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  1. Absolutely. I've done my share of driving on some of those windy mountain roads - often with no guard rails, etc. Most recently the one that comes to mind is Colorado National Monument. (Near Grand Junction...if you've never been - highly recommended). I love that stuff...switchbacks and so forth. Switching back and forth between lower gears on those steep inclines. Fun!!! Except for when there is snow/ice to contend with. I'll never forget driving out of Sequoia NP. The rangers were talking as we were checking out of the lodge about the roads being pretty dicey. I figured...gimme a break....after all, it was May. Nope...sure enough. Couldn't wait till we got a thousand feet down or so for things to get better. Thanks for the sample itinerary. It'll get copied and added to my notes. BTW...Waterton refers to Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park - the union of Waterton Lakes NP in Canada with Glacier NP in the US. Sorry for not being clearer. PS...Jim....if you read this...remember to hit the bar AFTER doing the drive 🚗
  2. Awesome. I'll bet you guys could come up with some killer pub crawl excursions for cruise lines too.....😆 Think about it....🍻
  3. OH...I thought maybe the beer first, and THEN the church 🤔 Many years ago the one resort we've gone to quite often in the Poconos hosted the "International Freedom Festival" - started off with an outdoor religious service and then, literally, less than 30 seconds after the service concluded, the beer tent opened up!!!
  4. Wow! Nice trip. Thanks for the link. I'll take a look.
  5. LOL....well, yeah, they have a few. Most, however, are the "Explorer Suites" at anywhere between 750 to 1,000+ sq. ft. Wrap-around balcony...very nice. Check out the plans for decks 3-6 and you'll see what I mean. YOLO.....😁 https://www.vikingcruises.com/oceans/ships/viking-sky.html
  6. Summit is very nice. We liked the Infinity also, and several RCCL ships; but, I must say - we did one cruise with Viking and really enjoyed it. Somewhat different experience. Definitely not a "floating amusement park". Less than 1,000 passengers - no casinos, no kids under 18, no photographers bugging you to take your picture, no formal nights (YEA!), no inside staterooms, no art auctions, no charge for specialty restaurants, no charge for beer or wine with lunch or dinner. Eat anytime so no waiting in lines. Big difference in size. You refer to the "little" Summit - at 965' she's over 200' longer than the Viking Ocean ships. We will still sail with X and RCCL - enjoy both and very much like that we don't have to fly if going out of Bayonne or Baltimore (love the Inner Harbor), but I'm intrigued to try more with Viking - our first experience was great till it wasn't - being that we wound up being evacuated by helicopter during a general mayday. 😳 Terrible way to have to leave a ship if I must say so.
  7. I could go back there again - never got to Sitka yet - wasn't part of our cruise itinerary.
  8. I agree! Can't research a destination too much (at least for my part).
  9. I was just giving you a ribbing.....
  10. Z....my apologies for sort of hijacking your thread, but the RM and Canadian Rockies were mentioned, so I just had to jump in for a bit being that I'm in the early stages of deciding on how best to visit that area.
  11. GREAT pic! So that first one is from Jasper? Never been but definitely want to - high on my list but just never made it there yet - partly cause I've always considered it a summer trip (hate traveling during summer anymore - long story) but now I'm thinking mid-Sept. is still ok (?) Hoping you can give me some good tips on driving that area. I'd like to stay at Banff Springs too - seems a shame to go that far and not stay at such an iconic place. Was surprised to see that the top level class on the RM stays at the Rimrock instead of B. Springs.
  12. Jim....geez...always talking about the bars. I guess I have to keep my promise to buy you that free drink for guessing right answers on the music trivia thread..... 😉
  13. Andy and Clay....I'm glad I looked at this thread. Have always wanted to do the Canadian Rockies / Glacier NP areas. Of late I've been tossing around the option of the RM versus flying into Calgary and a DIY driving trip (which we always love anyway). Any thoughts? Recently watched a webinar that my TA told me about - very impressive presentation by RM with, of course, stunning pics - but I'm thinking by car we'd allow more time for the Parkway and also can then get down to Glacier. RM has a 12-day Vancouver to Vancouver circle journey that includes Kamloops, Quesnell, and Whistler. In checking with Trip Advisor forums, I'm told that I could easily skip these last three stops. 12 days is ok, but I'm sure I'd plan to spend a bit longer. The only way to get to Glacier with RM is to do one of their shorter Calgary to Calgary routes. Also, VERY expensive train! Thanks for any suggestions. I definitely want to allow enough time for Banff, Jasper, Moraine Lake, Yoho, the Parkway, and Glacier / Waterton NP. Right now I'm thinking a late Sept. trip (2022). I've been debating between May and Sept. and am told that Going to the Sun Road is typically not even open yet in May. Also, May is considered "mud" season due to transitioning from winter. October is considered to be too late.
  14. How would you compare it to Deck 9 AQ (unless you've never done 9) ? Just curious. I try to stay a bit closer to midship on account of motion issues.
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