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  1. Just logged into my Viking journey and our cruise in September, Amsterdam to Bergen has disappeared. It is also off of the Viking website. I’m not surprised. Now to decide 125% or cash back. Alaska next year is still there.
  2. Azulann, we also are close to the “Twin Cities” only just a bit to the east on the St Croix River. We will be there for the first arrival. The cities offer lots of great places to go and some awesome music venues in Minneapolis.
  3. Heidi13 , thank you for the continued update. While this has been an interesting journey and I have enjoyed lurking here, I’m sure home will be a good sight. Best of luck. Viking is a class act and continues to impress with how they take care of their passengers. We have two future cruises booked, the first in September. I’m wondering if the world will be settled by then.
  4. Sorry to see that you can’t complete your journey. The corrected noticed states that us citizens and permanent residents can fly from Europe after health checks. Another correction states that trade will not be affected. Best wishes to al affected.
  5. Sorry to tell you, but trump just announced that the us is not accepting flights from Europe starting Friday.
  6. Thank you for posting the videos. I felt like I was traveling with you.
  7. Thanks to everyone posting here, I have been fooling along and enjoying the voyage. Jim, just as a comparison, the temperature here yesterday was a high on 19 f and a low of 2 in western Wisconsin😎
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