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  1. The Chef's Table . We met the other diners and the Maitre d'Hotel Francisco Patricio , at Bellini's Bar . We then headed down to the galley for a change into white coats and a through hand washing . And moving rapidly through the hot and busy galley ( after all - it was dinner time ) , we met The Executive Chef Naveen Quadros . He conducted the tour and is serving us our first hors d'oeuvre , Blue Crab and Shrimp Margarita with Avocado and Mango Next up , Sushi Grade Ahi Tuna Tartare with Wasabi and Pickled Ginger The third appetizer was Roasted New Potatoes with Sour Cream and Osetra Caviar And then came an amazing Bistro Fontina Cheese Mini Tartlet and Black Truffle ! Our last hors D'oeuvres was a Breaded Brie Lollipop and Port Wine and Plum Reduction for dipping . A look at some edible art A Carmen Miranda seahorse sculpture I was glad to see that the galley part of the tour was ending as juggling a camera , food and a bottomless flute of champagne was taxing my abilities . And with the galley part of the tour over it was time to move out to the dining area . As we were seated , our menus were waiting for us . After being seated at our table , it was time for the ceremonial closing of the light curtains ! You can see a video clip of it here : The lighted center piece of the table It reminds me of a Giant Sea Anemone ...Lobster and asparagus risotto - as rich as it looks ! With Danzante Pinot Grigio Roasted Orange and Ginger Sorbet Served with Grey Goose Vodka gravy Flame on flambe See the flambe video here : And Executive Chef Naveen served as his own Saucier ! With the steak cooking complete , it was time for the second meat course : Dijon crusted Roast Rack of Lamb . Enjoy !! And don't forget the wine - Zeni Amarone Classico With the meat course eaten and enjoyed , we were beginning to feel very full and content . The cheese course was a Baked Camembert De Meaux . And save some room for dessert ! And with dessert , a dessert wine : A late harvest Sauvignon Blanc . Dessert was a chocolate mousse with a milk chocolate shell . Extra yummy ! Also , a choice of gourmandises . I settled for an overdressed , out of focus , strawberry ( it must have been the wine ! ) . And lastly , the ladies were presented a rose And the gentlemen , a 50th anniversary Princess cook book .
  2. The Crab Shack The popcorn shrimp must have been a misprint on the menu because they were huge and delicious ! Growing up in the South I've eaten a lot of hush puppies , but these were the best . The addition of cheese to the usually dry cornbread was genius ! And so the first round of food knocked it out of the park ! The soup was good , but paled in comparison . And now , here is where the fun really begins . We had both ordered the King Crab legs and they require some surgical dissection . It's hard to tell from the photo just how much food is in the bowl and so I had Pat hold a claw , and as you can see , she really had a handful ! We stuffed ourselves with the rich crab and butter and didn't come close to finishing what was in the bowl . We didn't even want to look at dessert , as we were so full that we couldn't eat another bite . But for those who would like to see what dessert looks like , here's a photo from the CB . To summarize our dining experience at the Crab Shack on the Regal : It was a delicious and full filling experience !
  3. UBD part 2 Canapes Crab quiche Salad Surf and Turf followed by our favorite dessert
  4. At 5:30 two gentlemen wearing tuxedos ( it was formal night ) knocked on the door and began setting up for the Ultimate Balcony Dinner .
  5. Video , landing on the Herbert Glacier : Next stop , Mendenhall Glacier There was a bride and a groom in this helicopter who had just been married on the glacier as we were landing .
  6. We left with a local guide to go to Lighthouse Beach Our guide also brought lunch . We had a choice of fish , chicken or conch with rice and coleslaw . Lemonade and a strong rum punch or water were the choice of drinks .
  7. We're not doing too well on the TA's as we were canceled twice and had to cancel the one on the Caribbean Princess . We think that HAL is being very cautious by delaying another month . Hopefully you will be able to make the Baltic in Summer and our TA in August will go .
  8. Our Veendam cruise was canceled so 140 days for the next one .
  9. Since we can't sail on Princess and we're all in the same boat , why not share photos and stories of past cruises until we sail again ? Up early waiting for our ship to come in The wow factor in the Regal Since we were hungry did you say Parmesan basket with fettuccine Alfredo ? Here's the world premier of a true Love Boat sail away video with a mashup of background music courtesy of the house band : Princess Cay , here we come !
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