houses - with a double outhouse The same style of interior But the town didn't look this nice
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