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  1. So what do they do? Gather in a cluster of smokers all “playing “ gaming machines while smoking at the same time?
  2. Where do you go to check on suite prices? 1,800 for a GS is great.
  3. I am laughing at this post 🤣. Need some laughter on these boards. Keep it going 🤣
  4. You do know that some vaccinated people are getting Covid still.
  5. That’s why I love the Fantasy class. They have open railings so you feel that great ocean breeze. Why they put windows outside like that baffles me. I’d hate laying out there and not feeling that breeze.
  6. Why not just call Royal, tell them the ship they are on and ask for the rules regarding Covid and boarding? You’ll get your answer. Just to be sure ask the name of the representative to document your call.
  7. Boy they really cram in those deck chairs LOL. I don’t think I would want to be that close to someone. What happened to being 6ft apart from someone?
  8. Just because you got vaccinated does not mean you’re not getting Covid. You can still get it and transfer to unvaccinated people.
  9. If he’s concerned one might break, just go buy several and pack it in your carry on. Don’t purchase in a foreign port.
  10. Just tell them no, you don’t have a persistent cough other than clearing out your throat or you drank something (tequila) that will make you cough. No issues.
  11. This is a first. Haven’t ever seen this topic posted before 😳
  12. They should acknowledge every guest upon arrival like Disney does.
  13. Well we are not vaccinated nor will we get vaccinated and if cruises are allowing those in the unvaccinated community I say great! I don’t understand people who are vaccinated why they are so upset? Your safe right, your vaccinated. I don’t mind being tested during my cruise. But I’ve been out and about and everything is fine. Except for the mask 😷
  14. I’m pretty sure the people grumbling how they will cancel their expensive suites because it’s now not all vaccinated will still be going on their cruse.
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