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  1. can I get an aaaaamen Yes sir.. I know there was more to it.. now we are getting somewhere ..... and that Is where all NCL tax money goes.. yes???
  2. Great update... and yes I have lots to say about Franks comments but lets see what others say first. :) ..
  3. So a small fact about the no sail order. The No Sail Order applies to all cruise ships, The Order applies to all cruise ships operating, or seeking to operate, in waters subject to US jurisdiction, including those that have previously voluntarily suspended operations. I'm sure there is more to it but that us what come to mind.
  4. US ports. They are being asked by the CDC and complying. also the main office is in Miami so it make sense to do what the CDC is asking... HA well one thing they are doing good.. see Iam not a hater..
  5. ok another fact..... So NCL does not register in the US ( as do the rest) as I am sure you know this.. well hope you know this.. SO the CDC has no control over what they do (I'm sure you know It is a United States federal agency) and that is why they do not have the right to come to a US port and drop off the crew to send them home. But I'm sure the US Gov would let them as we care about human safety.. NCL need to go dock at their home port of Bahamas. Those calling it nonsense or saying I work for another cruse line... well not so much. Again no one have backed any the facts just a personal thoughs about what I post. And I thing the is great.. Just to be clear not looking to start trouble just looking for some clear answers to all this. After all this is the Norwegian board.
  6. Like to see proof of that "CDC is preventing them from leaving the ship and getting a flight home even though they have shown no signs of illness for over 30 days"
  7. See now your thinking. .. fire them! release them from NCL and go about you business not threaten them.. See that is where NCL went wrong and that is why it ended up in the news.... I did not make this stuff up... lol
  8. just like I thought..... So holding them no longer receiving pay and telling them they could have 'prosecution by shoreside authorities" for speaking on a policy is ok to you.. WOW .. some of you'll need to rethink.. let these people go home if they choses. NCL did not reply . Oh wait NCL doesn't reply to many other articles .. probably best as they keep digging them self deeper in lies..... my employer of over 200k and 90 years in business would never threaten any one of us. Do we have a media posting policy absolutely but would never threaten us.
  9. So in the news again "Crew stuck for weeks on board Norwegian Cruise Line ship threatened with 'prosecution by shoreside authorities' .. here is the article .. Lets hear it NCL defenders .. lol.. https://news.yahoo.com/leaked-audio-crew-stuck-weeks-212320510.html ......
  10. Could not have said it better myself..... thank you zonacruiser25!!!!
  11. this is what I have been saying !.. NCL VP Katty Byrd can easily change all this.. Top of mimd for her is stock holders and profit not the customer.. This customer wants to do business with them and they are even making that difficult ... Take care of your customers and your business will be way better off at the end of all this
  12. Katty Byrd | VP Guest Services should be fired as she has put NCL in a poor future position with "Policy". NCL would be way better off if they had customers health top of mind and not their "policy". I am referring to the cruise dates 3/13-3/20. here is how it goes Katty, I have been in contact with your guests services over the last few days by phone and emails. I have not been given clarity to your refund policy for cruises that where canceled after 3/15/20. In short what I get is an email back stating we are unable to process a refund and are only allowing the cruise credit . As you know the week leading into 3/15 everything was uncertain on how the country was going to react to COVID-19. Tensions were high and people had a lot of questions. One main thing in the media of course was the cruise industry with all the issues that were associated with the spread of COVID-19. As you can imagine being first time cruisers we were extremely worried and very confused on what to do. We even called NCL and we were assured everything would be OK. As we got closer to our sailing date of March 15 things continued to get worse for the cruise industry and got our attention even more. Days leading into upto the sailing date all types of articles about the spread of COVID-19 on cruise ships along with other things like Norovirus , E. coli and such were circulating all over the Internet. You can just imagine the anxiety for first-time cruisers. With this all happening we decided to cancel our cruise within the 48 hour window before the March 15 sailing date. When my wife called guest relations to cancel the cruise we got a simple OK thank you and that was it. Nothing about refund or future cruise credit. After a week or so went by we decided to search NCL website. They are we found your updated policy on cancellations