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  1. shouldn't matter, both sides will be only water. The balconies are under such an overhang that unless you have an aft balcony, you're not going to get much sun
  2. My deal breaker has been and will be the requirement for a negative PCR test 72 hours before boarding. Up here in northern Michigan it takes 5-7 days to get test results back. Albeit, we did get our tests back last December in 4 days. We were warned it usually took 5-7 days and that hasn't changed.
  3. received full refund 10 days from the date they cancelled my May 2021 cruise
  4. Thank you. I had him on a few months ago meaning he'd be leaving next week. So I corrected it so that he's just starting his rotation instead of just ending one.
  5. Royal asked for 2 cards from the dealer, will probably hold
  6. yes I got it, and it referenced my 2022 Grandeur cruise, not my 2021 Ovation (cancelled today) or 2021 Harmony (October) cruise.
  7. LOL, Delta is getting tired of me calling them. So far now that will be 6 cruises cancelled, we were supposed to be on Ovation's May 7th TP.
  8. I haven't bothered posting the Current Captain thread lately as nobody can confirm the rotations.
  9. I got one this afternoon, concerning my January '22 Grandeur cruise out of Barbados.
  10. well, when things get going again we have at least 1 ship filled. Capt Per Kristofferson and Capt Sindre Borsheim on Odyssey
  11. I had a balance due invoice. TA said I didn't owe it, her RCI business manager said i didn't owe it, Resolutions said I didn't owe it. But I know RCI's computer problems, I knew that come final payment date, the computer would automatically cancel my cruise because all it knew was I owed. Nobody could make it understand. So I paid the amount that wasn't due, got an invoice showing paid in full, then lo and behold a week later the computer refunded the payment back to my credit card.
  12. I have a note that Per Kristofferson is one of the captains assigned to Odyssey
  13. Darn I had already L & S my March Celebrity cruise. I could have gotten a refund instead and only had to deal with American Airlines for the vouchers.
  14. Tony on La Lido Loca said in Carnival's earnings call Friday, the CFO said Carnival had a little over 2 Billion in cash and could go without cruises until 2022.
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