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  1. I was just voicing my concern... I'm not expecting people to say anything... just wondering was I the only one with this concern....
  2. I was reading the statement on royal Caribbeans website regarding the coronavirus and It said if you visited China or if you are not feeling well you wont be allowed to board... my concern is how are they really going to know if someone has been to China or if someone is not feeling well? I mean they can ask them all day long but honestly people Lie.... and I know alot of people that have went on cruises sick simply because they didnt want to lose their money for canceling.... I'm hoping that by the time my cruise that this coronavirus is under control but it still concerns me that I could possibly be exposed if someone decides to lie....
  3. I'm trying to outweigh if it is worth purchasing the soda package or just buying sodas as needed. We are going on 7nt cruise on harmony soon and for a family of 4 it will cost over 300.00 for a soda package for all of us ..... we normally are juice and water drinkers and my spouse is the only one that really drinks sodas but i just dont see us drinking 300.00 worth of soda... just seeking advice on what to do should I buy the soda package anyway or would it be a waste of money?
  4. We cruised to Caribbean last year and I asked my dr and he told me if i only got a measles vaccine as a child I needed to have my immunity checked and I found out I no longer had immunity to measles mumps and rubella and had to get a booster before my cruise. You may want to consider a measles booster since there have been so many measles outbreaks.
  5. I know from experience Wifi and the drink packages are significantly higher on board than on cruise planner, cruise planner had Voom wifi 1 device for 14.50 daily if purchased in advance and when I got on symphony and it was almost double that amount on the ship. Buy everything in advance if possible...
  6. Our cruise will be going to roatan Honduras, cozumel and Costa maya mexico next yr , if we want to buy souvenirs on the island will they take US currency and are these islands on a different time zone ?
  7. I'm not sure if you are talking about using a cell phone hotspot on the ship but beware, alot of cell phone providers charge roaming when using your phone data on the ship, I've heard horror stories about people getting a 1000.00 cell phone bill for data roaming....
  8. I will be sailing on harmony in 2020, we sailed symphony this year and I know these ships are similar but for those that have cruised both which one was your preference? I know symphony has playmakers, and the midnight balloon drop but does the harmony have any thing similar to this? Just curious as to what to expect because I've read on here in the past many prefer the symphony but what are some major differences?
  9. We have 2 teens and we stayed at homewood suites at the airport in Miami it was in a very safe part of Miami away from all the traffic, it was a large suite with separate bedroom and very spacious and the kids had their own privacy and we had ours, the kids loved the pool and gym. Homewood suites also serves evening appetizers and a very good hot breakfast.
  10. I still have about 7 months until my cruise , I am getting ready to go ahead and pay it off, but what if my cruise price drops before the final payment date how do they reprice or give you credit for the lower price if you have a zero bal?
  11. That's why I'm confused because that is the math I'm showing that it is cheaper but RC keeps telling me its not.
  12. Ok I was looking on royal Caribbean website and it showed my cruise was 2800.00 per balcony cabin for harmony on next year. When I originally booked my cabin it was 3900.00 per balcony. When i originally booked I also had $800.00 future cruise credit and i put down 1000.00 deposit. So I called royal Caribbean to get a reprice and they keep telling me with my future cruise credit and deposit applied my current price is lower than what they are advertising now they stated that if I repriced my cruise would be 200.00 more ....I was like how?!!! I was on the phone for almost 30 mins trying to understand how they come up with their repricing.... I got nowhere.... I even called back and spoke to someone else and still got nowhere..... can somebody please help me understand the repricing am I just confused ??? am i asking the wrong questions???
  13. So I just booked my 2020 cruise on Harmony and I have a few questions for those who have sailed on her. 1. Price drops- right now they have the wow sale going on with on board credit however they also increased the price so it is actually more than the price I originally booked. How often should I check for real price drops?daily? Weekly? 2. Compared to the other oasis class ships such as symphony? What are the pros and cons? For example I read that the crew on Harmony are not as personable like on the other ships. We have already sailed symphony so I'm curious as to what are the differences between ships? 3. We booked the western Caribbean itinerary but I've read the eastern Caribbean is much better. Is that true? 4. How is embarkation at port canaveral compared to port miami?
  14. Ok so I've been following RC sale promotion such as 2nd guest 50% off but I've noticed that the prices seem to be bumped up so high that even with 50% off you really aren't saving any money. Is it just me or does anyone else notice this? I want to rebook on a oasis class ship for 2020 but even with the supposedly BOGO 50% it is still almost 4000.00 for next may. I really want to cruise with RC but it seems like their sales are really just bogus promotions can somebody help me to understand the logistics behind how they price because it just doesn't make sense to me.
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