and refunds. In there is states canceled cruises March 13 to March 17 you can get 150% cruise credit then below that it says Guests who prefer to not take advantage of a future cruise credit can elect to receive a lesser refund to the original form of payment . So Being that our cruise was canceled by NCL anyway I’ve been asking for a refund In the original form of payment. It does not state that if we canceled and NCL canceled it would default back to us. This is the part I’ve been trying to explain to guest services but the response I continue to get is well you canceled first so the refund policy does not apply again it doesn’t state that. I do regret to having to bring this to your attention as I’m sure you’re extremely busy and this is something your guest relations should be able to handle but I cannot seem to get this resolution so I’m bringing it to your attention. We are simply asking for a full refund. Thank you again for your time and I look forward to your reply Her reply We understand the complexity of this issue and trust you appreciate the need to be fair and equitable. When you cancelled your sailing, Norwegian was still scheduled to operate your cruise. Norwegian’s Peace of Mind was designed to provide more time for our guests to make their best decision. Each circumstance is different. Some chose to stay the course, and then only when our voluntary suspension of operations occurred, were these bookings canceled. You chose to cancel, which we respect, the others were forced to cancel. That is why the compensation is different. Consequently we are not making any exceptions to our policies in place as it relates to when any guest canceled their booking. Our Norwegian Peace of Mind policy is the most generous policy we have ever put in place allowing guests to cancel up to 48 hours prior to sailing with no penalty which gave all of our guests the flexibility of time before making the decision to cancel. On top of that we are allowing guests to leverage that 100% future cruise credit for sailings all the way through December 31st, 2022. Hopefully you understand our stance on why we are applying these policies consistently to all guests, depending on if they voluntarily canceled versus being forced to cancel. We are incredibly appreciative of your loyalty and trust in allowing us to welcome you aboard our amazing ships. We remain dedicated to providing our guests with the best travel experiences across the globe, and we look forward to welcoming you aboard very soon. Kind regards Katty Byrd | VP Guest Services My reply Your refund policy that you have in effect as it specifically states the cruise date that we booked we can get the 150% percent for another Cruise booking or a refund of what we paid. Can you please clarify why we are not being given the option for refund when NCL actually had to cancelled the cruise. Yes we canceled before NCL cancelled however it doesn't state in the policy that it defaults back to the customers cancellation. There’s not even any small print stating if the customer canceled before NCL canceled the cruise the customer would not be eligible for a refund. Did NCL actually think their customers we’re not going to cancel this upcoming cruise with everything that was going on in the world, the US and more importantly in the cruise industry. For the safety and well-being of human life you would have to imagine NCL would understand what is going on and expect these customers to cancel right up to the date of the two different weeks you have stated in you policy. Again If NCL did not cancel the cruise I would not be requesting the fact that We should be entitled to a refund . Her reply Thank you for writing in. Unfortunately, I feel there is little I can add without reiterating what has already been mentioned previously. Please be advised this correspondence along with any conversations between us, are without prejudice to the rights and defences of Norwegian Cruise Line including the terms and conditions set forth in the Passenger Ticket Contract. I understand your frustration but we must remain firm. As explained previously, the challenge is that we have many loyal guests who for one reason or another, find themselves in similar circumstances. We have to be equitable. As such, we must adhere to our established and communicated policies. I do thank you for your time concerning this matter and, I once again, thank you for the opportunity to respond. All terms and conditions associated with our suspended voyages as well as our Peace of Mind policy can be found by visiting ncl.com or by selecting this link https://www.ncl.com/suspended-sailings I appreciate having this final opportunity to respond back to you and remain at your service. Kind regards, Katty Byrd | VP Guest Services So before you reply to me about ticket agreement and all the stuff save you time as we all know about that. However NCL has already been investigated about lies to their customers as they did us and lies about a COVID19 case on one of there ships. All this is out there so again no need to reply on that. The simple