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  1. We did this excursion in March! We loved it, only wish the sun would have been shining. The place was beautiful and i couldn't imagine what it would look like when the weather is nice. We just booked the exact cruise we just did for February, but as of yet they do not have this excursion listed to be able to reserve yet. We are definitely doing this if they do post it again.
  2. Yep, i totally agree! We have ate at several steakhouses on Carnival Ships, most recently on the Magic. While they were/are all good, the meal on the Conquest was amazing. Steak was prepared absolutely perfect! Just booked another cruise on the Conquest for February, and cannot wait to eat there again!
  3. Well we did indeed go to Rendezvous Caye last week while onboard the Magic. It was pretty seemless. We were the only Carnival ship in Port so we didnt have to pick anyone else up from any other ships, not that they would have fit on the boat anyway lol. We had a pretty good size crowd but it didnt seem all to crowded on the island. Even though it was kind of cloudy and raining on and off, this place was beautiful. The snorkeling was pretty amazing. Plenty of sea life and coral. The meal they provided was pretty good as well. Overall it was great. The wife wants to book a cruise with Belize as one of the stops so we can go here again, to hopefully see it again with the sun shining.
  4. We were on the Magic last week and did indeed eat at Cucina on our first sea day for lunch and it was free. Its open on sea days and embarkation for lunch for free. I have never eaten there for dinner but i would assume that it is just a smaller menu when free maybe? But none the less it was delicious.
  5. Following. We are doing this on our Carnival Cruise the week of March 17-24. The videos on youtube look amazing. Cant wait to see for myself.
  6. Thank you so much for your reply. It looks like we may be able to miss that mess if it is on West Bay Road, I think. We are just planning on the Sloths at Victor Boddens, some scenic photos with Roatan signs etc, a little shopping, and the only one i am concerned about is snorkeling. We were wanting to snorkel the Blue Channel, it is over that way a bit, so we will have to see how that shakes out. Again, thanks for the input.
  7. Thought about that.....then realized that the Vista will be ported with us that day. Figured the beach would be crazy crowded lol. Plus my wife and daughter are dead set on holding a sloth lol. We are planning on getting back to the port early though and walking over to the beach for a couple hours.
  8. Hello all! We are headed to Roatan on March 20th on the Carnival Magic. It will be our first time visiting the island and we are pretty excited. I was just curious. I have been reading a little about some road construction and delays going on right now. Has anyone been there recently and dealt with it or know how much of delays to expect and what not? Just curious for planning purposes, etc. We are using Victor Bodden tours and doing a Best of Roatan. Thank you all for any insight!
  9. Victor just told me he has us with Jorge "Pilo" Martinez for our best of tour. Anyone ever had him? We are going with Bodden on March 20 from the Magic.
  10. Thank you for this review! We are actually doing that same Best of Roatan tour in March and were wondering how it was. Pretty excited about it, especially the snorkeling in the Blue Channel!
  11. Thank you for the review! We will be on the Magic March 17 so this makes us excited! Flying into Orlando from Huntington, WV to Orlando, so we will only have a little 4 hour drive down from Orlando to Miami.
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