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  1. We've sailed this itinerary from Long Beach many times. Our experience has been that while the ship arrived back in port rather early (as early as 6:00 AM), disembarkation time can vary greatly depending on a few factors. Express Debark: In order to be cleared off the ship shortly after arrival in the homeport, guests have the option of participating in our Express Debark Program if they elect to carry off their own luggage. Vs. Checked Luggage Debark: Guests who wish to check-in their luggage by simply leaving their bags outside their stateroom late in the evening on the last night of the cruise. This option will depend on what zone number** you received. We've had very high numbers in the past and were one of the last to leave the ship. **Guests with early flights who have pre-registered with Guest Services will be assigned and called as one of the early Zone numbers. All in all, I would say on average we are off the ship by 10:30 AM at the latest.
  2. As with pctvmom, I too have not had luck adding them to my sail and sign account from the kiosk while on board. I just prepaid our gratuities for our January 2020 cruise using Carnival gift cards from AARP. Also, you can use them to purchase cruise cash before your cruise and that will be on your sail and sign account automatically when you board.
  3. We we stayed on the Queen Mary this past April before our cruise. Each time we entered the hotel we were required to show our hotel room key. I did observe that the security personnel would direct people who did not have a key to the ticket window . Also, According to their website FAQ page ( https://www.queenmary.com/faq/) DO I NEED A TICKET IF I JUST WANT TO TOUR ON MY OWN? All guests onboard the Queen Mary are required to have a TOUR TICKET, ROOM KEY, or RESTAURANT RESERVATION. Tour Information: First Class Passport THIS PASSPORT INCLUDES: - Admission to The Queen Mary - Access to the Queen Mary Historic Exhibits, Ship Model Gallery & Engine Room - Queen Mary Tours* Prices Monday - Thursday Adult (12+ Years): $30.00 Child (Ages 4-11): $15.00 Prices Friday - Sunday Adult (12+ Years): $40.00 Child (Ages 4-11): $20.00 QM After Hours Here is your chance to uncover the millions the hidden treasures aboard the world’s greatest ocean liner. Take advantage of QM After Hours. Guest can explore the ship for just $10* or if you purchase one of the tours offered after 6PM! Don't hesitate! Around each corner is something fantastic to discover. *$10 Admission ticket value may be used towards dining receipt at Chelsea Chowder House or the bar tab at the Observation Bar. *Does not include service fee. Service fee cannot be applied to dining bill or bar tab beyond the $10 value of the admission ticket. The serivce fee is non-refundable. Parking: Complimentary self-parking is only offered if the guest has purchased $20 or more in the Observation Bar or had dinner in Chelsea Chowder House. The QM After Hours Admission begins at 6:00pm and end nightly at 9:00pm (Sunday-Thursday) and 10:00pm (Friday & Saturday or during peak seasons)
  4. Question about the Premier Cocktail Party . . . Do they check off names as you walk in? We are traveling with a friend and want to go to the cocktail party and were hoping he could just come along with us.
  5. Darn - I just tried to order and got the following error message: "ERROR The promo code NEFPBQ33 has been closed and is no longer active."
  6. Looks like AARP is discontinuing the rewards program and all points will expire on August 20th
  7. We have actually started booking by the elevator due tot he convenience. So far we have not had any issues at all. No more hallway noise than any other room we have had booked.
  8. The link that the other poster provided (https://help.carnival.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/3939/~/journeys-sailings) also has a link to show all Journeys cruises
  9. I thought this happened to me just this week. I think it is a computer glitch. If I clicked on the email link I could only see current published offers available to everyone. I actually had to log out of my VIFP account and then log back in to see my offers and they were all there.
  10. You must select the "gift" option at check out under "Delivery and Gift options" in order for it not to show up on your documents. Keep your email conformation. I did send a bottle of champagne to friends we were traveling with and they did not receive it. I had to bring a copy of my email to Cherry on Top to get it straightened out.
  11. I have wondered this myself in the past and I just called carnival and asked them what promotion code it was booked under. They were able to tell me the code as well as what it included.
  12. By "Prebook Meals" do you mean make a reservation int he steakhouse? if so, you can do that without pre-paying. We've been an several cruises that included DOU, and it has never been on our cruise documents (neither has the free fun play), only OBC has shown up beforehand. Also, if your DOU cards are not in your room when you arrive be sure to seek out the casino host.
  13. I use the AARP Rewards for good. 10% off gift cards using points earned from reading articles, taking quizzes and entering promo codes that you receive in daily email. Points add up quickly. Card denominations are in $100 and $500. Cards usually arrive within a week of ordering.
  14. We had s similar situation and not only did they adjust the booking so my husband got the DOU, but the offer had free play and he got that as well. 
  15. Some offers are extended to your guest while others are not. I’ve received both types. With that said, did she check to see if she had received the same offer as her husband? If she did, then have her call and speak with someone in casino promotions. We had s similar situation and not only did they adjust the booking so my husband got the DOU, but the offer had free play and he got that as well.
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