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  1. Ahh! That’s a point. Not sure if everyone furloughed is on the same pay schedule. And I know some who aren’t furloughed have outsourced pay to DoI, which is furloughed. My friends in that situation haven’t heard if there will be issues with that. But they paycheck we got last week was for work back in December. It’s the next one that will be missing. But that was probably your point and I’m preaching to the choir here lol. I’ll slink away now
  2. Not all civilians get paid the same day. I’ve worked for a small regulatory agency (so small it would be indentifying to post) and DoD. When I switched I had to go 3 weeks between pay days, and then got two paychecks in a row when I left DoD for another agency.
  3. Apparently, that is the one picture I didn’t take. Pretty sure it was $20 for 2 chairs and an umbrella. We did the $30 chairs, umbrella, and snorkel boat here: https://www.tranquilitycruises.com/. That also included transportation, which was very nice. There were some folks in out taxi van, which was glory tours, that just did chairs, umbrella, and transport. I can’t find that option listed anywhere on glory tours website or Copacabana’s Facebook page. I think I saw it listed on viator, no idea of the price. Could probably contact glory tours directly about it. http://www.glorytours.org/
  4. We just got back from our first Royal Caribbean cruise, during which, we had a lot of discussions about our favorite line (it wasn’t RC!). At one point, my husband said “I think we really are HAL people” (I’d been saying HAL most of the week). The back story to say that this will seal the deal! We are rock people through and through. Children of 90s grunge, now in our 40s but still following bands big and small, seeing at least a dozen live shows a year. And someone put in a rock venue!! And on our last cruise, there was a “guy and a guitar” (aka a singer-songwriter)! HAL must be courting our demographic 🙂
  5. We passed it. I didn’t notice anyone there, but I didn’t look too hard. The van driver said they switched bc pirates cove had gone downhill, with no mention of my theory from above.
  6. The DoD sequester in 2013 and the associated furloughs were different than the 16 days of government shutdown in October 2013. The sequester cut DoD funding, and DoD did 11 days of unpaid furlough to deal with it. In Oct 2013, there was a govt shutdown becaus neither the FY14 appropriation bills nor a CR was passed, so the agencies with no appropriations had to close. That was 16 days and we did get backpay, although delayed. source: 17 years fed at a small agency that has never had a full appropriation on Oct 1 in the 17 years I’ve been there. Every year is a CR to begin with. And lots of friends at DoD. Edit: I am really lucky in that my agency is only canceling leave for the days were are shut down. So if it reopens and you have approved leave for that day, you are still on leave. They are also letting us processes our furlough through other means so we do not have to have access to out govt email or servers. So, I still got to take my cruise and even change my plans a bit to stay with family til Friday (instead of tomorrow). Some agencies cancel all leave or make you do everything in person. I count my lucky stars they did this so as not to ruin holiday plans. But I know others who have to cancel family travel plans be at home so they can go in tomorrow for 2 hours to sign their notices.
  7. Interesting. They were closed this past Saturday. You could walk the grounds, but not go inside. Maybe they worked out something by Sunday, but the portions that would be accessible with a paid entry were unavailable.
  8. We are back on land, but still traveling so no pictures yet (they are on two different cameras, neither of which is the iPad I’m posting from). Short version is it was great! The sand was soft, the beach gorgeous, there was a roped off area for swimming to avoid boats and jet skis, or you could go in anywhere. We had fish cakes and sweet potato friends, which were both yummy. A bucket of beers was 6 for $20, but they were little 8oz beers 😞 Still, a great afternoon. And quiet. You could see the water inflatable from the boatyard, but they were far enough away to not bother the view or noise - if you are one to avoid that type of stuff. If you like it, copacabanna might be too boring.
  9. Apparently, something happened with Pirates Cove in early October. I found out when the package I had booked was moved from Pirates Cove to Copacabana. All I got from them was it was "sudden" without any details as to the issues. When you look it up on TA, there are very recent reviews, suggesting it is still in business. Based on the fact that the website changed from pirtatescovebarbados.com to piratescove.jollyrodgerbarbados.org and that jollyrodgerbarbados.org is the website for a party boat (snorkeling, drinks, rope swing, etc) - my working assumption is that the company that runs the boat bought out the beach club. The package I booked, which was beach and snorkel tour moved - this supports my assumption because said new company is a direct competitor with other boats that do snorkeling. I'll be there next week (at Copacabana). If I find out anything, I'll report back when I get back to somewhere with wifi service 🙂
  10. In Aruba, I’d recommend taking a taxi to Mangel Halto. Best snorkeling we found there! There are a couple other listed here: https://www.tropicalsnorkeling.com/aruba-snorkeling.html. Most of the tour boats that run out of Palm Beach stop at Malmock and Catalina. They advantage of the boats is they also take you over the shipwreck which was very cool, but in rougher waters.
  11. Aruba is an independent nation, although still with close ties to the Netherlands. I don’t know about Bonaire or Curacao. However, St Martin is not an ABC island (Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao) https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special_member_state_territories_and_the_European_Union Saint Martin is the only overseas collectivity of France with the status of being an outermost region of the EU.[9] As with the French overseas departments, the euro is legal tender in Saint Martin, and it is outside the Schengen Area and the EU VAT Area.
  12. St Maarten/St Martin are French and Dutch territories. Ergo, they are EU nations. While the Caribbean is not Europe geographically, they are EU
  13. Thanks for the heads up. We are embarking next week, so I’ll plan for extra time. I hope they are able to find a solution. Sounds like chaos getting off the ship. I sure hope they were able to provision and board the next ship!
  14. Thanks! Your other answer popped up while I was typing (and the dog interrupted lol)
  15. Spin off of this question - Every ship I’ve been on changes to local time. So you have overnight time changes. I read a review that mention a RCL ship and a comment implying ship time was different. Does Royal not change to local time? My parents live in one time zone and their airport is another (2 hours away). I find the time adds a level of stress to travel day edit: @Host Clarea answered while I was typing. I hope we change!
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