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  1. Ah interesting, is this something Royal offers? And by price protection are you suggesting they will offer same price i paid for 2021?
  2. It would certainly be helpful and “nice” if cruise lines let booked passengers know sooner than later if there are certain ships that will not cruise out of certain ports. That would free up our cash and encourage us to book out further. Seems all lines are handling cancellations in (sort of) the same way.
  3. Lois, stay out of those hospitals, but glad your visits were not for the virus. I see you live in Florida as do we. I have found that makes it somewhat easier to re-book our cancelled cruises - lost track of number - as don't have to deal with flights, etc.
  4. Have not been following Royal’s threads even though I have a March 2021 cruise booked on Royal out of Tampa. Of course I realize none of us know when cruises will restart and if particular cruise lines will choose certain ports. Is March 2021 even a possibility out of Tampa? I am also wondering how far in advance Royal has been notifying people of cancellations? If I knew Tampa was definitely not an open port I would chance making a booking out of Miami.
  5. Myfuzzy, I hope for more than one cruise for you. For us too! So many of us “cruisers” are not getting any younger but really no one knows what the day after today brings no matter what age we are. If you are able to do so financially I would suggest renewing passports. I for some reason have a level of comfort just knowing I have a Passport.
  6. Hurrah for you! We need all these "little" thrills these days. Another cruise to aniticpate.
  7. It would have been a wonderful trip, anticipation is half the fun, so sorry as it involves so much planning for you and then the un-planning part. We have been on several MSC ships out of Miami with UK cruisers and have had wonderful times. We are very blessed to live in Florida so for me it has been the booking and re-booking track for several months now, longer than I anticipated! And yes the waiting for refunds or the FCC is another "drama" to deal with. But it really is with many of the cruise lines and I have had some back and forth with Airlines as well. MSC we feel has a great product b
  8. We have a February cruise out of Miami booked on the Armonia, I too am wondering if it will be "a go," got a great deal, but who knows, we all continue to wait and see. To date I have not seen anything about cancellations in February but afraid to get too hopeful.
  9. Good, hope it works out, I need to do the same again today, had two to rebook and always seem to find what I want in the evenings. It is nice of Carnival to allow the hold thing for what really is a decent amount of time.
  10. I put a cruise on hold last week when searching one evening (I was rebooking a cancelled cruise) and the new cruise simply had a $50 OBC but I will also get my $600 OBC. A couple days later I called my PVP and he grabbed the one I had on hold and even though the $50 OBC was no longer being offered on the website I did get everything that was offered when I put the cruise on hold. Another btw, the new cruise was a few dollars less than the cancelled cruise so my PVP also added that amount to our OBC. I do not know if I could have done all that on-line and had it work out ok.
  11. Ah great suggestion, it is as follows: TPA, Grand Cayman, Mahonany Bay, Belize, Cozumel, TPA, realizing ports can change any time. We are not really port people, we enjoy "enjoying" the ship.
  12. Well I did not ask my question "in jest." I realize all ships have a port and a starboard. I was investigating the Pride and hence that became part of my topic line. I have always heard the expression "no question is a stupid one" but apparently you think mine was.
  13. I realize that depending on the Port the ship’s approach may be different, however if choosing a balcony (venturing out from interiors) is there a preferred side of ship, overlooking dock or sea, or is it simply personal preference?
  14. Carnival is listing Paradise cruises out of Port of Tampa late 2021, if I remember correctly November/December 2021, came upon it when deciding on cruises to rebook due to cancellations.
  15. The February cruises on Mera out of Miami have not been cancelled yet. She is not moving to Port Canaveral until end of 2021.
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