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  1. Not hard to understand. Personal preference as to frequency and mode of travel. For me, two cruises a year is more than adequate. I like to intersperse cruising with car trips and occasional group land tours. Two weeks on a ship is long enough for me.
  2. For sure! I might also say, "absense makes the heart grow fonder" 🤔 2 years without any cruise...I'll be ready by spring.
  3. Hoping for the best for all you who have this scheduled for '22. We're on for the following year.
  4. John...glad the trip went well for both of you and that you feel comfortable being back out on ships. I'm HOPING to have that same reaction in March. What you mentioned here about Mr. Hagen does not surprise me. I think he probably felt a deep sense of personal responsibility for what we encountered. Always good to hear from you!
  5. Agree completely! Our next cruises aren't till March. Haven't been on one since November '19. Hopefully by next year things will be less of a hassle.
  6. Great that there are many here that have actually met on cruises, etc. I can see where it starts to feel like an ever-growing family. Thanks for the encouragement, but I don't really feel in-the-loop on this thread and just really aren't that interested in the casual and diverse conversation since I don't do it anywhere else online, e.g. not a member of facebook or other social sites. That similar thread over on the Viking forum I have no interest in either. But...hey...carry on!!! For me, just way too many pages (like a few hundred!) to sift through to even begin to get caught up here.
  7. I just posted a link to this thread over on the Viking forum (which I frequent far more than RCL) being that they also have a thread going (NOwhere near this one in size) that is intended for general conversation.
  8. Along the same lines as this thread, here is a similar one over on the Royal Caribbean section. This thing MUST be at or near a record for the number of CC posts!!! 33,000 posts in over 1300 pages. Can't imagine the number of topics that have been discussed on this. I lost track a few hundred pages ago.
  9. Hate to disappoint you, but I just did some research and found that the record for the greatest number of posts on any message board is in the neighborhood of 121,000!!! I think that due to the nature of the topic (which of course was borne out of the whole 'lockdown' situation that we can all relate to in varying degrees), it has been left to just go on and on, diverging into general chit-chat about anything and everything. In "normal" times - especially with a topic that applied to gathering some sort of specific info, don't you think a moderator might have already shut this thread down? I've seen it happen all the time depending on the extent to which threads are monitored. On one forum that I'm a member of - if people get off-topic after a few posts there is inevitably a notice to refocus or else start a different thread for whatever concern or comment, etc. that does not pertain to the OP. If the off-topic responses continue, then threads are typically locked. In some forums, there is often a "anything else" or "living room chat"-type section of the forum. In this case, though, the whole "routine day in lockdown" thing is still sort of applicable. Even once (if?) the pandemic essentially fizzles out, I suspect this thread might just roll on and on. For me, personally, not being much of a social media aficionado other than to frequent forums to gain specific information rather than engaging in random chatting, I lost interest in this thread probably a few hundred pages ago and was astounded, after returning to CC after being away for an extended time, that this was still going. Rather unprecedented I suppose. I don't see anything even remotely comparable to it on any other parts of CC. Undoubtedly some would say that a thread that just goes on and on is probably a waste of bandwidth...I know...cause I've had people accuse me of it elsewhere. For the current times we're in, though, I suspect many have found it just a means of pleasant diversion and entertainment from the many new stresses we've all experienced since last year.
  10. Has this thread possibly set a CC record for the most responses and pages? Can't believe this is still going at 1,313 pages!! 32,800 posts? Anybody know if that is unprecedented?
  11. March cruise is already maxed out with other FCC (this has gotten really confusing with so many cancellations), so my best options are to either keep both, or else cancel one of them - apply the depost to the remaining one and have the FCC apply to that one as well. Not sure yet. I'm tempted to cancel the 2nd part of the B2B, keep the 1st, come home after the 9-day (first cruise) then get ready to fly out west about 2 weeks later. We don't usually travel that close together, but I'd really like to still do the fly/drive trip I just canceled (for the 2nd year in a row). This is craziness.
  12. I can live with that. Sort of hate to lose the $500 FCC - but wonder if that could be applied to the March cruise - which is what you already suggested. No word yet from my TA - but that's not unusual either.
  13. My comment has nothing to do with anything that either takes place or doesn't aboard ship. Rather , it was just a general comment that I've never sailed on her and probably will if it comes into Bayonne again at some point.
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