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  1. I have a cruise scheduled for Nov 8 out of Tampa and they are still trying to sell me shore excursions. I just don't get it. Final payment is a month from now.
  2. Here is a link to a webcam of the Netherlands anchorage. The camera pans similar to the Ft. Lauderdale webcam but in the right position you can clearly see the cruise ships sitting at anchorage. https://wwitv.com/tv_channels/b6409-Scheveningen-webcam.htm
  3. Copper, Have you heard anything from Capt. Albert? His blog was last updated 3/26.
  4. Was on NS Feb 2-9. HH was indeed in all bars. Never heard if it was 2 hours. Just looked at the When & Where and it just shows it starting at 4 but no ending time. The food bar on NS Billboard is in a different location than K'dam. Too many hands reaching for food made us decided to do HH at Crows Nest. Funny side note. DW would get her 2 Bloody Mary's. The spear for the olives was an uncooked spaghetti noodle. They are REALLY carrying the environmental thing to everything. The noodle was pretty fragile and ended up breaking in the glass.
  5. $50 a day is worth it? Not sure I see the value there. Maybe I'm missing something. Not sure how they'll honor the upgrade part on the NS cruise in 2 weeks as I understand the unused rooms were booked by NA cruisers who had their cruise cancelled. Last I saw was a "few" inside rooms left. Maybe it's just me.
  6. Just curious. Do you keep the phone in airplane mode?
  7. Recently I have been reading where the native populations are starting to protest the number of cruise passengers arriving daily. Grand Cayman is one such island. There are days where you have 10K+ passengers in some of these ports and the locals can't handle it and don't like it. I think we will see more and more islands starting to restrict the number of cruise ships and passengers they will allow on any given day. Can't say I blame them.
  8. I could be wrong but I have been told the "large" ships can't get into Tampa as they won't fit under the Sky Bridge. That being said, the smaller ships are too small for the venues you suggest.
  9. Hi Crew News, Looking at the when & where it shows the 4 o'clock happy hour in the Ocean Bar only. There is another happy hour at 6 in the Crow's Nest from what I read. 6 doesn't work if you have early fixed seating in the MDR. This is the first time I've seen happy hour moved on Pinnacle class. They have/had a hot bar installed on K'Dam at Billboard that was only used at happy hour. I'm just confused why they would have moved it. Seasick Sailor, On Pinnacle Class the Oceans Bar is across the passage from Sel De Mer. I seem to recall it wasn't that big.
  10. Thanks for answering my question. I must be confused. I thought the Oceans Bar was the one across from Sel D Mer. I usually get my 2 and that is my drinking for the day. Wouldn't want to mess up my routine! 😁
  11. I just read Kelmac's review and his description of happy hour being in the Oceans Bar on the Niuew Statndam. I also remember somebody posting the When & Where's a month or so ago and it also showed the 4 o'clock happy hour in the Oceans Bar. What I am confused about is the Oceans Bar might hold 20 people, standing up on the Niuew Statendam and K'Dam. Last February they were held in the Billboard Onboard and spilled over to the Rolling Stone Rock Room. Is this the new permanent location on these ships? Has anybody else experienced the overcrowding in the Oceans Bar for happy hour? The only reason I can think of to do this would be to discourage people from getting their drinks at happy hour pricing. Not looking forward to seeing this change next month. 😕
  12. Yes, but remember that cruise days are different than sea days towards medallion levels.
  13. I see "Continuing education" listed often. Just curious; what group is that?
  14. A little off subject but just wanted to get it out there. Last year on our K Dam cruise out of FLL they made me take off my belt coming through security at embarkation. When I got to the other end to collect my carry on belongings my belt wasn't there. I looked around and saw a gentleman unzipping his carry on and stashing my belt into his bag. I confronted him with it and he said, "Oh, I thought it was my belt". He had his belt on! Security and HAL staff didn't take any action at all. As far as I'm concerned he was flat out stealing my belt. I guess the staff didn't care. DW and I decided in the future we would treat HAL embarkation the same way we do airport security. Either she or I go through before the other puts things on the belt to be scanned. It's a shame it has come to this. I edited to say he wasn't even in our security line but a couple of lines away.
  15. Is it possible than since all HAL ships are foreign flagged they are considered a foreign entity?
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