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  1. Agree that the Eclipse looks a just bit sleeker than Endeavour. However, I am not mad on the dark colour palate of the Eclipse’s interior, it look like a floating nightclub. There are a few good Youtube video reviews out there.
  2. Thanks for the comparison, we have never tried Oceania, but judging from what we have read here, it doesn’t seem like it would be for us.
  3. There must be something wrong with this thread as there are posts being removed for no apparent reason?
  4. I am not quite sure that this is the case (well by the time I finished my response below, I am now sure that this is the case). Agree that drib’s analysis is very valuable on a number of levels - I’m a numbers guy so it might just be my obsession with slicing and dicing things! It could be that going forward that the future category specific fares remains stable from the onset and the Guarantees are introduced as the value proposition to drive sales in all the categories when fares aren’t selling. For example, not all cruises offer a VG (verandah guarantee) or OG (ocean guarantee) only certain ones. Would be interesting to see if on the cruises that offer a VG/OG, whether or not the original fares i.e. for B3-P1 categories changed or remained as is. In fact, I am going to answer my own question...using drib’s analysis and looking at our upcoming Papeete to Auckland cruise in February, as an example, the B3-P1 fares remained unchanged from when they were first introduced in May 2018. A B3 was and remains $6,349. However, in September 2019, the VG category was introduced at $4,749, ~25% discount. The OG category was then introduced in December 2019. So one can either book the fare early, at “the best price”, and if the fare increases, you are locked in. Or take the chance that the fare wont increase and wait for a Guarantee to appear, however you can not “Guarantee” that this will happen and if it does you cant select your specific category or room. Interesting. From a business perspective, this is a much better of way of doing it, rather than refunding fares etc If the price goes down. Vince - thanks for your insights & KenzSailing for asking
  5. Just to swing back around to my original post, I was making a comparison to Crystal vs. Regent pricing (which is fact and current) on a 2020 holiday cruise (which are both Miami to Miami of similar duration and itinerary). I was merely comparing the fact based pricing to one another and I believe this is the appropriate forum to do that. Now whilst the pricing isn’t apples to apples , the ensuing discussions were very helpful for me to reconcile the differences and come to somewhat of a conclusion and an apples to apples comparison in my own mind on the hard product offering only. What others do with it is up to them. As mentioned in my previous posts I had some other opinions/theories on the Crystals future pricing which still stand. When it comes to actually cruising and reviewing the hard and soft product we will do that in the appropriate cruise forum at the time. However, we have three more wonderful Crystal cruises to enjoy before doing so and one after that! In any case, again, I don’t believe this was the wrong forum to raise the topic that I did.
  6. Agreed, however, I am still somewhat obsessed/baffled about the price differential between Crystal and Regent - given the innovation happening with Regent. In any case, as you say, only time will tell *. *TWT
  7. As you can see I am trying to build my profile. Watch this space!
  8. I am actually sitting across from Shirin right now, but I’ll respond in writing! Based on my documented analysis of our shore excursions over our past cruises we spend on average $100 per cruise day per person on shore excursions. So to make things comparable, the $722 would become $622 vs. $593, conversely and more appropriately, the $593 would become $693 vs. $722 - so a 4% premium on Regent.
  9. ... and the rest...Drib’s analysis has it at almost $1,200 pp pd with some itineraries starting at $1,500 pp pd and thats before Drib’s tool (?) indicated the port fees!
  10. As your cruise starts in Sydney and then heads up to Queensland - Sunshine Coast, Hamilton Island, Cairns then Darwin, the only potential impact would be in Sydney if excursions are going to the Blue Mountains or Hunter Valley and the fires are not contained by March in those areas. I am sure Crystal will be monitoring this and adding some alternative excursions in and around the metro area. We are all praying for rain here.
  11. Which circles right back to my original post, it is already happening...
  12. What would be good is if there were a few more oceans.
  13. Very well said and it couldn’t be more true. We recently took our first land based holiday recently as we have been exclusively cruising since we discovered it back in 2016. We stayed at a resort in Hawaii for 10 days, which we have been to many times before. As we were quite tired from a busy year, my routine was basically a lot of lazing around the pool. I tried daily to interact with the pool attendant, but there was not a lot of interest (I did tip!). Finally on the 9th day he said, “you’ve been here a while haven’t you?” And engaged in further conversation. It was too late. I immediately thought of the boys on the Lido Deck who either remember you from the last cruise or learn your name and preferences in your first interaction. We do love the “all in this together” feeling of cruising and the camaraderie that come with it on longer cruises. Agree that this is somewhat diminished, not entirely though, on shorter ones. Glen
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