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  1. All this talk of getting a note is a hot topic. I myself feel it is discriminatory and it doesn’t even affect me. The Hippa laws and privacy laws would frown on this. As for the coast guard getting tired of the alpha call, seriously!!! I have been on a few cruises where that call was for a child, a person who drank way to much and fell down the steps breaking multiple bones, lets not forget the daredevil who thinks they can climb from one balcony to another and ends up taking a swim. Shore excursions are geared for each individual’s level, I myself would not want to scuba dive, I would probably have a panic attack, do I need a note for that? Maybe there should be some sort of documentation on how responsible a cruiser would be regarding fellow cruisers, there is some extremely rude people out there that cause trouble, experienced this myself just recently, was threatened, didn’t make for a nice time, and my all time disgusting pet peeve, why do some people feel after they have eaten in restaurants they have to blow their nose in the table napkin!!!! Yuk!!! So back to the doctors note, I would think we could cover a lot of bases if everyone had to get one saying they are fit to sail, spend lots of dollars, have a great time etc, etc. every one stay safe. Sent from my iPad using Forums
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