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  1. Thank you deladane for a wonderful review and all your fantastic photos , loved your Paris trip and learned so much of what to see and do , we are like you and do so much in a day to experience all these wonderful places , sometimes when it is on our door step we forget to go and visit and after 40 plus years of living here we have only just got to visit Windsor castle and did bath two years ago but still to visit Stonehenge which is only a hour away , it's taken me a few nights to catch up on your review and can't wait until your next one you do so much research and valuable information for everyone , I'm off on my cruise in about 6 hours to Norway for a week so I will catch up how your flight home went when I get back , thank you again
  2. Thank you too for your wonderful write up , it's got me excited for my cruise on Ventura in September, like you my next cruise will be a first time in a suite booked it 2 years ago now our children are all grown up now so a treat for us , palaceman and wowzz I'm on the same cruise as you two but I'm not on that other web site just cc roll call , there's a few of us chatting but still quiet I'm really looking forward to new Orleans
  3. Thank you DamianG for a great write up , we will be on Ventura in just over 3 weeks time and we are just around the corner from your cabin in D736 and never had a aft cabin so something new for us , your son sounds very well brought up and knows his food I love his starters of carrots and green beans , I'm glad the 12 yr old is on the road to recovery and the other passengers that got lifted off and I hope you do not get any more unforseen circumstances . Enjoy the rest off your holiday
  4. Kruzseekea I'm sorry to hear that you might have to cancel your trip too due to health reasons , I received a letter to day from P & o about my cancelled Dubai trip funny didn't get a email like everyone else just a note on my cruise personaliser but in the letter it did say that the itinerarys and dates would be available on 20 the August and 10% discount for a future cruise booked to any October 2019 to March 2020 fly Caribbean holiday or any October 2020 to March 2021 Dubai holiday , or if we book with Costa cruise with 20% discount all this has to be booked by 30 the September, it's all quite confusing so we're just going to have a full refund and book a land base holiday instead but I hope you get your holiday sorted out soon
  5. Thank you July morning I booked via a well known cruise specialist so I phoned them up , they were only just starting to get phone calls about it so they are getting all the details together and phoning me back but as yet we have not had a email from P & O which I thought we would because our cruise is in November . We are now trying to look for another cruise or holiday to fit in our dates but not too upset about it all as we have a cruise to look forward to on Sept 6th to Norway but I really feel sorry for the people who have been looking forward all year for this , I half expected this would be cancelled and p & o have done the right thing
  6. I've just logged on to my cruise personaliser and found our cruise cancelled which was on November 11th and a full refund to be given ( don't know how long that will take) we were really looking forward to it but better safe than sorry , I just now have to cancel all my private excursions I booked up prior to staying in Dubai for two days before the cruise , I'll just have to find another cruise for that week
  7. Hi deladane, glad I found your Paris and London trip been waiting for this since your last review which was so fantastic you put so much time and effort in all your reviews and I get a lot of tips from you especially the new Orleans stay , this will be my bed time read for the next few weeks and keep me going to my next cruise in 7 weeks time to Norway
  8. When we were on Arcadia last October in the Caribbean we had a inside cabin and the first two weeks of of the cruise the air conditioning was great ,we love it really cold but the third week it seemed to blow in warm air and we really suffered ,we reported it a few times and cabin steward and visits by the engineers came and told us it was because of the neighboring cabins leaving their balcony doors open it effects the whole corridor , it was only the last week of the cruise it came back cold and that was because we were on our way back to cold weather people did not leave their doors open so I think it is a selfish act to do so if you want fresh air go sit on your balcony and shut the door so we all can enjoy a cool cabin . We had two different engineers come and look at ours
  9. Deladane I will miss your up dates and sorry to see it come to a end it's always a sad time to see the suitcases out side the doors but on the bright side you got your London trip to start planning for , I'm glad you got to scuba dive a have that experience I wish I could do it but age and being a little nervous in the water I'll just stick to snorkeling , so don't give up do it while you can your review and photos have been fantastic and you've given me some great ideas to do in new Orleans , have a safe trip home and look forward to your London review if you do one 😊 and hope the weather in England is kind to you Sandra
  10. Love your pictures and such beautiful colours of the beach and sea , what under water camera did you use please they were really good and clear and your trip to the sloths look great fun and they do look cute your your review is fantastic and due to different time zone it's my bed time read Thank you
  11. Deladane I've been following and enjoying your review you have given me a insight to how new Orleans looks and some great ideas of what to do when we visit there for two days on a cruise in January 2021, I know it's some time away but I love to plan ahead like you , at the moment I have 5 Cruises booked and do a lot of planning based on other people's recommendation and views and I'm definitely going to do your Cajun pride swamp tour , like yourselves we like to use every minute of the day experiencing new places enjoy the rest of your holiday and when you do your land based holiday here in London I hope you will enjoy it just as much . Thank you for your review can't wait to see the rest
  12. Beautiful flowers and fantastic sunsets pictures
  13. Seamist that looks like a tour I would like to do the food all looks lovely and it all looks so clean around the area too as for the vanilla tip I will use because I use a lot of vanilla pods and vanilla bean paste which is very expressive back here in England , I've saved your link to the tour for future reference when we eventually get to that side of the water keep enjoying your holiday 😎
  14. Glad you had a lovely day in Bora Bora it looks like paradise , you were brave with the sharks and you came back with all your fingers and toes hope that person who got bitten is recovering well , snorkeling is what we like to do too it's so relaxing looking at all the beautiful fish have fun at your next stop Sandra
  15. Lovely pictures seamist and I want to thank you too for taking time out on your holiday to keep us all happy till our next cruise sorry it was raining on Fanning island but at least you got there I love the basics of it all including the banana stash under cover , so where are we going to next ?☺
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