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  1. So excited for another review from Marie and Bill! A little closer to home, Hawaii was my first cruise in 1988. American Hawaiian Cruise line, Ha! Enjoy!
  2. Thanks again for taking us along! Took me to a place on the other side of the world, love living vicariously through the two of you!
  3. Could you please remind how many months the Captain's rotation are? Thanks in advance!
  4. Paul, Just found your thread this evening due to just debarking the Summit this morning. Have a great cruise! Will be following you and Edward along the way!
  5. Just departed the Summit as well! Wonderful cruise! It was so nice to meet all the new people and connect with old friends. Just a heads up on an inside Cabin 3029, Terrible during rough seas. Something in the wall bangs. Yes, guest services aware.
  6. Andrew, Just found your review tonight. Always excited to follow along. See you arrived to the port in Style! Owen is sure becoming a young man quickly. He has had a growth spurt for sure. Wishing the three of you another cruise!
  7. Twangster: Was on Empress a year ago Dec. They had the Diamond lounge in the Viking Crown. From your review I think they must have stopped that practice?
  8. Jim, Lounge looks so much better! If I saw your pictures correctly, no actual sitting at the bar? Thank you so much for your review!
  9. Thank you for your review! Bermuda is my favorite cruise destination. So glad you made the stop to the Swizzle inn! Never been to Baily's Ice cream! Will have to try it. The Lighthouse is beautiful! Have not gone there yet either. It is amazing to me that I can cruise some where so many times and not seen everything. The Grandeur is looking better than it did in the 90's!
  10. Yes, last November on Mariner. Very nice and kind young lady. No services needed for 3 day in my case.
  11. Did it recently on Harmony. Think $20. Cosmo, Expresso, French, Straight up Vodka, Red Velvet is all I can remember.
  12. Thank you Jim! The two of you must have invested well to retire at 62. As you know 62 is still young. Can't wait for your review, boarding in September!
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