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  1. Oh goodness, no need to apologize. 1) I was so anxious to express my delight at having received our FCC in such a timely manner that I didn't even "title" my post properly - should have read "...in very timely manner..." 2) Then I was embarrassed to realize I had not read the email closely enough and it was for our February cancelled cruise. (Now to defend my initial delight and why I assumed it was for our April cruise - I had already used the FCC that the email turned out to be referencing a couple weeks earlier so never imagined I was receiving notice of that particular cancellati
  2. Well this is interesting - sorry to confuse everyone - I rechecked my FCC and the Reservation # and it appears to be a FCC from a February cruise which I have actually already used on an August cruise. I do NOT have my FCC from April 2021 cruise. (When the email came through with the FCC yesterday, I assumed it was from the April cancellation as I had already used the FCC from February cruise. And I never thought to check the Reservation #. But at the time I did run the numbers and it was 125% of what I paid for April cruise so thought, "oh great!") Again, sorry. But thank you to all who asked
  3. Just received FCC for our April 2021 cancellation. All looks good. It appears that now MSC is giving 125% on the total of the cruise price paid, including taxes. In the past, at least with our 2020 cancellations, MSC refunded the taxes to the credit card that was on file and the 125% was paid on the crusie fare. This is a much simpler process. Plus we got 125% on the total amount. Did the math, seems that is what they did. Now my new search can begin. Oh yes, have two May 1, 2021 cruises booked, expect that cancellation any time now, so sad!
  4. I found out about European Ports and the ability to carry on beverages on this site several years ago a few months prior to our TA. We flew into Barcelona, stayed overnight at a hotel, walked to a mall and found a store to purchase beverages, worked out great. As I said earlier there are stores inside the cruise terminal to make purchases also, prices are not outrageous.
  5. Oh for the “good old days,” who knew last February/March we would be referring to our most recent cruises, our cruises just over a year ago now, as the “good old days!”
  6. As well, on the MSC cruises we have been on out of Miami there has always been a lot of Prosecco served in the evenings prior to some dinnertimes. Both Formal Nights it is served as you stroll about, never a shortage, it is a very nice touch.
  7. We are booked on the November 28, 2021 sailing. According to Carnival’s booking site it has November as the first month Carnival is sailing out of Tampa post COVID. Am hoping it will be a “go.”
  8. Yes, us too. Keep us updated if you hear anything before we do. I suppose the greater mystery right now is when cruises will even start up again.
  9. Thank you for posting article, did not see it, gives me hope.
  10. Other beverages can also be carried onto ship, not just wine.
  11. Had to replace a February 2021 cancellation, did book August 2021, of course hoping it will go, have September booked so would be a back-to-back. We will see what happens!
  12. It is a “ thing” at European Ports, not allowed on Caribbean Cruises.
  13. Our February 2021 cruise was cancelled in December, they cancelled several months at a time, and we were told nothing would be processed until February 1. I never did get an email for that FCC but when I called in yesterday and gave the cancelled cruise booking number the agent could see the original FCC. Today I called to book the cruise I had been researching all day (ha!) and yes my correct amount was still there. Today I was told the overage (this was not so with crusies cancelled way back when) could be used towards beverage package or whatever if I purchased it prior to boarding. So that
  14. Not sure what you are doing that doesn't allow you to see Cabins. I too am in the process of making choices for two cancelled cruises. Website is working fo rme. I always search for the cruise/cabin I like and then call MSC directly and book with an MSC Agent. I do not think you can use FCC when simply booking on-line. Many people do use TAs, I have not.
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