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  1. By snacks I didn’t mean things like M&Ms or chips but canopies and such. It would be similar to the fare available in the Observation Lounge on the Bliss. If you’re staying in the Yacht Club you also have free access to the room’s mini bat/fridge that contains an assortment of snacks including chips, mixed nuts, chocolates and of course beer and liquor.
  2. I don’t know why they don’t implement some sort of menu/order system where you can order what you want if you indeed want anything at all. The waste from all the food they deliver must be significant. The current system is easier for the butlers as they just load up trolleys with the same stuff and deliver them to each cabin in addition to any special requests. The Yacht Club on MSC has snacks available in the lounge where you can take what you want, when you want. Daily afternoon snacks are not delivered to your room. IMO that’s a better system.
  3. We found the pushed together beds on the Seaside very uncomfortable. No matter how much I tried in the middle of the night I would end up on the ridge, probably because the mattress had little support. It was the only thing we didn’t like in the YC room.
  4. The OBC depends on the cabin category you book. If you book the Yacht Club, the OBC is $200 per cabin.
  5. I’m not sure who is there right now but Chris who was the head bartender in the Getaway Haven is moving to the Breakaway later this year. He is amazing.
  6. Yes I totally agree. I just came off a cruise in the Yacht Club on MSC Seaside and you get a lot more amenities in the YC than the Haven. I am going to post a comprehensive comparison between the two, so stay tuned.
  7. To the OP, great information and thanks for posting. As mentioned in other threads, I really wish the plus package was offered as a perk. We don’t need the shore excursion credit ($50 per cabin is a joke). As Platinum Plus, the two hours of internet time we receive is more than what we need to touch base at home and with the two meal Platinum dining perk we don’t need the SDP especially if we’re staying in the Haven. With the exception of the PBP most perks have a cash value of about $150 - $200, so why not add the PPBP to the list of perks.
  8. Yes. We had a chocolate martini every day at the Venchi 1878 Chocolate Bar on deck six in the ship’s interior (I now know what all the fuss is about) and we also had a gelato and crepe at the Venchi Gelato and Creperie on deck seven near the aft pool. Didn’t even have to ask if they were included. The attendant saw my YC bracelet and encouraged us to try them as they were free for us.
  9. Just off Seaside a couple hours ago. Men are required to wear pants in the evening in the YC dining room. Breakfast and lunch are very casual. After dinner I changed back into shorts for after dinner drinks in the Top Sail Lounge. Didn’t seem to bother anyone.
  10. Shorts - really? The audacity of some people. I am truly mortified by the thought of seeing someone in shorts in a dining room.
  11. You’ll love that aft suite. We were on the Getaway last month in a Haven aft suite and yes the balcony is incredible. It’s going to be hard to go back to a standard balcony, especially the tiny ones on the Breakaway and Getaway. Have a great cruise.
  12. Yes it does matter what ship you are on. The Manhattan Room on the Epic is a MDR and long pants are required there.
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