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  1. Looks good. Meant to tell you they reply pretty quick if not busy. They are very good with getting the confined stuff knocked out quickly. People may try to knock the short time frame but honestly a lot of local places stretch out the time unnecessarily to justify what they charge for it. They won't move on until they know you got stuff down. Dives 1 and 2 will involve repeating a lot of stuff you went over in the confined dives, to show you can do them in open water, while 3 will be a few more things. 4 is just you doing the dive with your paired buddy as if you were out doing a dive with someone. Oh and make sure anyone doing it with you has equalizing down; that was the killer for my son on our first dive... he had a bit of a cold and wasn't able to equalize and only got through the first dive as a result. Didn't think to make him practice blowing and pinching his nose beforehand to make sure he knew how to do that properly and its some bad ear pain if you keep descending and can't equalize. Some pointers for on the ship, first, be prepared and rested for that swim test; its a pain in the ass doing all those laps in that tiny pool... take your time, it's not a race. Doing all the confined dives in one period like that, is a lot of time in the water; use the wet suit for sure. Even with the wet suit, your body temp is going to steadily drop in that pool water; it feels comfortable when you're in it and warm but it's not 98 degree water and your body temp is going to go down and you will start shivering. Use the hot tub to bring your body temp back up when taking breaks and you'll find it will go much more smoothly the rest of the way. And bring some bottled water to keep hydrated throughout those sessions.
  2. The schedule for PADI certification won't be on a cruise compass. He has to contact them directly for that info.
  3. AN_ShoreExcursionsDiveStaff@rccl.com There you go for the dive shop. That main email is useless, you should direct questions to the staff on the ship. Also CC AN_ShoreExcursionsManager@rccl.com One of the two will get back to you with the exact planned schedule. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask, as I got PADI certified on the Anthem a little under 2 years ago. Great experience, you'll be in very capable hands.
  4. Aside from seltzer water, I don’t know of canned water. Bottles are allowed up to 17oz and the normal sized ones are 16.9oz. Carnival actually sells cases of water for delivery to your room. We had two cases waiting for us on our Horizon cruise last year, which was nice and the pricing wasn’t insane either.
  5. You're talking about the Evian 1 Liter water. They also sell regular 16.9oz purified bottles of water as well, for cheaper than the Evian. But cheaper still means, the cost of 2 bottles of their regular purified water, is about what you would pay for an entire 24 case of poland spring water.
  6. Yes, easy for me, which is all I care about. I don't really care if it sounds like much or doesn't sound like much. Case of water is generally lighter than one of our suitcases so, with a tag on it, it's no more difficult to get to a room than a piece of luggage is. The only real issue for the company, is people not buying their overpriced bottled water.
  7. Correct but it may now no longer be a gamble at all and could just be outright being refused everywhere. Haven't cruised RCCL since 2017. Back in around September 2018, they made a policy change. Previously you weren't allowed to bring any non-alcoholic beverages onboard, based on their official policy. Now, you can bring up to 12 (17oz) bottles/cans per stateroom but it has to be carried on with you. I tried searching for anyone posting about it, after the change was made but hadn't seen anything on cruise critic, just found one thing on google from some other site about being refused by porters but no further details. Figured putting up a post was the best way to get solid answers from anyone who used to put the luggage tag on the case and has tried doing it after that official policy change.
  8. Yes I know, we have 2 staterooms so, I meant breaking up a case for each to carry 12 in that way.
  9. I know RCCL recently changed their policy regarding non-alcoholic beverages being taken onboard and that now you can officially carry on 12 bottles, cans, etc, per stateroom on embarkation day. Previously, we would just put a luggage tag on a 24 case of water and it would get delivered to the room, even when this technically wasn't allowed at all based on the rules. We have a sailing coming up the end of June on the Allure and I'm curious if people have still been able to slap luggage tags on a case of water for it to be delivered to your stateroom? I really don't feel like breaking up a case and having each of us carry around 12 bottles in a bag so, I'm hoping that port workers are still just delivering the cases of water like they used to, as it has been a pretty easy thing to do in the past. Wish they offered a case of water like Carnival does, for purchase but they only offer the ridiculously priced Evian water. Would like to hear any recent experiences, from after RCCL made the change and started allowing a limited amount to be carried on back in like September I believe. Thank you.
  10. Technically they aren't upping the price of the Voom, just giving less of a discount off the regular price. Since $19.99 seems to be the best rate anyone is going to get on The Key, we're pulling the trigger on that. Don't want to wait on the discount on the Voom because I'm happy knowing we did well on the pricing of The Key compared to the current pricing on the Voom. Spend the extra money and give us a reason to pat ourselves on the back for only paying $7 per day more for The Key perks, lol.
  11. Yep, basically forced our hand with those prices. It for the good though, since it gives an excuse to go with The Key option, lol. Of course could always buy just one device plan of Voom and sign out and in back and forth on each phone for cheaper price but did that once on a Carnival cruise and was such a pain in the butt, haha.
  12. Yep, i was like holy crap, that's crazy, I don't remember paying that much before, when looking at it with my wife. She pointed out that since we have always done suites, that we've never paid for it separately before, since it's been included with the suite. Unfortunately at the time we booked, there were no suite options available with a room for our kids that was directly across or next to it so, the only feasible option without booking one of us in one room with one son and the other in the 2nd room with our other son, was to do connecting balcony rooms. The Key didn't exist then so we thought we'd be suffering suite/concierge withdrawal this sailing. Now with The Key, we'll get everything but the concierge, lol.
  13. Naw, see post above. The difference is sale prices. I got 15% off Voom for my sailing and his is currently showing over 45% off and back when he got it 3 months ago, it was an even bigger sale. I suspect because my sailing takes place during 4th of July, they aren’t giving out the large discounts on the Voom. So The Key is generally worth it if you are at close to normal Voom pricing for your sailing and we’re planning to get the Voom anyway. Otherwise you’re paying a bit of a premium for the extra perks.
  14. Ah, that explains a lot. So they just left out that a larger than usual sale was going on at the time they purchased the Voom package. My sailing is during 4th of July and also on Allure. Hefty price difference on that. Had i gotten Voom at that discount, then The Key would be a large increase. Their BS 15% sale right now has it at the $32.28 per person per day price though.
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