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  1. Any news whether Rotterdam will be able to sail the first few sailings after arriving in Fort Lauderdale, or must she still wait two weeks? Looking at the 3 or 4 nt cruises but not sure whether they will go or not.
  2. Does anyone have experience using the Cancel for Any Reason portion of the Princess Vacation Protection when flights have been purchased through Princess? Is the amount of the cruise, plus the airfare, given as a future cruise credit? If so, does the air portion of that have to be used to purchase air on a future cruise, or is it just one lump sum? I have a feeling if i call Princess three times, I will get three different answers on this question.
  3. I'm going all the way through to the payment option, but I'm not finding a back button. Do you see it on the screen where you'd actually enter your CC info?
  4. How were you able to put a cruise on hold with a casino offer? When I look at my casino offers, it doesn't give the option to hold it, only payment in full.
  5. I'm curious if the wifi is working on the ship, what would cause wifi calling not to work?
  6. Has anyone tried to upgrade cabins with the casino rate closer to the time of sailing and been successful? I have some great casino offers for under $100pp for inside cabin. Thinking of booking it, and then if the Covid situation explodes even more and I decide not to go, I will be out less. But if I go, I'd like to have a balcony, but I'm not sure if I'd have to pay prevailing rate at that point to upgrade, or if I could get the balcony casino rate.
  7. Just canceled last night. The first rep I got just canceled it and told me I would only get the port fees back as a refund. Didn't even give me an option for FCC. When I objected, he put me on hold, but we got disconnected. Called back and got a more knowledgeable rep who put me on hold to talk to his supervisor. Then came back on and offered me the full refund. They have a protocol in place for refunds if you cancel because of the new mandates for masks and testing, from what I gathered. He mentioned he has to fill out a form stating that and HAL is tracking it. Very happy that HAL is extending the refund offer given the circumstances. I think it's the right thing to do.
  8. Has anyone reported if HAL is giving refunds (not FCC) for cancellations made on the Alaska sailings after the significant protocol changes?
  9. Yes, I saw that, but since 8/14 began new protocols, I thought this current cruise may be the first one where it applied.
  10. This is from the "U.S. Sailings Questions and Answers" on HAL's website: "A complimentary antigen or PCR COVID-19 test will be administered to all guests on board on Day 5 or 6 of the voyage. This test fulfills the requirements for onward travel home in most instances where guests board a flight immediately after their cruise. Guests who book a post-cruise stay before traveling home should ensure they meet all testing requirements. If the test provided on board does not meet the requirements for onward travel, additional testing is the responsibility of the guest at their expense." I'm not sure if this means it's available to all guests in case it's needed for onward travel, or that it is mandatory for everyone.
  11. Could you possibly find out if the new Covid protocol requires every passenger to be Covid tested on day 5 or 6 of the cruise? That's how I'm reading the new protocol, but I want to be sure it's not just for those needing a test for international flights or back-to-back cruisers. But the wording says "all passengers." Enjoying your report. Thank you.
  12. I just noticed within HAL's Covid protocols it says a Covid test will be administered to all passengers on day 5 or 6. I thought it was only offered to travelers flying internationally. I found this under US Sailings Questions and Answers. Can you confirm whether this test is mandatory for all guests?
  13. Regarding the poor or non-existent internet, have you been posting exclusively with internet from the Neptune Lounge, or have you had cell phone service that you can use your data plan for your postings? Can you share any other "hot spots" you found for internet onboard?
  14. These statements from HAL's Worry-Free Promise, is this only for those who booked HAL's insurance, or does it apply to those who haven't purchased through HAL? I personally always book independent travel insurance, so I don't know if that changes anything.
  15. Curious where you've heard passengers are being disembarked in Juneau. Would like to know more about this. Our Alaska cruise is coming up and still undecided.
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