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  1. Whatever... in the last two cruises i went on the escape. both usb port (on both side of bed) were not working (both very loose... both time), we had to use the eletrical outlet on the desk.
  2. Thanks everyone for your time... it seems too much hassle to get off, catch a bus/train with all luguages, cross border, redo all the check-in process... etc... I think i'll do the Alaska one from Vancouver instead on the Jewel, with all disavantages (older ship, cost is higher, don't go in glacier bay) but i can do the back-to-back with the pacific coastal (ending in LA) afterward...
  3. OK, but for the Alaska cruise from Seattle, you depart from Seattle then cruise to Alaska (USA), then do a quick stop in Victoria (Canada) and then you finish in Seattle... so it doesn't seem to apply for Alaska cruises for some reasons.
  4. But... Vancouver is a foreign port... so in my understanding, stopping in vancouver or start sailing from vancouver is the same right, it's not against the rule?
  5. The question might sound weird, but i'm currently looking on doing the Alaska cruise on the Joy starting from Seattle on September 28th (roundtrip Sept. 28 to Oct. 5th), BUT then, i would also like doing a pacific coastal cruise and there is one on the Joy, but it's sailing from Vancouver on October 6th. So basically, the Joy will reposition in the night of October 5th from Seattle to Vancouver... is there any way to stay onboard overnight (i'm guessing not since there would be nothing operating, like no restaurants, bars or whatever)?
  6. I'm pretty sure yes, but the cruise has to be minimum 5 days i think.
  7. Try mixing Unsweeten IceTea (2/3) with either lemonade or those flavored water (1/3) and it taste actually pretty good.
  8. I'm trying to figure if it's worth trying to convince my girlfriend on doing the inaugural cruise of the new ship Encore (Nov 2nd 2019). I'm guessing since it's in november (colder) and since there is no stop (straight England to NewYork), that the cruise should be less crowded (and there should be less kids, so it should be easier to go karting). But appart from that, do you know if there is anything special going on during an "inaugural cruise", like i don't know, some kind of special celebration or activities? Thanks
  9. Just off of the escape (April 21st to 28th), we had a towel animal every night except the last night... or so we thought 😉
  10. I'm wondering if i'm being cheap or not as i usually leave 10 to 20$
  11. Book sailing on Escape for Bermuda on August 31st (October 14-21 cruise from NY): Balcony (Sail-Away GTY), paid 1005$/pp (Canadian, rate was about 1.35) - plain with no bonus offer Mini-Suite (Sail-Away GTY) was selling at 1203$/pp Bid on SailAway Mini: 75$CND/pp, which was low-poor (1 tick more then the lowest option)... funny thing is that the price difference between both rooms was 198$/pp and still... bidding 200$ was still considered a poor bid if i remember, so those "bidding tips" are really not relevant... My bid was declined about 2 days before sailing... in my mind, my bid was fair since i already had a mid-ship balcony assigned from my GTY, i think i might have got it if the ship wouldn't have been full.
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