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  1. We did a tour with Roatan Ocean Adventures last summer. We were suppose to 2 snorkel stops plus Daniels Monkey and Sloth. We ended up doing only 1 snorkel spot and Daniel's Monkey and Sloth due to time and the tour operator not managing his groups well. We were left waiting to do our snorkel for about 30 minutes-45 minutes and than we did the 1 mile drift snorkel which was awesome. It was very choppy and wave action was strong but my family are strong swimmers/free divers so it didn't bother us at all and we quite enjoyed it. The reef was gorgeous and quite possibly the best/healthiest reef we have ever seen. It is a drift snorkel because they can not drop anchor in this location. Only bummer was not being able to go our second snorkel location because the tour operator mis-scheduled the tours for the day.
  2. Wowzers! The last 2 yrs DCL prices have continued to climb. After 13 DCL, cruises we have jumped ship to Princess and MSC where we can get 3 cruises for the price of one DCL cruise. With our kids getting older, they/we no longer need DCL entertainment.
  3. Anyone who has done MSC Eastern itinerary, can you tell if you dock at 5PM? What time frame does it actually take to get off ship? I can just imagine 4,000 passengers trying to get off at once. I read some where else that MSC Seaside has arrived at 4PM in the past well. Anyone confirm this?
  4. Terrific! Thank you guys for the information!! Much appreciated 🙂
  5. We are looking at an Alaskan cruise out of Seattle and it was a great reduced air option. Considering it but we'd like to come in 2 days before cruise leaves as we have family there. Anyone with any experience with this option know if we can selected an air fare option that would allow us to fly in 2-3 days before cruise leaves? Thank you in advance!
  6. We just did Cane Garden Bay and enjoyed our day!
  7. What restaurants do you get to chose from on MSC Divina for the Black card dinner? We sailed MSC Seaside in the Caribbean last Christmas and had our dinner at the wonderful Butcher's Cut. We are booked on MSC Divina for a Caribbean sailing this go around and wondered which restaurant to select for Black card complimentary specialty restaurant dinner.
  8. Anyone with experience taking Ferry from St. Maarten port to Anquilla for day?
  9. We were on the same sailing. We are early 40s with preteens and really appreciate the no party atmosphere on Princess ships. I love that mostly older crowd raps up early and the halls are quiet and peaceful. The pool is much more open for use than other cruise lines where you can harder even use the pools and hot tubs. This was our 21 and 22nd cruise (back to back on this sailing) and while at first we were taken back by some of the older touches in room decor and throughout the ship, we didn't give it much thought as so many of the areas are refurbished and the service was so stellar. We have been on 14 Disney cruises, 3 NCL and 1 MSC Seaside and 4 Princess. For the price we paid for 14 days of relaxation in comparison to what we have paid for our Disney cruises we were thanking our lucky stars for the Caribbean Princess.
  10. When we went to Martinique Euros are required by most all vendor and tour operators/taxis. We brought Euros with us to Martinique and plan to do the same when we visit Guadaloupe.
  11. We just got back from St. Maarten. We went on a half day snorkel tour to Creole Rock which cost us $75 x 4. The snorkeling was the saddest in terms of water clarity, coral, and sea life that I have experienced in visiting/snorkeling/diving in over 20 islands in the Caribbean. Lots of sea grass. There was hardly any sea life and the coral was almost non-existence. In addition, it seemed every tour operator goes to this place so the water was really stirred up and murky. I think there 6-7 other boats there while we were there. In my opinion, Creole Rock is not worth the money and better off at the beach for the day. We are due to go on another cruise within the next year that has St. Maarten on the itinerary I am we are looking at other options rather snorkeling/diving.
  12. I had an email exchange with this Diane and she gave off really bad vibes. I had an $10 off per person that I had saved from facebook advertisement from their site and asked if I could apply to the excursion cost for a family of 4. The tone of the email seem very irritated that I would ask about a discount. That was enough to well we will look else where.
  13. We are considering doing this as well. Looks like our ship gets into port at 7AM and I see there is a 7:30AM ferry to Anguilla which would give up plenty of time to explore and be back by 6PM. Would love to see someone's experience :-)
  14. Hi there, Where can you find information about the flight in and out of Caye Caulker?:cool:
  15. Interesting as we on the Caribbean Princess in July and would love to experience St. Barts we have done St. Maarten several times.
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