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  1. Have you read that the CEO of Pfizer has not received the vaccine. His excuse is he doesn’t want to cut in line 🤣. What BS. You’re the CEO of Pfizer,?don’t you think he would be one of the firsts to get it. Hey if a ship is sinking the captain is the last to leave or go down with his ship. CEO of Pfizer should assure people by example and get the vaccine!
  2. I heard from a lot of people that they’ll refuse the shot. It’s based on what they heard of the ingredients used to make this concoction and the one they have an issue with is that they use aborted babies stem cells. Now don’t shoot this messenger but word is that’s what you’ll be injected with.
  3. We were thinking about renting a motor home towing jet skis and going to Lake Powel with another couple in their own motor home of course. I’ve never been there but they have these little coves you can ride your jet ski through and just explore. Campfires at night. Sounds perfect for us.
  4. I would too. A couple fish tacos and a margarita with my husband sounds blissful right now.
  5. Hell no we will not get this vaccine. Don’t trust our Government anymore. So no cruising for us if mandated.
  6. They might implement a time limit for a person to go into the pool, (say 30 minutes) then they must get out and allow next person in. There will be social distancing in the pool. Same with the spas.
  7. Go on Facebook and then to Carnival. You will find lots of questions about PVP and they will give you a name.
  8. I’d say it’s Walmart that’s a big ol Petri dish 🤢.
  9. HAHAHAHA! Yes we are fortunate. It’s a beautiful pool, so we’ll just save some money enjoying what we have, bbq’s with fiends with beer, margaritas, steak and shrimp on the grill 🌴. Who needs a Havana retreat anyway. (I do but I’ll wait due to this 😷).
  10. What are your thoughts when you see a woman in her 60’s, not in bad shape at all and she obviously wears clothes from like Forever 21? I know that’s where the outfit comes from as my Niece wore one like it. Do you think it’s a bit to young of a 60 year old to wear such clothing?
  11. LMAO that is too funny LOL 😆
  12. When I read topics of what people like to do a lot say they like to people watch. What is it that they want to watch LOL? I don’t want to be one of those people being watched 👀😬
  13. I had plenty to say, hence double pics LOL 😝
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