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  1. I wouldn't book things too tight, just to reduce stress. My gut feel is that you should be safely off by 9 AM, but YMMV.
  2. I would think that cruise boats and planes would be the worst, followed by hotels and public places. I guess we shall see what we shall see.
  3. With all due respect, my concern has been heightened today due to the Antham of the Seas situation in NJ. It appears that the outbreak is not limited to China and Asia.
  4. So I just requested a cancellation and full refund on the Feb 22 MSC Seaside cruise. I calmly made my request to MSC with the justification that we are in the middle of a public health crisis, and the worse place to be in these circumstances would be a cruise boat. Their response was if the cruise preceding our cruise does not have any issues, then the cruise we booked will be leaving and no refunds will be issued. So essentially MSC is not allowing passengers to cancel their cruise without penalty until one of their ships have an out brake in the Caribbean I guess. Hello MSC. If you are monitoring this thread, your customers are not pleased with your response. Please be proactive here....
  5. I tried to use the MSC contact form. Input my booking # and sailing date. The form highlights the date and booking# and says invalid value. Anyway know the work around? Should the booking number be preceded my letters? I would call them, but really don't want to be on hold for hours....
  6. I totally agree. I think I will try to contact MSC with my concerns. Who knows, they may listen.
  7. When you think about it, today's Anthem of the Seas situation , if coronivirus tests positive, is the first carib bound cruise ship to be impacted. I can't think of a worse place to be in the middle of a public health outbreak, other than China currently, than on a cruise ship or airplane. They are going to have to start cancelling cruises past the geography of China. I will be disappointed about our trip, but alive.
  8. We have 2 upcoming cruises shortly with MSC. Todays report of the death of the 35 year old Dr who spearheaded the public release of information was very disturbing. If it can kill a 35 year old, it will devastate 60+ year olds. I think we are very close to the point where they will have to shut down the cruise industry for a couple months. It will only take one confirmed case in the Carib and they will have to. From a dollars and cents perspective, I think I read a 7 day cancellation will cost a cruise line maybe $3 million. How much will it cost them to have a ship in quarantine for a month? I actually hope they do cancel, we really are not looking forward to the cruises in the same way at all.
  9. Thanks for the response. Interesting. I think our biggest worry would be that the port was closed because of weather or something. The plus side is another 5 days at sea, which would be fun....
  10. We are booked on the Seaside to arrive back into the port of Miami at 7 AM on Feb 29th. We have to stay 6 additional days in Miami afterwards , and are thinking about booking a 5 day Celebrity cruise which leaves at 4 PM on the 29th. What is the likelihood of running into a problem arriving back into Miami in Feb? Last port before Miami is Ocean Key.
  11. we booked a carib on the Seaside in Feb and a trans Atlantic in April on the Meraviglia. I think the Seasde is more open and better suited to the south climate, and the Meraviglia will fit better on the ATlantic. YMMV.
  12. ok, you started something here. We have been looking at the 21 day, and it looks almost affordable to us. Can you share the pricing you found? I tried to PM you but it says I am allowed 0 messages per day, which seems like not enough.
  13. That makes a lot of sense. Well done! The April cruise you booked sounds really great. Lots of interesting ports. Enjoy!
  14. Yes, she is definitely in North American waters now. Beautiful ship. Massive. She was hiding behind Pier 21 today. Had a great outing to see her and a treat of Donair Pizza at Pizza Corner.
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