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  1. Looking forward to following along Adrian and I love the innovation on the Cobb Salad... Re the American Airlines Flagship lounge, I have noticed these in several cities recently - Dallas, San Francisco. I too was shocked at the size and offering within them, seems like they are finally upping the ante, great to see the investment being made.
  2. Was “lucky” enough to be on this one last night from SFO to SYD, why they put it on such a popular long haul route is beyond me, given they fly the 787 or A380 to LAX. Once one of my favorite planes, they have certainly had their day, I think there are just two left in the Qantas fleet, just my luck. This particular one is being decommissioned next month. The “flat” beds have an ever so slight angle to them - thank goodness for anti inflammatories...
  3. That’s great - love the story line and photos. If we ever find ourselves on the same cruise, I am going to special order the Creme de Violette so we can have them properly! Cheers!
  4. ...and admittedly, I have walked out with sake in hand as well, much to the embarrassment of Shirin. I agree Vince, a shame to let it go to waste. Did you have any Aviation cocktails?
  5. There are USB and electrical outlets at the bedsides in the Seabreeze Penthouses.
  6. I was just reading through these topics to see what Regent would be like and it seems quite stuffy and pretentious. To think that there are times and places that you can laugh and have a good time seems draconian to me. Surely one should be able to laugh and have a good time anywhere on the ship at any given time. I think we will give it a miss. Thanks for painting the picture it is quite useful to know the vibe of Regent.
  7. Pretty boring itineraries, Serenity is pretty much relegated to Alaska, Montreal and the Caribbean for 7 months in 2022.
  8. Interesting thing to make a complaint about. In Australia we would say no worries. It very rarely is a worry. It is just what we say. Same as no problem. I feel bad for the waiter.
  9. Great sea day and fantastic black tie optional this evening. Everything was perfect.
  10. Just notified that the Shanghai port is closed due to heavy fog we will not arrive until after dark now. I guess today will be a sea day.
  11. You are correct Vince, I remember you writing about it once or twice! So, specifying “two soft poached eggs with the Hollandaise on the side” ensured mine came out perfect. I think an emphasis on soft poached makes sure that care is given to the eggs and that they are not put under the broiler. I’ll test this out again, later in the cruise. Wow, you know you are relaxing when the only thing worrying me are the softness of the eggs. By the way Vince, the Aviation Martini’s are going down a treat! Glen
  12. Thanks to the Cruise Critic community I learned how to order some great eggs Benedict in Waterside - two soft poached eggs with the Hollandaise on the side instead of on top...they came out perfect this morning...
  13. We are currently in one of the rooms at the front with the larger verandah and I have to say the extra space is quite significant and makes a huge difference. We are on for 17 days on this cruise, in what should be relatively calm waters with just three sea days so the motion shouldn’t be significant and usually doesn’t bother us anyway. The solid railing is the exact height of the table. I am 5-8 and sitting in the chairs outside I get a nice view of the ocean, my wife is 5-3 and she has no issues either. Laying in bed you don’t really see the water, but standing anywhere in the room we see 2/3 water and the 1/3 is blocked by the solid wall. In summary, I would be very inclined to have this type of room again given the larger footprint of the verandah. It makes for a very comfortable and spacious place to sit and eat breakfast or have drinks etc. (we have never eaten breakfast in the room before today and I can see this as a daily occurrence now). Also the longer the cruise, the more inclined I would be to have the extra space on the verandah. So for us the extra space trumps the solid wall.
  14. Thanks so much for posting, we hear so little about Symphony, so it is nice to see your stay onboard was so good. We are on Symphony in 9 days (HK to Tokyo) and we are very much looking forward to it. I suspect there will be a very active contingent onboad that trip who will be actively posting! Glen
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