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  1. Wow; that's a rip-off now... What does Princess charge per can..Now I get it On Carnival at $8.5 per day, as i drink at least 2 or 3 litres a day. The cost of a can is $2.75 on Carnival, so if you have more then 3 can your ahead. it's on of the reasons i don't cruise RCL anymore. Think it was $19 a day with them... Yes bring your own,but a few cruise lines now make you take cans only, cause some people where smuggling, lost of booze on board..
  2. The World's most beautiful Harbour. My Home Town. SYDNEY. Australia.. Harbour Bridge, Opera House & a Australian Sunset... Sorry but there's nothing finer..
  3. The certficates, even had our name on it. Both times... They had one party at Midnight.On a TP.. Strange, but Carnival usually have there deck parties, starting at 10:30 at night..The Singa to Sydney was in The Afternoon...
  4. Motzerella Sticks & Dos Enchildas. Up at Buffet, the same night in MDR...
  5. We have had 2 Spirit class ship's here in Australia for the last 6 years. The Spirit & The Legend... I find it not crowded at all, very open & airey. The only places would be Serenity on nice days, Comedy club late & us Aussies love Trivia at The fountain cafes down on deck 2. Most of the action is on deck 2 & deck 9.. I have done 17 cruises on these 2 ships & don't have a problem...
  6. Yes; here in Australia; it's held outside. One side is shaded, the other side is not. Yes it gets to 100" nearly every 2nd day in Sydney over summer.. The only thing now is the Bastards who show up late, They have started calling out there cabin numbers now, before they start the muster.. LOL The only worse one was Singapore; ok it was only 92' but being on The Equator; The Humidity was a killer... Lucky I had the shaded side of The Spirit...
  7. We have got off on both B2B's we have done. They took our luggage to the next cabin...We got off last at 9:00am; went shopping for more soft drink's (Soda) & lollies (Sweets). Got back to Passenger terminal a hour & half later. Reboarded with other Diamond/Platnium guest at 10:50....Very easy...
  8. That would be elegant wear here in Australia.. As long as you have dress shoes too...
  9. Yes, The first passengers start getting of The Spirit about 6:50 - 7:00. You will get a form to fill-out & return to guest services on about the 3rd day. They will allocate you a dis-embarkment time. At least 90% of carnival passengers take there luggage off themselves. As Mic said. If you get off at 7:30; you should be at Airport by 8:15 if using Train. So 10:30 flight ok....
  10. 2 main variables... School hols are much more expensive.. Cruise Line, you sail with... I usually like The K-Mart of cruise lines. Carnival. I book out of school hols time. I usually pay $100 a night for a Balcony or $75 for inside room. Have 2 coming up in June $899 for 9 nights Balcony & The other is 11 nights in July Interior for $979.. I paid these rates also on B2B back in March.. The most I have paid was $3699 for a 19 night in a suite from Singapore. I usually book there Pack"n"Go deals or there 72 Hour sales... I would pay about $145 a day for a RCL, as i know there are class above...
  11. No difference; but there is a whole lot less Diamonds on australian cruises. they even let Gold VIFP into the cocktail party. Arrrhhh.. I'm platinum still 41 days to go. Oh. 98% of Diamonds are over 60 on our Carnivalcruises.. lol. Enjoy sailing out of Sydney....
  12. I don't know if you have sailed yet?? But the staff at the OPT have a list of all Diamond & Platinum guest's, that get priority boarding... I usually just flash a old Sail & sign card & they let me straight through... Enjoy Sydney & your cruise...
  13. I should work for this cruise line in there call centre; ring the bastard Indian's while there having dinner & sell them a cruise on Pum-a-Dum cruise lines... I also wonder is any of there ports of call are as bad as Noumea???
  14. They built this wonderful wharf there on Komodo is; but with the varience in tides; we had trouble getting on & off the Boats that took us over to Pink beach... It was a wonderful day there, just lucky to experience it. $100 USD pp
  15. Went there on a B2B on the 21st & 28th of march. Was told via e-mail from my cruise company that i could be refused entry into new cali (noumea); if I didn't have Insurance (covering air-lifts etc). No one on these 2 cruises where checked or asked to show documentation.. I did as what the cruise line had asked. I have only twice in 16 previous cruises bought insurance. they where Singapore to Sydney & Sydney to Seattle as these where long cruises & especially going to USA. I have normally risked it with-out any problems.. But with any cruises going to the islands until the requirement is lifted I will buy insurance. local cruises no, until I get older.... Happy cruising..
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