fact is the the new cancelation policy should have been in more detail. here is how it goes MIAMI, March 09, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. (“Norwegian” or “the Company”) (NYSE: NCLH), a leading global cruise company which operates the Norwegian Cruise Line, Oceania Cruises and Regent Seven Seas Cruises brands, today announced the relaxation of cancellation policies for its three brands to provide guests with peace of mind around current travel concerns from the uncertainties pertaining to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak by providing guests with the flexibility to cancel their cruise vacation up to 48 hours prior to embarkation. This new policy is for guests booked on Norwegian Cruise Line, Oceania Cruises and Regent Seven Seas Cruises and is valid for both new and existing cruise bookings for sailings through September 30, 2020. Guests who choose to cancel their cruise vacation will receive a future cruise credit for 100% of the cruise fare paid which can be applied to any future cruise across the globe through December 31, 2022. then on march 13th.. really NCL after 70% of your booking were cancelled you put this out. MIAMI, March 13, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. (“Norwegian” or “the Company”) (NYSE: NCLH), a leading global cruise company which operates the Norwegian Cruise Line, Oceania Cruises and Regent Seven Seas Cruises brands, today announced a voluntary suspension of all cruise voyages embarking between March 13 and April 11, 2020 for its three cruise brands. The temporary suspension is aimed at contributing to efforts around the globe to contain the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. This measure is taken in an abundance of caution and the Company has not experienced any confirmed cases of COVID-19 across its 28-ship fleet. “The safety, security and well-being of our guests and crew is our highest priority. With the COVID-19 coronavirus impacting communities around the globe, we have enacted a voluntary temporary suspension of cruise voyages across our brands effective immediately,” said Frank Del Rio, president and chief executive officer of Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. “We understand the inconvenience that this disruption may cause our guests and travel partners during these quickly evolving and challenging times, and we appreciate their understanding as we partner with local, state, federal and global agencies to combat the spread of COVID-19.” Guests on voyages that are underway will conclude and guests will be disembarked as soon as possible and assisted with travel arrangements. Guests who are currently booked on voyages with embarkation dates from March 13 to April 11, 2020 on Norwegian Cruise Line, Oceania Cruises or Regent Seven Seas Cruises are asked to contact their travel agent or the cruise line for more information. All guests on impacted voyages will receive a 125% refund of the fare paid in the form of a future cruise credit, which can be applied toward any future cruise through December 31, 2022. For guests who wish to not avail themselves of the 125% future cruise credit, a 100% refund of the fare paid will be reimbursed to the original form of payment within 90 days of guests’ request. Travel partner commissions on canceled cruises will be protected as per normal policy. Bottom line take care of your customers that is relevant to the dates 3/13-3/20 with refunds or the 150% cruise credit which ever they prefer. If you did not cancel like we did just a few day before getting on a ship with the COVID19 pandemic going on your crazy and for NCL to hold that against us is wrong for the simple fact to human safety and regard to human life........
  13. There apparently is a lot you do not know about NCL.. they lies to customers about the COVID19 not being active in warm weather, they lied about a case on one other there ships. then to wait till the last few hours after 70% of there customers have canceled out of concern for their health. that is low and dirty and they should offer the refund for all the Cruises for this week I speak of. If you would not have cancelled 2 days out their is something wrong with you. Think to your self what was going on 3/11-3/16 before you reply. most I'm sure would agree
  14. I to have a nightmare with NCL. I have been E-mailing the CEO, VP of guest service and other. Have a mile long Email string with them. Sail date 3/15 we canceled on 3/12 out of COVID 19 worries and at this point who wouldn't?. They will not give refund or the 150% cruise credit... I get it we cancelled however they had to cancel the the cruise and did it with less then 24 hours.. we now have to go on NCL or lose our 2700.. Not gong to be a very fun vacation!!.. ***** I would love to see a class action lawsuit on them. They have been investigated a few time already for lying about what they where telling customers and what they claim they do not know about COVID 19 on one of their ships!!!! Any advice to get the refund please let me know
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