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  1. Huh? Celebrity gives you status based on your current Royal status (and vice-versa). It's not a one time thing. If you move up in one program, you'll get higher status in the other as well (except the highest level in each program. That you have to earn the hard way). Your actual points for each cruise line are earned separately.
  2. I would say some of the supplies they need couldn't have been anticipated until recently. They could have sourced some things needed for the repairs in San Juan. Why have them shipped to Europe when you can pick them up and get started while sailing?
  3. You've seriously never met anyone that can drink a case a week? The normal size drink at any fast food restaurant is 20 oz and most people won't think twice about refilling it. With ice, that's close to equaling 3 cans of soda in a single meal!
  4. I've heard they don't automatically send the invoice (which is weird in my opinion). But it's easy to get. Just call the main customer service number and one of the automated options is to be emailed a copy of your current statement. I've seen lots of people recommend doing this after each payment just to have the records.
  5. If you combine specialty dining with my time dining, you don't have to worry about missing your table mates or your assigned wait staff. In my experience, there are a lot of half empty tables in the main dining room anyway. It's just as likely you'll be alone at your table on night 3 because that's when your table mates decided to do specialty.
  6. Exaggerate much? Historically, Royal Caribbean has a total of 34 ships (26 current and 9 former) including 5 that are less than five years old. Based on years of service, even if I count all the required drydocks (once every 5 years, then once every 2.5 years after a certain age, 20 or 25 I think) as "refurbishments", I barely get over 100 drydocks and most of those were simple marine inspections/updates with nothing major done on board. Some of the announced Royal AMPings will not coincide with the required drydock schedule but still...
  7. Yes the coupons are one time use, but since you said "We have Gold status", remember that BOTH of you will have the coupons loaded on your cards. So each of you will be able to use each coupon once!
  8. Accessible cabins are slightly larger than the standard cabins right? Just speculating here, but while US law might say RCI has to sell them for the same price, maybe for non-US customers they are allowed to say bigger room = bigger cost.
  9. I don't think anyone else addressed this part of your question. The "Drink of the Day" is typically discounted ($9-10 as I recall) because they have premixed it in large pitchers and just have to pour. You'd pay a couple bucks more for the same thing on a different day because they have to make it from scratch.
  10. I guess my subtle dig over the continued lack of information about what is going on was just too subtle. Let me be more blunt. You really need to open up about what is going on before we decide it's just not worth wasting time here anymore.
  11. It's possible to wash your hands elsewhere and walk to the windjammer (or MDR, etc) without touching anything. I often pass the hand washing stations because I've just come from the bathroom and washed my hands there. I get that many people have poor hygiene but let's be careful about over-generalizing.
  12. Right but when they punch more than once per beverage, the math no longer makes sense for purchasing the card. If you drink large or extra shot drinks you save money by NOT buying the card. That doesn't make sense.
  13. Can you really chain your loyalty programs like this? In other words, if I get MLife status through RCI, would Hyatt actually recognize that status or would they say we can't honor that because it's a complimentary status not an earned status? I'm thinking the latter is more likely unless Hyatt also has a relationship with RCI.
  14. No I was trying to say paying before the due date doesn't prevent you from getting price drops. So to use your example, if your final payment is due March 6th, you can get price drops up until March 6th even if you made your final payment in January. But once you hit March 7th, your price can't go lower.
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