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  1. I appreciate you taking the time to look, and for posting here. I genuinely appreciate it. If you have read my posts on this thread, you will have read about the trying circumstances that my wife’s sister finds herself in. My wife and I have done a few Celebrity cruises, loved them, so we looked briefly at what the Reflection / Apex were doing in regard to transatlantic. Several problems immediately flagged up. Cost - they are good, but not cheap, and my sister-in-law has a budget she simply cannot exceed. We had booked the Mardi Gras crossing so far in advance. We got a good deal, and, we got adjoining cabins. My wife and I in a suite class we wanted, the very next room was a class my sister-in-law wanted, and could afford. It was perfect. The Celebrity transatlantic cruises now obviously have seen the best cabins, for location and price, already snapped up. As I explained, my sister-in-law’s long term partner was admitted to a cancer hospice a week or so ago, and has been given two weeks to live. When we booked the Mardi Gras, we knew his long term prospects were bleak, but we weren’t prepared for this deterioration, and bombshell just before Christmas. Then, a few days later, we get the Carnival Mardi Gras news. As things stand, we are putting all thoughts of a replacement holiday to the back burner. We have had a few days since the cancellation news, where my wife and I briefly researched possible new cruises, but none of us have the heart for it. A new cruise, new flights, new hotels, new bookings. We are now just going to forget about it and get through Christmas, New Year, and whatever that holds for us in regards to my sister-in-law and her partner. Whatever it holds, it isn’t going to be good. Having cruised on, and loved, both the Celebrity Reflection and Solstice, next year, sometime, when our heads are clearer, we will look into cruises on the Edge or Apex. Our intention remains that we are sadly finished with Carnival. We are gold members, but as I said in a previous post, they are a multi-billion dollar company where gold members are ten-a-penny. We won’t be missed. Will make this my last post on the matter. Hope everyone has a good festive season.
  2. Not had much luck finding a cruise to book to replace the one we just lost with Carnival - a transatlantic crossing from my home country, on a brand new ship, ending up in New York City, via places we actually wanted to stop at en route. Thanks again Carnival. Sorry, forgot, thanks a lot Turku Meyer. I forgot for a moment it’s all their fault.
  3. My wife and I have taken many Carnival cruises as a couple. I posted that on the cancelled transatlantic cruise, there were three of us booked. The third person is my wife’s sister. She has never been on a big cruise ship, never been on this sort of holiday. Currently, her long term partner was admitted to a cancer hospice near Glasgow, where he has been given two weeks to live. She had been caring for him, and dealing with his initial cancer diagnosis for years. We booked this trip to give her something to look forward to, to have there to think about, rather than just thinking about her dreadful situation. She was looking forward to it immensely. Last night, we had to contact her to give her the news. A week before Christmas. She was nearly in tears. Complain to Carnival? Damn right I have. Politely, and I know it won’t get the ship built, but I have done it, and have taken a calm decision to take our future cruise business to someone not operating under the Carnival umbrella. I appreciate some people might not agree with my stance, attitude, actions. That’s entirely their call, I respect their view. I just hope people respect mine.
  4. On my correspondence from Carnival, they even give you an e-mail address at Carnival ‘airreimbursements......’ to which you send your receipts for non-refundable air travel, and hotel costs. In our case, our hotel booking was cancelled with no charge, but while our main airfare has been refunded, by cancelling British Airways flights we have incurred a non-refundable cost of £35pp. We therefore have a British Airways receipt for £105, which has to be sent to Carnival, not our travel insurance company.
  5. For some of us, it’s not about trying to be the new kid on the block. It’s about being Carnival customers who live in Europe, Carnival build their ships in Europe, and this is a one-off opportunity for us to cross the Atlantic in their latest ships. Why would any of us feel embarrassed about being let down by a combination of Carnival & Turku Meyer? Any embarrassment should be felt by the executives of both companies who are letting down tens of thousands of their customers.
  6. There’s a whole section on the correspondence Carnival sent us about getting receipts for non-refundable air fares, or hotels, and sending them to Carnival. Nothing about contact your insurers, not them.
  7. Just don’t book on a Carnival transatlantic from the USA to the UK! 😀
  8. We will! Thanks for that. It isn’t the end of the world - first world problems and all that.... we have talked about going to Vegas to see our beloved, but somewhat useless, Denver Broncos play in the new Raiders stadium... so maybe, just maybe...
  9. In this instance, nothing that gets the eight cancelled cruises suddenly back on, but that isn’t the point. Remember a couple of years ago, British Airways suffered a huge IT crash that affected flights worldwide? We were caught up in that. Spent an entire day stuck in Heathrow airport, had to book a London hotel, return to Heathrow the next day, got to Houston, Texas - no luggage. Spent four days in Houston - still no luggage. Bought everything we needed, kept all receipts. Flew to Scottsdale, Arizona. Still no luggage. It turned up two days after we arrived in Scottsdale. Ruined a holiday we had saved up for, looked forward to. We got home, and complained about it to British Airways, who, aside from refunding all our expenses, also awarded us a discounted flight voucher, plus shedloads of Avios frequent flyer miles that we used to upgrade to business. None of it fixed our somewhat ruined holiday to Houston & Scottsdale, but that isn’t the point, we felt that the discounted flight and the ability to enjoy a free business class flight was fair recompense. We didn’t stop flying with them as we felt their response was decent. I imagine that most folk, having suffered a problem with a company, will contact that company, should the issue be big enough to warrant complaint. For me, given the Mardi Gras cruise I was booked on was a never-to-be-repeated one-off, I don’t happen to think Carnival’s across-the-board 25% future discount is a very good response to the problem, so having discussed it, we will take our future cruise business elsewhere. If that offends anyone, tough.
  10. No it isn’t pointless. You have a problem, are left disappointed, you complain to the company involved. Now, it isn’t going to change anything in regard to the ship suddenly being completed as originally advertised, because customers complained to Carnival, but it certainly isn’t pointless.
  11. Well yes, but the point I’m making is that none of us had booked a cruise with Meyer Turku, so naturally, Carnival will be the ones getting grief from let-down customers, just as British Airways or United Airlines would, even though the cause of the problem could be equipment manufactured by Boeing, Airbus, or Rolls Royce engines, whatever.
  12. Three of us were booked on the Mardi Gras trans Atlantic crossing out of Southampton. To say we are disappointed is a bit of an understatement, but disappointment is all it is. At the end of the day, there’s no point in being overly angry or cursing Carnival / Turku Meyer to the heavens - because, after doing it, you’ll just be back to where you are - having to cancel your flights, hotels, whatever. We have just been onto our hotel in New York to cancel, and have cancelled our flight home to the UK with British Airways. The hotel was no problem, no charges to cancel. British Airways was a bit more problematic, we have charges that we now must seek to have re-imbursed by Carnival. As loyal Carnival customers who, amongst other Carnival cruises, have also done trans Atlantic on the Vista and Horizon, we were so looking forward to doing a third trans Atlantic cruise on the impressive looking Mardi Gras. However, we have no intention of booking with Carnival again anytime soon, and will take our future business elsewhere. We are not doing this in anger, or being petulant about it, we are making this decision calmly, and having discussed it between us. Sorry Carnival, but you have just lost two customers. You are a massive, hugely rich company though, so I’m sure our decision won’t bring your empire to its knees.
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