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  1. CelebrationFamily, I think I have just figured out why our cruises have disappeared off Profile - it could be because it is past the date of the cruise and has nothing to do with our FCC request - I suspect a phone call will do no good - will wait it out a little longer - would be glad to hear if you have any updates.
  2. cellfree

    125% FCC

    Up until today our two cruises that were cancelled and that I had requested the 125% FCC through the on-line process were always listed on My Profile. Just now Sunday evening, when I signed in those two crusies are no longer listed. However I have not received any kind of email about my 125% FCC. Hopefully it will show tomorrow. Seems calling MSC does not help as they just tell you everything is generated through the on-line process.
  3. This is my story to date: I submitted the form on-line for the 125% FCC about March 13. Until today the two cruises I had booked for late March/April were still showing as Confirmed. When I signed in just now both of those cruises have disappeared from My Profile but I have not yet received the 125% FCC form/credit. Perhaps tomorrow, I sure hope so, as most of the time making a phone call does not do any good.
  4. cellfree


    KennyFla, that’s is what I was hoping to do also, use my 125% FCC on a cruise I see and want to book. But still waiting for my credit. As my cruise was booked for March 29 it sounds like I have another 14 plus days to see if it shows up, I am presuming in an email.
  5. cellfree

    125% FCC

    Yes I also got an immediate confirmation. I was told that was a computer generated response. Mine talked about further action within 14 days of cruise. We were booked for March 29. Perhaps it means 14 days after the cruise date.
  6. cellfree

    125% FCC

    Wow, has no one received their electronic FCC yet?
  7. cellfree

    125% FCC

    Has anyone who completed the on-line request form for a cancelled Caribbean cruise received their 125% FCC yet and if so what was the date of your cancelled cruise?
  8. Wondered this myself yesterday. We have Grandiosa booked for October 2020 so still have time to wait and see and decide about that. Our March 29 Mera out of Miami was of course cancelled so if any of the Miami ships sail again late Spring we will try and hop on one.
  9. We have always found the crew on the MSC ships we have sailed on (Armonia, Divina, Seaside, Meraviglia) to be helpful and cheerful, exceptional really. We were looking forward to the Meraviglia again the end of this month but that is not to be. Our next ship will be the Grandiosa in October unless we get another one booked before then.
  10. Glad you had a wonderful cruise. We have been on the Armonia two separate times and thoroughly enjoyed both.
  11. lovetoholiday - sorry I was so long to respond, usually I am quicker, glad you found it, but do hope one shows up for you.
  12. The form I used is on the US website - msccruisesusa.com.
  13. Success - at least for submitting form - now it is wait and see.
  14. Well I am glad to hear that it is not only me - must be a glitch - am sure it will eventually be worked out.
  15. Anyone else having my this problem: under Booking Information it asks for your choice, either 125% FCC or Full Refund, then it asks for Ship, Date, etc. However I am not able to enter Ship Name. I have tried on both a laptop and tablet.
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