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  1. The sail in to Stockholm takes several hours through the Swedish Archipelago and you get pretty close to some of the islands and houses It was still very early but the bow was open
  2. Sorry about that Chief . I wonder if Flickr and Photobucket are related ?
  3. Agreed ! We had a couple of issues in South America that we don't care to repeat .
  4. Thank you . Should we pre book a Taxi ? The Last time we pre booked to Mount Saint Michel as a day trip and it was fantastic !
  5. We would like to go from LeHarve to Paris Nord to catch the 12:25 train to Rotterdam . We would like to take a couple of quick photos of the Eiffel tower and the Arc de Triomphe . We arrive at 07:00 in LeHarve and have priority disembarkation ( 4 bags ). Any ideas would be welcome . Thanks .
  6. Gentoo penguins in the Falkland Islands video clip : 
  7. Would you like to see some of our Pics from the Stockholm sail out in June ?
  8. Yes only a limited number can make the trip in 4x4 vehicles with 5 people . We did pay extra for the excursion .
  9. Dinner is served Her Osso Buco and risotto was good but the best that we have had was in Patagonia before boarding our ship to Antarctica
  10. We had requested a visit for the changing of the guard at the tomb of the unknown soldier , but on Saturday at noon is the Ceremony of the Equestrian and Pedestrian Procession of the Presidential Regiment .This takes place in Cathedral Square . In the background is the world's largest cannon , the Tsar Cannon . This event is best seen on video , here's the procession . Followed by the presentation of the colors ( flags ) . The equestrian and rifle company . It was time for the rifle company's drill. They were quite good . All of this was filmed from beneath an umbrella
  11. We didn't see any King chicks but there is an adjacent colony of Gentoo with cute chicks
  12. We recall this TA as being one of our favorite cruises and would love to do it again . The prices on Celebrity have gone up a lot and so we looked to other cruise lines and found that we could afford a full suite on the Regal for about the price of a Sunset Veranda . While in our planning stage we found a missing SD card from this trip that my wife took . We noticed that a number of cruise lines are skipping Bermuda Celebrity included . So with that in mind and the fact that Bermuda may be getting another hurricane we will return to yesteryear with some lost photos from this trip , beginning with Bermuda .
  13. No , we also found it creepy . We could have as the lines were shorter there than at the Mc Donalds but with our knowledge of him and no photos allowed - we passed . For us there are a lot more interesting sights and people to see . We have been in Lenin's office in Smolney a couple of times with our guide who used to work there in security when Putin was still there in the 90's . That was enough for us .
  14. The tulips in bloom and the changing of the guard We then went to the changing of the guard ceremony But it's best seen here in the video clip :
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