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  1. sorry, but there are no websites or links because there is no plan for Royal to start up. the CDC has effectively killed the industry.
  2. We have been keeping busy at home so we haven't missed cruising. Saving money by staying home, but I do miss seeing the world.
  3. I thought it was Capt Zini. That's Fain, Fiona, and Goldstein so what captain was working when Oasis first started?
  4. I've seen lots of dresses like that on short cruises out of Puerto Rico. Puerto Rican women are some of the most beautiful in the world and they like to show it!
  5. totally agree that honesty is the best policy. People can be obtuse, so sitting down with the Aunt and in plain English explain what she will be responsible for is the best. Make sure you also explain what happens at the end of the cruise if she doesn't settle her bill.
  6. I've used Galveston Express twice with no complaints. You should post your question on the Gulf Coast Departure board.
  7. we were booked on Anthem's TA from Southampton but it was cancelled. We lifted and shifted to Harmony October 2021.
  8. Chris Wong said 98% are home. The remaining 1,000 or so are on ships because they don't want to go home (they're safer on the ship) or their country won't let them in.
  9. maybe because one is newer than the other? They always get a premium price for their newer ships.
  10. Right now I'm not very happy with ChoiceAir. We booked one way business class seats to London for our Anthem TA with them on Aer Lingus. $5200 for those seats. When Anthem's TA got cancelled, I called ChoiceAir for a refund and they said I had purchased non-refundable seats and I'd have to call Aer Lingus to see if "they would doing anything for me". I called Aer Lingus and the lady said my tickets were refundable as they are business class and I'd have to get my money back from ChoiceAir. So I call ChoiceAir back and the guy made me email the supervisor to request a refund. Then he had the audacity to tell me that they would contact Aer Lingus and "if they say it's OK, we'll refund your money but it will take up to 45 days to post to your credit card." What a run around and total BS. I need my $5200 so I can purchase my flights to Japan for Ovation next May.
  11. First one went OK, except for the people who went off on their own in port. Second one had 11 people denied boarding because 1 in their party tested positive for Covid-19. So the second sailing of Grandiosa has departed. So no limping yet, and Costa plans on starting Sept 6 with the same health protocols.
  12. that just happened with MSC Grandiosa's 2nd sailing. One person in a party of 11 tested positive and none of the 11 were allowed to board. The first sailing went off without a hitch (minus the idiots that violated protocols on a shorex).
  13. I forgot and have him on Allure. I know the whole thing is messed up and won't be correct until ships start sailing again and people report who their master was.
  14. you're right, I forgot to manually move Anderson to Allure and Grimstad to Oasis. Adventure OTS - Capt Carl Graucob (started rotation 6-28-20) Adventure OTS - Capt Krzyszthof Szymkarczuk Allure OTS - Capt Ron Holmes (started rotation 7-19-20) Allure OTS - Capt Claus Andersen Anthem OTS - Capt Iv Vidos (started rotation 8-2-20) Anthem OTS - Capt Felix Srecko Ban Brilliance OTS - Capt Ole-Johan Gronhaug (started rotation 7-25-20) Brilliance OTS - Capt Ante Cavala Empress OTS - Capt Shawn McDuff (started rotation 7-20-20) Empress OTS - Capt Diego Lombardic Enchantment OTS - Capt Arild Hansen (started rotation 8-3-20) Enchantment OTS - Capt Malvin Bardnes Explorer OTS - Capt Toni Tomljanovic (started rotation 6-2-20) Explorer OTS - Capt Kjetil Gjerstad Freedom OTS - Capt Frank Martinsen (started rotation 7-26-20) Freedom OTS - Capt Thomas Busto Grandeur OTS - Capt Patrik Jukes (started rotation 6-20-20) Grandeur OTS - Capt Pehr Pehrsson Harmony OTS - Capt Johnny Faevelen (started rotation 8-19-20) Harmony OTS - Capt Gus Andersson Independence OTS - Capt Teo Strazicic (started rotation 6-13-20) Independence OTS - Capt tbd Jewel OTS - Capt Anders Ingebrigtsen (started rotation 8-2-20) Jewel OTS - Capt Trym Selvag Liberty OTS - Capt Dustin Catelsky (started rotation 8-2-20) Liberty OTS - Capt James MacDonald Majesty OTS - Capt Daniel Budzelewskiis (started rotation 7-11-20) Majesty OTS - Capt Per Kristoffersen Mariner OTS - Capt Aris Medina (started rotation 8-17-20) Mariner OTS - Capt Tobias Oster Navigator OTS - Capt Mattias Persson (started rotation 8-7-20) Navigator OTS - Capt Angel Oviol Oasis OTS - Capt Göran Peterson (started rotation 6-28-20) Oasis OTS - Capt Tore Grimstad Ovation OTS - Capt Henrik W Loy (started rotation 7-18-20) Ovation OTS - Capt Sverre Ryan Quantum OTS - Capt Sindre Borsheim (started rotation 6-12-20) Quantum OTS - Capt Erik Standahl Radiance OTS - Capt Marek Slaby (started rotation 7-14-20) Radiance OTS - Capt tbd Rhapsody OTS - Capt Toni Calne (started rotation 7-25-20) Rhapsody OTS - Capt Trond Holm Serenade OTS - Capt Stig Nilsen (started rotation 6-7-20) Serenade OTS - Capt Kjell Nordmo Spectrum OTS - Capt Charles Teige (started rotation 6-6-20) Spectrum OTS - Capt Flemming Nielsen Symphony OTS - Capt Rick Sullivan (started rotation 7-4-20) Symphony OTS - Capt Rob Hempstead Vision OTS - Capt Juan Luis Caranti (started rotation 6-6-20) Vision OTS - Capt Michael Lindberg Voyager OTS - Capt Huimin Wu (started rotation 7-4-20) Voyager OTS - Capt Ervin Pajic
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