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  1. They do not. Most are suicides coo-berated by family members when you research each story individually. Very sad and selfish way to kill yourself. Suicide is awful for all involved.
  2. I agree. Working in a hospital we have been “put on probation” so to say. The results were system wide. We had multiple days of compliance training for our citations and our faulty processes were completely overhauled. I rounded with the federal auditor when she came back for our follow up and that was the main thing she asked about. How did you change the system to fix the problem?? She was satisfied.
  3. Hi yes I am in agreement with you. What I meant by the hurting for money part was there was no reason for the company to increase the amount of cabins for our wonderful room stewards. At my hospital level, the CEO most definitely has a direct say on how many patients the nurses have here re: FTE's and the entire patient care structure. We are a mid level hospital with around 500 beds. I realize Hospitals are different than Cruise ships but the idea is similar. I don't hate her, I just fiercely defend the direct care workers for the company (as I do nurses)...the people actually doing the leg work. I will stick by Carnival as long as I can...I will also be watching very closely. P.S. I love all of your reviews and have learned so much from them, thank you!!
  4. Exxxxxxactly. (Not that I necessarily agree with that decision) But still truth.
  5. This is a bummer if true. Its difficult to read an article and get facts though so critically thinking must be used. The integrity of the company does seem to be in question here. They don't seem to be arbitrary rules that we try and dodge for our hospital inspections (Believe me, some rules are stupid and not helpful). They appear to be important ocean saving/maintaining rule violations (TWICE). IMHO the CEO needs to go if it is as systemic as it sounds. (I never liked her anyway and she is relatively new). Someone needs to come blazing in with a "We are now committed to following the law and protecting the environment" major shake up for any credibility at this point. I almost cruise loyal to Carnival but this disappoints me. Oh and P.S. I don't like her because one of the first changes it appeared that she made was to give the Cabin stewards 1/3 more cabins and change (suggest to passengers) service to once a day. Big eye roll on that CEO move. Carnival was not hurting for money when she got the job.
  6. You do not need to add anyone extra. The only thing you get for that is more soda and floating mats.
  7. OH my gosh this pizza picture may have me sold on booking the Horizon!!! hahahaha....thats amazing. Glad to hear it is like any other ship. I guess maybe people tend to complain about things that are new. Have a great time! Thanks for the updates, I will be following!!
  8. Yes it is very easy to set a limit on the kiosks around the ships or at Guest Services. The arcade is insanely high so make sure they know not to spend too much time there. Otherwise, I give my boys $50 each to spend on whatever they want. No begging otherwise. LOL....
  9. Lots of "crowded" in the reviews. Do you feel more crowded than Dream class ships? (if you know). Are you waiting in lots of lines? Is breakfast crazy? Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Same. Greatest place I’ve ever been.
  11. Half Moon Cay if you want perfect smooth white sand beach paradise.
  12. Just an FYI if you can swing a cabana they are awesome. We go back and forth from that and the Villa. When our boys were babies it was priceless having some solid shade, air conditioning and dedicated chairs. You will want to spend all day there but it gets really hot. The cabana will save you from that. (And bonus you get priority on the first or second tender to the island in the am with your own meeting place for excursions). Sometimes the tender lines are awful getting off the ship at HMC. Enjoy!
  13. To bring all minor first aide/medical supplies. IE: Ace bandage, bandaids, steri-strips, Gas X, Motrin, Aloe gel, hydrocortisone cream, Benadryl, tweezers, vaseline, baby powder, etc. LOL!! Obviously you don't need most of it but you are on a cruise ship and cannot get if needed. (and if they have it at the gift shop, its expensive) By our third cruise, we had this "kit" built up from experience. Maybe its the nurse in me. I don't want to be unprepared!
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