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  1. Captain Johnny Faevelen left Harmony yesterday, going home for vacation, according to his Twitter account
  2. Gus Andersson has had his last contract on Harmony, leaving the ship to Captain Johnny a few days ago, according to his last Instagram post. It says the plan is to go to Indy - but that things can change these days, the world bring as it is.
  3. Captain Johnny is back on board Harmony, according to his Twitter account
  4. My favourite memory - so far, have to be our Transatlantic cruise with Independence of the Seas in April 2017. Even though it wasn't my or my wife's first cruise, it was the first cruise we were on as a family, together with our daughter. She loved it, and we made a lot of amazing memories! Now I'm looking forward to the first cruise we can go on - as a family of 4, with our newborn daughter 🙂 Picture of Independence in Labadee, April 2017
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