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  1. We visit Thailand often due to family connections and have been looking at ways to maximize the time and travel costs. We usually travel Nov/Dec to arrive there for family Christmas. We have done land trips for few days-one week to island/beach communities of Phuket, Koh Samui, Kho Samet, Krabi, Phi Phi, also Hua Hin, Pattay, etc, Of course, there is Chang Mai and Chang Rai and more. If you have time, Angkor Wat in Cambodia. For cruises we have incorporated several out of Hong Kong or Singapore covering Bali, Semarang, Komodo, Indonesia; Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Langkawi, Malaysia; Sih
  2. We organized private transfer from port to central Bangkok for our overnight Dec 2018. 8 or 10 of us with stops at 3 central hotels and pick up the next am to return to the ship. We all had different plans but it worked well, was comfortable, on time and much more economical than the ship transfers. We chatted online like this as we do to arrange groups for private tours ahead of the cruise. It will depend this time if Covid protocol allow private tours/transfers. We have been looking for itinerary including Philippines but see only a few now with a couple of stops. The 3 port cruises w
  3. We would have been on her now 5 days into a month long voyage from Honolulu to Sydney via Papeete:( At least they told us in plenty of time unlike others on this great trip through South Pacific and parts of Australia, New Calidonia, etc. 6 segments in total cancelled. NCL was the earliest to cancel and prompt to refund/credit. But when we will be able to plan the next one? We had hoped to do Middle East/Mediterranean spring 21 but 22 looking safer now. Stay safe all.
  4. Sid; we were on a thread talking about refunds on Preziosa or Poesia for May sailings and awaiting refunds since April. Yours come through?
  5. Believe we were on Empress for overnight In Havana few years ago. Another cruise circumnavigated with 3 ports but don’t recall the ship. Never made that one!
  6. Thank you for sharing the Prime Minister's message Aussie Voyager! Guess we are all expecting further cancellations and delays. Too many unknowns. Expect the country will slowly open to nationals in the early stages and, if all goes well, eventually allow foreigners in to visit. That does not bode well for cruise travel unless those in the designated "bubble" are the only passengers allowed initially. Cunard cancelled the first half of our November Australian cruise (two short B2B) and RCCL and Celebrity still continue to list and sell South Pacific cruises from Sydney. We canc
  7. Congrats! If we use you as an example we may see something in another three weeks!:)
  8. How long have you been waiting? Now into our 5th month awaiting credit from two May cruises; Europe and Baltic. Travel agent had the process escalated several weeks ago but still no word.
  9. Don't know the answer and interested to know also. There is very little for the Philippines which I was hoping to include on a future SE Asia cruise. Have been to Thailand many times if you have any questions.
  10. Been following and note some have had some success. We have been waiting since April 14 for refunds of Poesia Baltic and Preziosa Western Europe. TA escalated a few weeks ago after we hit 90 days. Stay safe everyone!
  11. Some lines have shifted the final payment closer to the sailing date and think cruisers appreciate that. At least it allows more time to keep funds in your own account while you watch news unfold at your destination and at home and see if the cruise line may cancel within the shorter window. That is a little more palatable for most. There is talk of regulating refunds and cancellations which may create some uniformity and less confusion. Best of luck:)
  12. You have a sense of tourism in Australia? We have 3 cruises out of Sydney Nov and Dec. RCCL and Celebrity. We also had 2 short b2b with Cunard Sydney to Adelaide and back to Melbourne. Cunard cancelled all sailings until Nov 25 out of Melbourne half way through our first of the b2b and have left the other as still sailing. NCL cancelled ages ago Honolulu to Papeete and Papeete to Sydney. Disappointing; but not unexpected and at least we knew well in advance. If you have to quarantine in the country of your cruise departure, on arrival or have to quarantine in the city you first a
  13. We have nothing to lift and shift to either. We are on Solstice first week of December from Sydney, Australia,for South Pacific but Canadians have travel advisory for non-essential travel anywhere and are not to cruise until "further notice". Australian tourism has been rumoured to be locked down for nationals only for quite some time and depending how things go a possible bubble with New Zealand or other close Pacific Island nations. At the moment residents of some Australian states are banned from travel to each other. Potentially if we were allowed to fly into Australia (which we a
  14. We have only learned about cancellations from this board. We have received no notice of cancellation. We are on B2B Nov 23/27 total of 8 nights Sydney to Melbourne.
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