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  1. I don't know what other places you are going to but if you're going to fuerteventura it is 23 at the moment and generally gets hotter from now on , April and May tend to be around 25 plus so yes shorts and T shirts , we had 25 in December and was fantastic
  2. Ours too tartanexile81 in April on Arcadia cutting short our stay in Bermuda to get to Freeport to refuel because they can no longer do it in Nassau !! at first I didn't mind because I hadn't been to Freeport but now we won't be getting off the ship because of insurance purposes, let's hope they change it again to somewhere safe , we already had our Gulf cruise cancelled last November and was going to rebook for February this year so glad we didn't , I really hope it all gets better soon for everyone involved.
  3. Thanks wowzz for that I've just got back from holiday yesterday and was catching up on cc , reading about it does seem easy to do
  4. Following along and have a fantastic trip the both of you and Andy I'm interested on how your online check in went
  5. Thanks Richard for a wonderful review , we will be doing this same cruise on Arcadia in September 2021 Canada in the fall , and will be using some of you tips and information on the ports. Arcadia is my favorite ship and have three more cruises booked on her , jeanlyon I think we are on the same cruise next April to canaries especially looking forward to Madeira.
  6. Another suggestion is to buy a rechargable hair straightener that's what I take on my holidays always handy to put in hand bag too if going on long journey or camping , Amazon do them they can last quite a while and don't take long to recharge
  7. Thank you hcat and vtcruising for your information on Rhodes the valley of the butterflies sounds amazing something I would like to do you've picked me up now , Jim's photos are lovely of Oia I will make sure next time we do a Greek cruise Santorini is on the schedule 😉.
  8. Lovely pictures Jim of Santorini and Oia I'm seeing what I will be missing on my Greek cruise next October I really thought I was going there but we're going to Rhodes instead , I'm so disappointed but living it through your pictures and the pictures of your ship in the distance looks fantastic.
  9. Yes we come into this category it will be our first retirement cruise at sweet 60 , and very mobile still 😉
  10. Glad for you daiB and anyone else who got what they wanted cabins and a better price , I had to wait until today but I did pre register with our TA the other week and happy to say we got our cabin of choice on Arcadia to Canada 2021 with the pre registration price and I looked on p & o website this morning and prices for my cabin are up £100 pp already
  11. Hello wowzz, we have been on Ventura four times now never found a problem with anything staff and service all been lovely , just that smell in that area at certain times but I'm sure they're sort it out soon , just to let you know that ther is a roll call for this cruise it is small and quite at moment but you can get some good information from others in what they will be doing
  12. I'm also on her January 2021 and probably will be mostly seniors it helps being 35 days long , we were on her in September to Norway and didn't see many children about 8 in total , all in all the carpets and furnishings were all good and clean , only one small problem was at certain times of the day there was a foul plumbing smell around the Havana club , photo areas but you would always see a cleaner spraying something in the air to get rid of the smell, they would do this every day for a couple of hours
  13. Hi Jim , lovely pictures of mt Edna it looked sunny and hot up there hope you enjoyed that tour 🌞your suite looks good, are you going to eat in le petit chef ? I have seen a video on YouTube about it and it looks a lot of fun it's a shame we don't have any land based restaurants here in the UK that does that .
  14. Hi Andy, I haven't heard any rumors about this but I certainly hope that they don't stop serving lunch in the mdr it's the only place we do have lunch has I'm not a big fan of the buffet area with people rushing you along , touching things with their hands and then trying to find a table, no thanks I like a more civilized lunch and it was certainly very busy on my last couple of cruises on Arcadia and Ventura but still plenty to choose from menu
  15. Hi Jim & Iain , I've followed a couple of your reviews before and really looking forward to this one , we are doing the Greek islands next year so interested to see what you do we have also just booked our first celebrity solitce cruise Australia / south Pacific but that's 18 months away yet , have a wonderful cruise
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