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  1. OR....following the recent Suez canal situation...are you sure it's not saying "evergiven" instead??
  2. Yeah...I'm sure morning would be better but just doesn't work out with my driving plans since we won't arrive in that area till afternoon. I did also allow the next morning, however, to finish up there before we start the drive to White's City. Alamagordo...yes...just for the hotel - I booked a Hampton Inn. Just an overnight stay and have used that chain many times.
  3. A good gardener, eh? I have one of them too...same guy that's typing this!! Thanks for more pics. I hate it when stuff comes out upside down. Took a video on my iphone of the last snowstorm and that's how it turned out. I still like using my Sony videocam for doing video.
  4. YEAH! Bring on the pool pics!! Next time take your finger away from the front of the lens though 😉 Beautifully landscaped near the pool...do you have a big problem with leaves, etc. blowing in there? I don't have any shrubbery real close by except for two long hedges. Our neighbor has a gigantic tree though that sheds these huge (tough to rake up) leaves towards end of summer already. Wish he'd get it cut down or at least trimmed back. If the whole tree ever comes down in a storm and falls my way, it'll likely severely damage the pool.
  5. Yeah. If we ever decide to move / downsize, I'm sure I'll be saying the same thing.
  6. Wish I would have had that put in when our paved walkways were installed. I'm sure it helps cut down on the weeds. Every summer one of my projects is to use a putty knife to scrape all the weeds and moss out from between the stones, and then I add (regular) play sand over the top - maybe should start adding the polymeric.
  7. so what is the filtering media if not DE? Just wondering. I have an old Apollo VA-52 DE filter (we're talking OLD too...installed in '89).
  8. Woohoo....tell it like it is. We'll be reading 😁 BTW...how's that pool coming along???
  9. Sounds like my problem with trying to get landscapers. Have contacted several over the years and most never get back to me. I suspect some of them get involved with well-paying contracts taking care of businesses, offices, etc. and don't need to bother stopping over at someone's house to look around and give ideas for replacing trees and shrubs.
  10. Nice!! Wow...haven't done a beach vacation in quite a few years. My in-laws just spent 2 weeks at Myrtle Beach.
  11. Can't wait to open mine, but hoping for a better swimming season. Last year lots of problems with chemical imbalance. Pools are nice, but like anything else, have to be willing to do the maintenance and all else that goes with it. We have large hedges that border the pool on two sides - so it's very private. Hoping the weather warms up soon so I can get the water temp up in a few days after opening. Deck is really dirty in this pic - but near end of last season I bought a power sprayer and got the whole thing pretty clean. Gotta admit, during the summers that chair with the blue cushion on it
  12. Exactly. I've been super careful since I wanted to visit my Mom and aunt...both in their mid to upper 90s. Haven't seen them since October. We got take-out to have some lunch with my aunt. That was the first take-out in over a year. What a treat! Now we'll start doing a bit more - but not ready for eat-in yet, especially with the restaurant capacity increases coming soon.
  13. Agreed...will be anxiously awaiting reports on both Iceland and Bermuda.
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