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  1. I usually make the final payment 30 days before it's due (my TA asks for it then). In this case, the 125%/20% off combo ended up with me only paying $272. I paid that when we rebooked
  2. We are booked on Dec 5. We made final payment months ago. We’ve booked during the first big round of cancellations when they gave 125% and20% off if we booked right away. I am hopeful but I really doubt it’ll happen. We will cancel if it ends up no ports or just GSC. I hate sea days so I’d rather stay home and pout and keep my $4k. Fingers crossed though....
  3. So.... if we watch for a couple of days and see her heading this way, we may still have the slimmest of slim chances to sail Dec 5 Fingers crossed. I'm ok being the guinea pigs
  4. I'm going with the plan we WILL BE cruising next summer. So here's my question: we have a port day from 7am - 3pm in Corfu. I am debating taking the ferry/speedboat over to Albania to explore a new country for a few hours. We have a tour guide on that side, but I have no idea how the transport works with immigration. Has anyone done this? Would you recommend it? All input is appreciated. Thanks!
  5. You may be my twin. Wanting to see more, not a fan of indoor excursions, and you totally had me at spreadsheet! ❤️ Here are my questions in no particular order: 1. On paper, St. Lucia & St. Kitts seem "meh." Your thoughts? --> We liked St. Lucia. The Pitons were pretty. Skip the volcano and mud spa place. Very touristy and overrated. We only saw the dolphin place in St. Kitts as my daughter got sick. 2. St. John and Grand Caymen both have a Stingray City. Is one better than the other? --> Did SRC in Grand Caymen. It was ok. Haven't been to St. Johns. We are going to save that for cococay. There's not a lot to do on the private islands, so you may want to consider saving that for one of those days. 3. Some of the cruises have 3, 4, 5, or 6 ports. Having never been to any of these islands before, will I regret not doing a beach day on each one? I would like to do some scuba diving, sightseeing by boat tour or kayak, jet skis, exploring/beach combing. --> the more port days the merrier to me! I wouldn't just do a beach day. You sound like you may get bored and want to explore more. A lot of excursions have options of seeing xyz then "Beach day at the end". 4. I would like to sample some of the local fruits, vegetables, and signature cuisines. Are there excursions that focus on that? --> I've seen salsa ones in Mexico, but haven't really looked otherwise. I can absolutely swear to my love of Tortuga Rum Cake though 🙂 5. We would like to visit 1 rum distillery. Any recommendations? --> if you do the itinerary out of San Juan, maybe the Barcardi one? May be a bit too commercialized though. 6. We've never been on the ships below. I'm hesitant to choose the Empress, but maybe it would be more intimate and lots of fun?!? --> only been on the Jewel OTS and the Allure OTS. I liked the Allure alot! Seemed less crowded than the smaller one for some reason What we are considering: Dec 12 or Dec 19, Freedom of the Seas from San Juan to St. Thomas, St. Maarten, Antigua, St. Lucia, Barbados Dec 18 , Odyssey of the Seas from Ft. Lauderdale to Grand Caymen, Aruba, Curacao Dec 24, Empress of the Seas from San Juan to Tortola, St. Kitts, Barbados, St. Lucia, Antigua, St. Maarten Dec 26, Freedom of the Seas from San Juan to St. Maarten, Curacao, Aruba, St. Kitts Any opinions are welcome and will be added to my spreadsheet. 😄 My goal itinerary for the Caribbean is the ABCs. San Juan is my absolute favorite place down there (so far). I'd be hesitant of all bu the 12th due to higher flights/hotels for Christmas and NYE travel. If you're also gone over that time, you may want to check to see if things are open on your port days. If you haven't gone to any of these before and you truly want to see more, I'd go with the 12/24 one. Based on ports alone, I'd probably go to with 12/12 or 12/24. I like St Maarten (standing in the airplane streams by Maho Beach was stupid fun) our only semi beach day was in Antigua, the rum punch is fantastic in St. Lucia and my favorite snorkeling ever was in Barbados. Plus I want to see all the ABCs and not getting to the B would annoy my spreadsheet.
  6. UK isn't in The EU anymore. That's why it's excluded. I'm sure it'll come out as its own announcement soon.
  7. How do they know you're on a cruise?
  8. I totally understand your feelings. It's like the Haven on NCL. Go over to the Royal Boards and listen to the Pinnacles. People like to brag. Ignore them. It'll be GREAT! We're doing Aurea for our 1st one and -gasp - Bella for the 2nd based on our travel companions budgetary restrictions. I'm on a cruise...it'll be fantastic regardless of where my room is or what dinner location I get.
  9. Is that on the MSC app? How do we get this? It sounds perfect for my family
  10. Hi! I am new to MSC, and I have some questions. We have booked on the Seaside with the Aurea experience. I see the spa package is adults only. However, are kids allowed in the thermal spa area or that "exclusive sun deck on select ship" area itself? Mine will be 15, 16 when we cruise. thanks!
  11. We were fortunate enough to have a dinner there given to us by the Hotel Director. I loved Moderno, but I wouldn't pay that price. For a family of four you're talking over $200 with tip. I'm cheap :-)
  12. Does anyone have experience with https://www.shoreexcursioneer.com/? They have an excursion that i think looks great, but I don't see any reviews. thanks.
  13. Do you think this is replacing the Million Dollar Quartet on the Getaway or adding to the lineup? https://www.ncl.com/travel-blog/six-musical-norwegian-cruise-line?cid=SM_NCL_PRO_BRA_FBK_BLG_WLP_CRUISEARTICLES_SIX8619_NA_NA&fbclid=IwAR2OMK5XFCwj3m6zLvCnm-8bDHo-rQIiR-YnbPy4MdstTL9KxiKUS8bjMSE
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