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  1. Excellent job explaining the details ;). I couldn’t agree more with what you said about Staying in Cancun or Isla Mujeres do this. Strongly considering doing it again next summer this way. I’ve already been looking at the resorts in the area :) so nice!
  2. It sure is worth it I promise you. Ya it’s per person. For children it’s 184. Haha don’t count on spotting them in the water near Cozumel. they’re only in that particular area off the coast of Cancun. And this excursion did sell out fast. I remember when I got on the ship, the excursion rep said there were only 5 tickets left. So this is one excursion I recommend purchasing on the carnival website
  3. No problem. The cost was $194. We were snorkelling. From Cozumel, we took a ferry to Playa Del Carmen. The ferry ride was about half an hour. Which picked us up directly from the cruise ship. Then from there we took a van ride to Cancun which was an hour. Then from Cancun took a small boat ride to the whale shark area. Which was about another half hour. We were 52 miles off the coast of Cancun. Like I said though, when you get in the water with these huge magnificent animals, the travel time so worth it! You will be in awe! We had to jump in in pairs. We got to jump in the water with them 3 times. Any other questions don’t hesitate to ask. Oh yes, July and August are the best months to see them because that’s when they’re all in the area, feeding on the plankton
  4. Well my friend, I am about to make your day with my review :). I just returned on Saturday the 20th from my cruise and I am more than happy to give you a full detailed review of my experience. First things first I cannot tell you enough how MUCH I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU DO THIS! It was literally one of the most life changing experiences! :). I did this excursion on July 18. The travel time was Completely worth it. I am still in shock at how many whale sharks there were. There were an estimation of 150!! Yeah one hundred and fifty!! lol. I had a whole panoramic view of WS’s! So I am totally connived July is the best month to do this excursion. So the travel time was well worth it. Me personally I love sightseeing, it was Part of the adventure and for me it lead to the anticipation of getting in the water with these magnificent animals. Regarding the travel time though it’s such a subjective part of this kind of trip because some people just can’t deal with long boat rides or whatever the reason may be. It’s all perspective. the guides were absolutely amazing, so friendly and upbeat. You dive two people at a time, with a guide. I asked the guide if he could take pics of me swimming with the WS. And he did, he took the most phenomenal pics ever! Which of course I’m going to post for you, and others who are interested in doing this excursion. I knew these animals were peaceful and docile, but I didn’t realize just how peaceful they really are. The guide was really informative, and said as soon as they feel like people are getting too close to them, they just swim away from you. I totally felt completely safe in the water with them. If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to ask. I’m already planning on doing this again next summer. But this time not with the cruise. Gonna stay at an all inclusive resort in Play Del Carmen or Cancun to avoid the half an hour ferry ride from the cruise ship. But If you have your heart set on a cruise and want to try this out for the first time. Highly highly recommend it once again. There is nothing that will prepare you for this incredible encounter ;) The most important thing to remember, YOUR CAMERA :D. Here’s why lol....
  5. has anyone booked excursions through the shipmate app? if so I would like to hear about your experience
  6. Sorry I made a mistake on the title of this thread. I meant to say “who has been on this excursion? Would appreciate some information about people’s experiences on this excursion
  7. I was wondering if anyone has done the hol chan snorkel excursion with Carnival? If so, does it for sure guarantee they will also take you to shark ray alley? I am a solo traveller, was originally booked on a caye caulker, Shark Ray alley tour with coral breeze company. But they just sent me an email saying they had to cancel the excursion. So this leaves me no choice but to book with the cruise line. just wondering if I should book the Hol chan small group snorkel tour? Or the caye caulker shark ray alley tour? It looks like the only difference between the two is Hol chan tour doesn’t include taking you to caye caulker. In the reviews on the website most people wrote that they stopped and shark ray alley but it doesn’t say that they stop there in the excursion description. I just really wanna go to shark ray alley also and don’t wanna be let down
  8. Thanks for uploading that. Very informative. Ya this package is not for me as I am doing excursions everyday. I’ll just buy my drinks as needed. Makes more sense :)
  9. Thanks for all the responses. So it definitely doesn’t make sense for me to get this then since I am not a big drinker and have excursions planned at every destination. I will buy my drinks as needed thanks again to all who replied 🙂
  10. Hello, I was looking at the cheers beverage program and it says it is 50 dollars per day. I was wondering if on days that I don’t drink anything, do I still get charged? How does this work?
  11. OH MY GOODNESS IN HEAVEN SLCRUISER! even though your camera and the guides camera gave out these pictures are absolutely phenomenal!! I can definitely understand how this is one of the best dives! This is the first excursion I booked and it is the reason why I booked the cruise. This has been on my bucket list for 5 years! So excited to make this finally happen! I thought the exact same thing with regards to the dry snorkel. I purchase the top of the line dry snorkel last month just for this experience. I have no doubt it will make all the difference in the experience. I also have a mask that has an attachment for my GoPro. So I think I’ll get some amazing national geographic worthy footage ;). One question I have for you is, I know you’re not allowed to get close to the whale sharks, but did you have any problems with the sharks getting close to YOU? And you not getting away in time? Even if this were to happen to me I highly doubt I would be worried. I would be super thrilled haha :)
  12. Got it. Thanks for sharing these details and your experience
  13. Oh ok haha. I was wondering also during shark ray alley. Did any of the guides let the people hold a nurse shark?
  14. Thanks. It wasn’t too crowded? No issues with being kicked in the face by other snorkelers like in the cruise ship snorkelling excursions?
  15. How many people were on your tour in total?
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