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  1. Pauline looks lovely as usual Graham and I hope you both enjoyed your day out
  2. Hi jean , I’m pleased he’s improving a little with his alertness and writing notes !! Has you say unbelievable with what has happened let’s hope it’s all positive from now on , lots of loving thoughts coming your way, stay strong and positive .
  3. I had a beach hut at Bournemouth for 4 weeks and it was lovely and sad to see them anchored of shore especially at night when all their lights come on , I do miss them so much and this year was my husband’s retirement when we should of been on 6 cruises, it’s normally Aurora and Arcadia with a couple of others , at the moment it’s Allure of the seas with Majesty of the seas a bit further out
  4. So sorry jean to hear your terrible news my thoughts are with you
  5. Well that’s number 4 cruise cancelled, just 1 in December and 1 in January that I expect will be also cancelled and probably my April one in Australia, so I’m looking forward to my June 2021 one hopefully things will be a bit better then .
  6. I’ve just caught up with this thread and thank you Andy for starting it and the many ones posting on here , reading about how everyone is doing at this trying time and my thoughts and prayers go to you all that have lost family or friends it’s a very sad time for all . I really don’t have any interesting things to add that’s different in my life at the moment just busy taking care of the in-laws who are 86 & 82 , it can be very hard at times but nothing to compare with what others on here are experiencing . It would be nice to eventually meet up with all on here to say hello face to face , almost done it with Ann141 and jean on our October cruise , maybe there will be a cruise just for us critics to go on 😃😂😂 take care everyone and thank you for sharing bits of your lives with us
  7. Oh EDDIE she is lovely , what a cutie and you will not want to be cruising for a very long time and leave her
  8. Always look forward to seeing what my room is like and meeting room steward, I normally sneak early before it’s announced to put our carry on bags in then off to crows nest for cocktail 🍸
  9. Welcome back vamps and enjoy your baby snuggles 🥰
  10. Looking positive for a change , even though I’m on that 18 th October cruise to Greece on Arcadia I really don’t think it will go ahead, just a little too soon after the cruise ban ends on 30 th September and that’s a big IF it ends !! So much for the cruise industry to get the crew back on ships and trained in time 😤
  11. Brilliant , really enjoying this Damian and looking forward to next port of call 😎
  12. Got my refund today for my sundries from March request , I guess they didn’t want to hang on to my flat champagne and mouldy chocolate covered strawberries 😂 anymore just now waiting for my excursions for the Iona may cruise paid for , so I’m getting them still but will possibly start all again for my 18th October cruise which was all paid up 😔
  13. I’m enjoying this and can’t wait until the next instalment, breakfast and the day’s activities 😃
  14. Hi it might of been me that mentioned about my refund and voucher's but as yet the Tesco voucher's are not back on my club card , so this is on my to do list this week to phone p & o back up to make sure that they have done this and also then to phone Tesco club card up about it , since it's been about two weeks since my credit card refund .
  15. I apologise for my spelling mistake this morning and all who are from Birmingham, and not Bermingham, I put it down to first thing and not having a cup of tea 😳 embarrassing
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