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  1. When you send back a steak you should get a fresh one cooked properly. Your dining partner’s meal should also be returned to the kitchen and kept warm so you can continue eating together. What happens in most cases when your steak is undercooked they microwave it. This changes the texture of the steak and essentially makes it inedible. At this point your partner has finished their meal so there is really no point to requesting another steak. This is not fine dining.
  2. If that’s true, that would make me very happy. I hate wearing pants on a Caribbean cruise, actually any cruise lol.
  3. In August on the Breakaway, my Surf and Turf was not that great. The lobster tail was alright but my steak was way undercooked. They took it back and microwaved it. That made it go from bad to worse. I’ve had some really nice meals in Ocean Blue but not that time. As far as a dress code, men are suppose to wear pants but the guy at the table sitting next to us had shorts on. His key card on the table was a Haven card so maybe Haven guests aren’t required to abide to dress codes.
  4. I noticed the description of the product says “helps prevent hangovers” - I’m all for that but “reduces feelings of intoxication” - hell I paid good money to feel intoxicated and I don’t want it diminished 😜
  5. When we were on the Breakaway in August, embarkation was in terminal F.
  6. Cagney’s surf and turf includes a lobster tail now. Didn’t like mine very much. Kind of mushy. The lobster tail was better at Ocean Blue but my steak was under cooked. I voiced my displeasure so they took it away and microwaved it. It was absolutely awful.
  7. We were in the YC on the Seaside in April and were able to get Venchi chocolate cocktails (under $12) and gelato at the Miami pool. When did they change the policy?
  8. Yes, there is liquor store there. Prices seem to fluctuate but they do have good specials.
  9. People can tip whatever they want .... just kidding 🤑
  10. Thanks for your input. Deck 17 was also my first preference, mainly because it’s on the same level as the bar.
  11. We were on the Breakaway a couple weeks ago. We were pleasantly surprised how quiet the Waterfront is in the evening. We staked out a spot near the Shakers outside bat on the port side of the ship. Beverage service and big comfy chairs. Great spot to go for an after dinner drink or night cap.
  12. Maybe it’s just bad luck but our experiences at Cagney’s have been mediocre at best. We find the filets better at Le Bistro and La Cucina.
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