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  1. Thank you so much. So we would probably hang up at the public pool deck. Maybe there will be some hours he‘s allowed to use solarium pool. Happy Sailing to everyone here... 🙏
  2. Hi, I was just wondering that Kids (starting at 12 years) are paying as an adult on Celebrity and RCCL. So, if that is so, is my son (15) allowed to use Solarium Pool? Or is he still a kid in this case? Sorry, but we are curious how we´ll hang up on sea days. 🙂 Best from Germany Martin
  3. Hi, thanks for being so much helpful. But what confuses me is that Celebrity Hotline told me yesterday that texting IS possible through the app on the equinox. I asked very accurate that I won´t have a wifi plan onboard. Would be great if someone could help. Thanks.
  4. Could you please be so kind and post it here? I haven’t found it yet. Thank you so much.
  5. Hi, we´ll be sailing on the equinox after being "revolutionized". I just read that the M-Class Ships will get new balcony-cabins. Does anyone know if also the equinox (resp. Solstice-Class) will get those. The link gave me just the impression of the aqua class, interior cabins and suites. Thanks for your help.
  6. Sorry to ask here, but does anyone know when the leaving times are for that St. Barth or other Beach Excursions? Reason is, that I had to promise my wife to let her sleep long despite our last cruise. .-) So we would enjoy to leaving at noon. THX.
  7. Hi, I just got my booking reference and want to get an overview what is possible. Well, to be honest, nearly nothing. 🙂 So, is there anybody who can give me some hints? 1. I want to book dining package and, after that, make reservations. I get the info that I should onboard. As I know it from NCL Reservations are possible 120 days prior to sail. So I would expect something like that. Bit onboard? Is that just a misunderstanding? And when can I book dining package? 2. How can I upgrade from Classic bev. to premium prior? 3. Last, is it like NCL, that Shorex will continously get online? thank you all so much for helping me. It is really great how everybody helps, in a friendly and co-operative way. I havent had that in any other forum. Best from Germany Martin
  8. Thanks, so we will do it this way. Internet package for three devices - just to communicate - is not necessary. And I do not want to give opportunities to my teen while we are on vacation.... 🙂
  9. Thank you but I was looking for a more 2018-version of that post-it. 😂
  10. Hi, I am sorry for asking but does anyone have any experience with communicating to other family memers onboard? We just cruises with NCL and the iConcierge App helped us to figure out meeting points and all that stuff. I would appreciate to skipping to buy internet packages. 🙂 Thanks.
  11. Sorry, not sure . But will Equinox get refurbished "normal" balcony cabins? Booked a 2B in 2020, and just read that Equinox will get refurbished restaurants / internet / suites, but nothing to the cabins. THX Martin
  12. Even I knew what he meant. Thank your, really helped me a lot. Appreciate it...
  13. Hi, I just finished booking the Equinox. Never traveled with CC, so please help me with some questions: 1. How many courses are included in MDR and in SDR? Can I have Appetizer / Soup / Entree / Dessert or just Soup OR App? Same in SDR, I wanna buy that Package. How many are there included? 2. I know it is relatively unspecific, but does anyone know if they also refurbish the "standard" balcony cabins on the equinox or just suites? Google gave me both answers. 🙂 3. Last, transportation from MIA to Port Everglades. Should I use Uber, Rental Car (would sleep at Hilton Marina) or what would you suggest? Sorry for so many questions and please apologize my english, as I am german... 🙂 Thanks. Martin
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