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  1. Talked to Viking today. The information I got regarding out complimentary cruise is that there is no further information available but should be by 2021 (?!) I then asked her - isn't more likely that we'll hear something by next year? She said that is very likely. She also mentioned that we'll be informed by email (but I'm betting also by a letter). So that's it for now...the wait continues....
  2. Wow. No show for us. But they did take us shopping on Sunday afternoon to a Mall (opened just for us) to buy whatever we needed (sort of felt like refugees in a way). Tell you what, the way Viking attempted to handle our flights was turning into a disaster. Talked to several agents and got nowhere. We were most unhappy with them. But that was all on Monday. The front desk called us in the hotel room at shortly after midnight on Sunday saying that if we could manage to come to the lobby and take a bus to the ship by like 3:30 a.m., there would then be a flight back to Oslo around (I think) 6:00 or so? Great...so we got over to the Sky and worked our butts off throwing stuff back in suitcases (since the room was exactly as we left it before evacuating..so nothing was put away). As it turned out, there would have NEVER been time to get to the airport for the flight they had for us. Instead we wound up on the ship most of that day - so would have had all day to pack at our leisure. During that time, I and many other people were trying to coordinate flights. I got so frustrated with them I finally went to a quiet place on one of the upper decks and did it myself on our iPhone. THEN we wound up taking a short flight from Molde to Oslo - stayed at the Radisson overnight, then flew out on Tuesday. Bus was late, however, to take us to the Oslo airport too..lots of unhappy passengers.
  3. Thought it would be interesting. Corey has really good photography too - worth looking at.
  4. Well, no, we didn't see it cause we were no longer on the ship. Only came back to pack our room on Monday morning from the Thon hotel we had been staying at since Saturday following the evacuation.
  5. I loved Corey's programs...such a shame that we never got to see his last one which was to be about the music of the Beatles. Would have been that Saturday evening.
  6. Just thought I'd post this.....interesting (and very well-done) account by Corey or our adventure....http://sky.coreysandler.com/a-night-to-remember-viking-sky-from-bergen-to-the-perfect-storm
  7. Here's something that I suspect all the Sky guests might enjoy seeing.... http://sky.coreysandler.com/a-night-to-remember-viking-sky-from-bergen-to-the-perfect-storm I loved Corey's presentations, and couldn't find anything on his blog about our sailing, and so wrote to him. He sent me the link to it. Interesting info about the entire cruise as well. I will also post it on the Viking Sky Survivors thread.
  8. I seem to recall getting a table for two on our river trip with Tauck. But, yeah, generally river boat cruising involves seating more people together for dinner. I, also, prefer more private dining (for two). The bigger group scene is ok, but I get weary of when the conversation always turns into a sort of 'how many trips have you done', etc. Great setting for well-traveled passengers to "bring and brag", as they say in elementary school classrooms.
  9. I swear I'll have to bite my tongue to prevent from going off on someone during that drill. I will never look at another one the same way. Getting there early could have the advantage of being in front and not having to observe any misbehavior from farther back...is this sort of what you're saying?? Nothing wrong with the Sky per se - well, other than not enough oil in the tanks for that sailing - but I still question the decision of the captain (or higher up?) to sail into a bomb cyclone they KNEW was coming. Oh well..I have taken this thread way off course!
  10. Yeah, I suppose the quality of the shower is probably the least of our worries....still....the multi-jets did sound nice! I'm more concerned with how I'll react if I see people not paying attention during the muster drill.
  11. Darn...and it is going to be our first time in Aqua 🙂 (I think you know who this is....your friendly Viking Sky survivor.....changed my username recently) Nothing like "cutting corners" when revolutionizing I guess.... Oh well...still looking forward to it but most importantly hoping for CALM SEAS!!! I think we deserve it?
  12. We were in a DV2 room and had no trouble getting all the excursions we wanted. I, too, was worried about it, but when you look at the number of DV rooms compared to the number of some of the higher-class rooms - a substantial part of the ship is taken up by the DV category. I got up in the wee hours, though, and hit the computer right when the excursions became available. Can't speak for those who waited till later in the day or several days later, etc. Many from our cruise, however, also said they had no trouble.
  13. We also were at the Thon. We used Viking's pre-cruise Oslo extension before the Northern Lights trip back in March (yes...THAT one!). I have to echo what has already been said - great hotel, great location. Plus, the breakfast buffet is AMAZING...certainly among the best we've had on any trip. I think you'll really like it.
  14. Anyone have any further word???
  15. Thanks for sharing this; however, I'm curious as to what makes you say it's still under investigation being that the article you cite is from April. (?)
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