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  1. Were you docked at Mahogany Bay? If so, I think most of the independent tour operators have to meet their clients a little ways up the hill outside the port gates.
  2. Best wishes to Steve and his team. Glad that the Tropicante will still be around in some form or fashion.
  3. I've stayed in the Super 8 in the Webster/NASA area. It's only about 30 miles from the cruise terminal and only about 4 hours from Dallas/Fort Worth. It would get you through Houston while the traffic is light on Christmas night, which is a big plus in my book (I hate Houston traffic). It's nothing fancy, but in my experience it has been clean and really affordable.
  4. I have used this email address to reach him in the past. I don't know if it will still work or not, but I'm happy to share it: levibaron@bumpiingtours.com
  5. You can also download the Google map for the island to your phone before you leave home. If you download and save it on your phone, you can use it even with your phone in airplane mode.
  6. I stayed in an Airbnb in Loiza (not too far from the San Juan airport) and had no trouble. We had a car to get around with, so if you plan on using Uber to get around, you may want something closer to the city center. With Airbnb, you can generally get more space and sometimes a kitchen or laundry, and it is often less than the price for a hotel. I usually scan the reviews for each property on Airbnb to make sure that the experiences of their past guests have been pleasant.
  7. Go visit the Cozumel Humane Society for an afternoon. I know how much Sakari likes dogs. They are always happy to have visitor volunteers to help socialize or walk the animals. I've visited here twice during Cozumel port days, and the staff here are awesome. https://en.humanecozumel.org/voluntariado
  8. Mitsugirly, I just wanted to say thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into your reviews and trip reports. I find myself excited when the next day of a report gets posted. I've had 6 trips cancelled since this pandemic began, but at least i get to travel vicariously through you and your family. Maybe one day, we will actually get to cruise together in person. Keep up the good work!
  9. I believe Gaido's Seaside Inn and the Scottish Inn both allow you to park at their hotel for the duration of your cruise.
  10. I would skip the Bacardi tour. Old San Juan, the forts, and the rainforest will be plenty to see in one day.
  11. The one time I had more OBC than I really needed, I went to the Cherry on Top candy store. They had Carnival gift cards at the register and allowed me to purchase one for the exact amount of OBC that I still had on my account. I used that gift card to pay for part of my next Carnival cruise.
  12. Rent a car from Charlie car rentals. I believe they will shuttle you from the port to their Condado rental office and then let you drop it off near the airport and shuttle you to the airport. Driving up to see the El Yunque rainforest would be a good option. The scenery along the way is very pretty. The radio telescope near Arecibo is interesting to see if you are into science. You do have to park at the bottom of the hill, but I believe they can send a shuttle for those who are mobility limited. There are some really awesome ziplines at Toro Verde. It would not be an option for the mob
  13. If you are interested in seeing Mayan ruins, a colonial city (Merida), or doing flea market shopping, then the answer is yes. If you are wanting the clear blue/green water of the Caribbean the answer is no. The beach is nice and sandy, but the water is nothing like you will see in Cozumel.
  14. If people in your group are willing to drive, there is a Hertz rental counter at the cruise port. You could split into two cars and do Maho Beach as well as exploring the island. At the beginning of March, I rented a car, and with 4 of us it was less than $20 per person for the rental and gas. I downloaded offline maps from Google maps to my phone and used it as a GPS while on the island (I didn't have cell coverage, but it still worked with the offline maps).
  15. If you liked the Breeze, I would probably select that itinerary. I would want 4 ports instead of 3. My suggestions: St. Maarten-Rent a car from Hertz. If you are a AAA member and rent through AAA.com, they usually have decent prices. Download offline Google maps to your phone and use it as a GPS. I would recommend beach hopping and exploring the island. You probably won't want to miss Maho beach where the planes take off and land near the beach. St. Kitts-Shipwreck Beach (South Friar's Beach) is a pretty cool, laid-back place. You could just catch a cab there. If
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