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  1. What kind of leggings and water shoes do you recommend to protect your legs and feet?
  2. Thank you! Showing my ignorance, but what does "an ATN code share under American" mean? Also, we are now considering the 10/28/21 Wind Spirit cruise due to vacation approval at work, but I read that November is rainy season and cyclone season. I do not want to go to Tahiti during the rainy or cyclone season. Any advice about November weather? Thanks so much!
  3. Hi, my husband and I are trying to plan a Windstar cruise to Tahiti. We will be flying from Seattle to PPT. I am looking at Air Tahiti Nui flights from LAX to PPT. What is a SAFE layover time in LAX in order to get our luggage off the Seattle to LAX flight and then to the Air Tahiti Nui flight to PPT? Thanks in advance for your help! 🙂
  4. Thanks everyone! I have had the same concerns about the once per week flight. Our flight would arrive the night before the October 17th cruise. We are still trying to get our vacation at work approved, so we will probably lose the great price we have on hold. I have been trying to reach a supervisor at HA to get details on what they have historically done if there is a mechanical problem with the plane causing a delay. So far, I have had no luck hearing back from one. I will reach out to the person that Tahitianbigkahuna gave me the email for. I appreciate everyone's input!
  5. Hi, My husband and I are considering the Windstar Tahiti and Tuamotu Islands cruise in late October. We found some great rates on Hawaiian Airlines out of Seattle, but they only fly once a week on Saturdays. Do any of you have experience flying Hawaiian Airlines to Papeete? I’ve never flown them, but Air Tahiti Nui is much more expensive and I refuse to fly United (nuff said). Thanks in advance for any advice.
  6. It costs $1000 for COVID related requirements to travel here? Would you please share more information? Thanks
  7. Tahitianbigkahuna, I hope it is not against the rules to ask for information about the large online group you host. I’m trying to get as much firsthand advice about this area as I can. Thanks!
  8. Thanks to everyone giving advice. This will be our first cruise to French Polynesia.
  9. I realize this is an old post. It says the page is no longer found. Is it still possible to check out your trip somewhere? Thanks!
  10. Hi! Thank you everyone for all the wonderful information and advice. We are trying to decide on which direction to take the 2020 Viking Lyon and Provence river cruise. Viking has sailings on the same day from Lyon to Avignon and Avignon to Lyon. What are the benefits of each direction? We will be traveling from Seattle. Have any of you ever done an add on to Normandy after your cruise? Thank you in advance for your help!
  11. Why do you need cancer specific travel insurance? If you bought travel insurance within the pre-existing condition waiver period why would it be different than any other pre-existing medical condition? Thank you in advance for your help!
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