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  1. BermudaBound20, thank you for sharing your process. The two refunds I am waiting for were both one charge each (booked when needed to be paid in full) but as I said I was concerned that I am not disuputing the entire amount. Might give Chase a call regardless.
  2. BermudaBound20, that might be my task tomorrow, the cc dispute route. One reason I have not done that so far is because I did receive the FCC so it is two separate taxes/fees amounts that I am waiting for, it is not the exact amount I charged to the cc. Do you think that will matter when I call the cc people?
  3. I realize if we were "bumped" that we would be notified before we got to the Cruise Terminal. I have booked Interior Cabins and who knows how the process of Controlled Capacity will be carried out. It is all wait and see as it has been for months now. Perhaps the "bumping" if it happens will be handled the same way "cancellations" have been handled.
  4. Roz, thank you, yes I was talking about “blocking off cabins from booking.”
  5. Our cancellations were also done in March for March cruises. We got our FCCs in April and every time I call I am told everything was processed April 20 but I get various reasons taxes/fees have NOT yet posted to my credit card.
  6. With the suggestion that sailings are going to be capacity controlled, is anyone else with a current booking concerned about being bumped? We have two cruises booked (of course it is anyone’s guess if they will be cancelled or not) but it seems when you research cruises and look at what cabins are available you cannot tell if any cabins are being blocked off. If cruises have been filling up and now they are talking about capacity control, well I wonder if “bumping” will become the new round of cancellations.
  7. WOW a few really quick responses from MSC. Tuesday I had a deposit pending on cc which cleared today Friday. Still waiting for fees/taxes from two March 14 cancellations for two March 29 cruises. Called today and was transferred to a supervisor who could not tell me any more than I already knew - being processed.
  8. As I already said, someone had to be bumped. But wouldn’t it have made sense to keep the Port Everglades Breeze Cruisers happy. As JerseyGirlJen suggested now the Breeze Cruisers out of Port Everglades are disappointed and those already booked on the Radiance might not be happy with the Breeze and the cabins they are assigned either.
  9. Our deposit (cruise was not paid in full) was moved by PVP to new cruise along with the $600 OBC. We did not have to put down a "new/separate deposit."
  10. One out of three received today: cancelled an October cruise out of Barcelona on April 3 - non covid related, well non covid related at the time, I have no idea if it is still sailing, but did not want to wait for an official cancellation as I had to deal with flights and hotels and wanted to do that earlier than later - anyway, saw deposit of $398 today on credit card. Will see what tomorrow brings! Awaiting two separate taxes/fees to be applied to credit card on two cruises that I received FCC for in April, so certainly beyond number of expected days, but encouraged somewhat.
  11. Does anyone know (unofficially I suspect) when the Breeze will sail out of Port Canaveral? Not on Carnival website yet. Just read aricle on Cruise Critic as to what Carnival is doing. People booked on the Radiance out of Port Canaveral are now cruising on the Breeze which is being moved from Port Everglades. Sad for us who were booked on the Breeze. Happy for those (I hope) who thought they were going to be on the Radiance but are now on the Breeze. I guess that is why nothing is on the website as all those Cabin adjustments have to be made. I suppose someone had to be bumped!
  12. Dates: November 7, 2020 through March 7, 2021 cancelled. There goes our January 31 eight night cruise - had a great deal - the search beings again.
  13. Not sure if this is worth "bumping" up or not. Still waiting - time frame way beyond what it should have been - have been escalated and was even transferred to a supervisor over a week ago - still waiting. Would be nice to hear some positive reports. What has the Refund/Accounting Department been doing?
  14. Well that's sad! Live on gulf coast of Florida, was hoping for a few easy Armonia cruises out of Tampa, even though a smaller ship have been on her twice and enjoyed both cruises.
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