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  1. I've just gone for 100% refund too, also with the excursions and extras I purchased before as I have a few cruises booked right up to April 2022 , my next one booked is on Iona may 30th and I think that one will be cancelled too , but with all these refunds the money will pay for my Caribbean cruise in January , let's hope P & O will stay afloat and everyone gets their refunds .
  2. 1. Seeing the ship on arrival and getting rid of our luggage 2. finding our cabin and checking it over 3. Having a cocktail in the crows nest on departure 4. Dressing up for dinner every night wearing some of my nice clothes that don’t normally see the light of day and formal nights 5. Seeing the sunrise every morning or sunset at sea is the best
  3. I’m really happy about extra Obc , we will be on the Arcadia 12 th April cruise had no intention of cancelling only if advised not to travel, we also have one one Iona in may and a few others booked up this year and next year so transferring it to another cruise was no option for us and I’m glad it works out for a few others too
  4. I will come and find you wowzz and toast our sail away too
  5. Purdey16


    No they wouldn’t , but I will just wait until nearer the time and if they are testing everyone I will just go to the doctors the day before and get a fit letter and explanation of the hot flushes and hope that works , even if it cost me £25 for a doctors letter it’s worth it .
  6. Purdey16


    I go in 6 weeks time and one of the ports is Tenerife, I’m not worried about it I’m sure P & O will make the right choice at the time on how things are going I will still go on my cruise but after the email yesterday on taking everyone’s temperature before boarding this worries me because generally I am a hot person and have quite a few hot flushes through out the day so to be denied boarding because they think I’ve got a cold I would be very disappointed and angry
  7. My other half has mentioned about doing a saga cruise but only because we were trying to look for something different but it will be interesting to know how you find it all for future reference, I'm sure Mrs W will enjoy it better than fish and chips and you can look at it as a warm up to your April cruise on Arcadia 😉
  8. I don't know what other places you are going to but if you're going to fuerteventura it is 23 at the moment and generally gets hotter from now on , April and May tend to be around 25 plus so yes shorts and T shirts , we had 25 in December and was fantastic
  9. Ours too tartanexile81 in April on Arcadia cutting short our stay in Bermuda to get to Freeport to refuel because they can no longer do it in Nassau !! at first I didn't mind because I hadn't been to Freeport but now we won't be getting off the ship because of insurance purposes, let's hope they change it again to somewhere safe , we already had our Gulf cruise cancelled last November and was going to rebook for February this year so glad we didn't , I really hope it all gets better soon for everyone involved.
  10. Thanks wowzz for that I've just got back from holiday yesterday and was catching up on cc , reading about it does seem easy to do
  11. Following along and have a fantastic trip the both of you and Andy I'm interested on how your online check in went
  12. Thanks Richard for a wonderful review , we will be doing this same cruise on Arcadia in September 2021 Canada in the fall , and will be using some of you tips and information on the ports. Arcadia is my favorite ship and have three more cruises booked on her , jeanlyon I think we are on the same cruise next April to canaries especially looking forward to Madeira.
  13. Another suggestion is to buy a rechargable hair straightener that's what I take on my holidays always handy to put in hand bag too if going on long journey or camping , Amazon do them they can last quite a while and don't take long to recharge
  14. Thank you hcat and vtcruising for your information on Rhodes the valley of the butterflies sounds amazing something I would like to do you've picked me up now , Jim's photos are lovely of Oia I will make sure next time we do a Greek cruise Santorini is on the schedule 😉.
  15. Lovely pictures Jim of Santorini and Oia I'm seeing what I will be missing on my Greek cruise next October I really thought I was going there but we're going to Rhodes instead , I'm so disappointed but living it through your pictures and the pictures of your ship in the distance looks fantastic.
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