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  1. Just to clarify phone GPS. They do not require tower signals for a fix, but they can use the tower information for a very rough location which makes the satellite calculations quicker. I suspect they can similarly use WiFi to generate a rough initial location.
  2. I'm booked on the Spirit on its first cruise from Sydney. I'm still optimistic if the authorities cooperate Australian and NZ passengers can travel. I'd be more concerned about the preceding cruise from Singapore I think. As an educated guess it may be cancelled for passengers so the crew can spend time in a bubble and prove the ship is covid free
  3. The first things I did on my NCL cruise- Lunch in MDR enquire about behind the scenes tour Take free orientation tour. After that I got a drink and seat at Great Outdoors and waited for sailing
  4. As well as the cruise going ahead, you've also got to think if you can travel to embarkation port. If you need to travel interstate or international I would be reluctant. If you haven't outlaid too much I'd lean towards cutting my losses.
  5. I found Waikiki Beach underwhelming. Probably because we're spoilt for beaches in Australia, but it's just a narrow strip of sand with hardly any surf.
  6. They get sent to Lost Property, and if they are unclaimed get auctioned off to the highest bidder. 😀
  7. I'm booked on the NCL spirit Christmas 2021 NZ cruise. I would be surprised if at least a NZ/AUS bubble hasn't opened by then.
  8. I've booked a trans Tasman cruise for Christmas/ NYE 2021. I am optimistic, but I know there's no guarantees. It may even be restricted to Aus and NZ citizens. I won't pay any more than the deposit until there's more certainty about the situation. Hopefully that's mid next year.
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