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  1. Thank you so much. Sounds like this will be our plan.
  2. Awesome thank you for all the info! Did you just take a taxi there and back or did you prearrange something with them specifically?
  3. Awesome thank you. Sounds like a good thing.
  4. Experienced cruiser here but new to using the HUB app for YTD reservations. My two current cruises I have booked I wasn’t given a choice of early dining (even waitlist). I could only select Late or YTD. My question is can you choose a table for two on the app? And is there any spot for preferences? (Like window or the same waitstaff as the night before?). Also, do you request a table for right then or can you specify a later time? I’m sad I like early and have never not had it. First world problems. Happy Cruising! Thank you!
  5. I’ll be honest this kind of makes me sad. 😢 The old school cruising traditions are slowly disappearing. I understand if it was used more it would obviously be kept in its entirety. However, still a bummer. And besides that’s how I sell cruises to newbies! If you want to go to the club, you can! If you want to go to the library, you can do that too!!
  6. I know this is preemptive but can we start a thread that has info on what the remaining excursions are truly like in Freeport after Dorian? We are just looking to infuse some money into the Island and have a safe relaxing beach day. Food and alcohol would be nice. Carnival says they have a select few that are up and running. Obviously, reviews/pictures are null and void since the hurricane. TIA!
  7. Haha appreciate it!! I'm sure that is going to cause some confusion. Hopefully they are never near each other....
  8. Haha oh no thats what I meant! Rookie mistake. We are sailing Sunrise but have sailed Sunshine twice before so I automatically say that. 😋
  9. I had the premium package last year and used Whatsapp. It worked for "Facetiming" or a video call as they call it. I didnt even know it would- but I tried it and it went through. A year ago though, things change rapidly for their internet plans.
  10. AHHHHH I've been patiently waiting for your review on Sunshine. Your reviews are excellent! We leave in 4 weeks for Sunshine, I'm sure you had a great time despite the negative "over crowding" reviews. I try to ignore the naysayers. lol....happy cruising!!
  11. I would die from 10 margaritas...literally. It is refreshing that she thanked the Crew instead of blaming them though. I love that. We needed the medical center on our last cruise and they were amazing. I was pleasantly surprised.
  12. Hi how did you find GaPearl on another site? I've looked but don't want to end up stalking too bad. LOL...I know her name is Kim. Thats all. Thank you!
  13. LOL, no not at all. (unless their are belongings in the seat or special circumstances ie yours, then yes). Unfortunately sometimes when you get stuck with a group (even large families) they feel entitled to move you aside for their remaining members. We've had this happen on the elevators and food lines and stuff. But we also got invited to a family reunion (we were sitting playing cards in the area they had reserved for later in the evening). They said we could stay and hang out! So it goes both ways.
  14. I'm embarrassed to admit that this is the best news I have heard all year. This is amazing. In reference to the statement above. I would assume they would limit it to two ships like Grand Turk if even that. Only a guess.
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