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  1. Enjoyed your pictures! I don't check the Antarctica forum all that often since it's not as active as many others. We went down there 2 years ago on the Infinity and really enjoyed it. Like you, didn't set foot on land but, having never been to South America, the itinerary was a good fit for us. Hate to tell you this, but we had "Drake Lake" both crossings - smooth as glass. I had been dreading the worst and actually put off booking any sort of Antarctica trip for years before finally getting enough courage to go for it. Also, we had amazingly warm weather - didn't even need a coat on in Port Stanley! Thanks for sharing. Can't resist adding a few of my own pics to this thread. (2nd one was taken during an activity as promised by our cruise director..."dancing in Antarctica" LOL)
  2. I just did a cruise on the Summit and for placing a future cruise deposit while onboard we got $300 OBC, plus an extra perk of our choice, plus the regular $200 OBC (for a 10-day sailing).
  3. No need to reply to this....got the cruise booked within the proper timeframe
  4. Sorry for eavesdropping...but....all you would have had to do is ask me....LOL...I was on this sailing!! If Capt. Matt had been on the Sky, betcha Joan and I wouldn't have wound up hanging below a helicopter...
  5. Yeah...that's what I heard as well shortly after it first came out.
  6. I had assumed this class action suit never really went anywhere...interesting to hear it's still in the works. DaveSJ....with your experience, and in your professional opinion...any thoughts on what the result of this might be? Surely Viking, IMHO, has already gone above and beyond in terms of compensation to the passengers. That being said, I cannot speak for - nor begin to even know or understand the feelings of -those who were injured and/or wound up in the hospital immediately after.
  7. Jeannette...thanks for your kind words! It should indeed be an interesting experience.
  8. I suspect we're talking about two different cruises. The one I'm referring to is a non-public sailing. 1/18/21 Rome to Barcelona. The March Sky guests were extended an invitation on it from Mr. Hagen following the 3/23 incident. I assume, then, that you're booked on the 1/26 Iberian Explorer (Barcelona to London)? That could probably be considered as the "inaugural sailing". Sorry for any confusion. What I tend to think of as the inaugural trip is the one the Sky guests were offered.
  9. On our recent Summit cruise, a flyer came around indicating discounts and additional perks offered by making a deposit and then booking by end of December for a cruise between (I think) April 2020 - May 2021. Does anyone know for sure? The booking has to be done by a TA in order to receive all the benefits offered while onboard. I made the deposit but am not yet certain of dates and specific cruises I want. I'm looking at a likely booking date in mid-May '21 though, so if I'm correct about the timeframe, then I'm good to go with contacting my agent. I know a copy of the promotional deal was going around somewhere here on the boards, but don't recall where I saw it anymore.
  10. I believe you're referring to a product that is very similar to one called "Divertigo" (perhaps IS the same with just a different name and packaging). Basically essential oils. I use it for Meniere's episodes - lightheadedness, slight dizziness, etc.
  11. No.....I was on the Sky...March 14 sailing...(the one that wound up getting worldwide media coverage)
  12. Good point! We're looking at 3 Ocean cruises also - Jan. '21 (B2B) inaugural sailing on the Venus followed by Iberian Explorer, then might use our compensation vouchers in '21 as well.
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