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  1. And with that crystal ball you have, can you tell me, who is going to win the 4.30 at Chepstow? Many thanks
  2. A lot of NHS Staff left because they had enough of working within the NHS, not because they reached retirement age.I expect quite a few have other jobs now.
  3. BUT how do you know that they ( would be patients) haven't got the virus? Testing takes too long at present.Carriers without symptoms.Staff tested.....how often?
  4. Has anyone from the UK had this email. I cancelled yesterday (12th) for a cruise commencing 15 May but as I was due to leave on 12th may, the window of leaving and.probable further cancellation was just too close for me.When I called to cancel there was no mention of the above offer.I got some refund to Cc and some as FCC (well it hasn't come through yet,but hopefully will do)but nothing extra.
  5. I am on Air Transat due to start cruise. I can see that being cancelled, thus not needing the flight. However not sure that we would need them in the future IF we couldn't get the same itinerary/dates,even if we got a credit. BLOODY virus!@#$%
  6. Just thinking ahead.Booked and paid for,on credit card if that makes a difference,a budget flight to Vancouver from London.Non refundable. However,if the airline cancel the flight due to travel restrictions, if/when that happens .Do I get a refund? What normally happens or because these are exceptional circumstances we will just have to wait and see . Just random musings in bed!!
  7. I would still be concerned about getting a letter from my GP stating I was unfit to travel as I could imagine the scenario, when this episode has all blown over, when insurance companies will start asking "have you ever been declared unfit to travel" - car insurance asks " similar" questions. Very difficult position to be in.
  8. Re post 969. Don't know but just because they don't ask those sorts of questions at the moment, it doesn't mean to say that they won't in future. Just to recoup any substantial losses by asking for exorbitant price rises.
  9. Jean.....if the boot was on the other foot, wouldn't you want to know?
  10. What's the point of telling us then not sharing?
  11. After reading many MANY threads about this virus and people with other medical conditions that could be misdiagnosed as Corona, ie common cold, existing lung diseases etc. The common thing people are suggesting is to get a letter from their Gp explaining the symptoms. How do the customer service reps.know what's real or photoshopped.I would think that there would be some unscrupulous people who would do this rather than potentially lose £££.Just a thought
  12. Just as an aside......can UK travellers purchase CFAR? I must admit I have never noticed it as I have annual travel insurance.
  13. OHHHHH, you are brave !!! I would wear 2 in case of leakages or sudden holes.😁
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