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  1. It has to be I cannot walk by the casino with all that cigarette smell😃.
  2. My first Cruise was with my now husband. We started dating early 1996. He asked me if I’d like to go on a cruise, I’ve never been and I’m like, well yeah! So we went July 13, 1996 on the Fantasy. We went to the Mexican Riviera. The humidity was off the charts. We had the best time. We got engaged the following year and got married in May, 1998 and went on the brand new Elation. It was her 5th voyage. Same itinerary, Mexican Riviera. We had a great time. Carnival holds dear to my heart ❤️.
  3. How about this for you, you go on to RCCL and stay isolated onboard, and your home could be used for a family in need of a place to stay in these times of crises 😠
  4. If it’s even still going to cruise. You never know with what is happening now.
  5. Seems that all media are in line following one leader 🧐. Say something against what the media wants and requires you to report, your on an extended vacay 💁‍♀️. Let’s just call it a flock of sheep 🐑, one leading the other.
  6. Why because the King of RCCL says he hates it and not to? Sorry, I do my own thing, no one tells me not to do something. Besides I like quoting 😉
  7. Too funny, we have cruised everything under the sun. Every line. Like I said my husband likes cruising on yachts. However we have cruised on yes Carnival, RCCL, Norwegian, Celebrity, Crystal and even a European River Cruise. So that’s it. I will not discuss where we go, what we spend, and I wish all of you safe during these difficult times we have ahead of us.
  8. LMAO, no not Mr. 1750 🤣. First and foremost I am a female, lives to dance 💃. I don’t think I’d quite get along with Mr. 1750 LOL. BTW I am married to a very high end executive who likes to cruise on our own (rented 🙄) yacht. RCCL certainly has some beautiful suites on her newest ships.
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