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  1. Susie. Just cancel- we'll at least be wearing masks. I don't see where a COVID test is required in Papeete (I might be mistaken and maybe this is something new?) I assume the test they mean is the one 72 hours before boarding our flights. By the time you travel 5 months from now in March it may just be that the rapid test will be acceptable when Tahiti's cases have declined. Air Tahiti Nui is pushing for that. If you won't wear a mask on deck you should cancel now as in some areas, even outside, this will probably be required. We are going to be a "mask society" for a long time. And who knows if shore excursions will be limited to the ship's offerings. As long as cases stay as active we won't get to do independent tours. Not even Dr. Fauci knows. 🙂 You've been threatening cancellation for sometime now, first on the January cruise and now on the March cruise. This is the way cruising will be and will stay until COVID is not the beast it is now.. If you feel this strongly there's no reason to tie up $ in this or any cruise as it's not likely to change. If I felt like you, I'd cancel. As a friend I see no reason for you to take the risk of keeping a cruise under deposit. The majority of us have either postponed cruising or are playing "wait and see". This is Cruise Critic and you are entitled to critique anything. But constantly threatening cancellation is negativity few of us want. Cancel.
  2. @minidonuts85 Thanks for your sharp eyes Deb. Just as you say looks like they're getting us prepared for them to ramp things up.
  3. I notice too that there are a few more providers than 2 months ago doing COVID PCR testing with a 2-3 day turnaround here in Oregon. So maybe by March things will be easier in MO. too. I'm even starting to warm up to the idea of using WS excursions only- just want to go!
  4. Susie- we posted similtaneously. I'm glad to hear that you switched! Gives you lots more leeway for the world situation to improve. Yay for you!
  5. Susie, I wouldn't mess around with January, I'd switch- but I might wait a little longer. Two trips so close wouldn't be great for me either. The complication is the flights I know- who knows if they'll be available in March later on. I'm the kind of person who needs to plan on what I'm doing- no a seat of my pants kind of traveler. If things are this nuts 3 months before I cruise I might switch. I guess you have to decide on how much it will drive you crazy to wait a bit longer.
  6. @susiesan Yes, I expected they'd close over a week ago and it's unfortunate they didn't. Out of curiosity maybe you could have your TA check to see how many cabins on your cruise are not booked. I know that you're roller coaster riding with this thing. Since you have until December, if it were me, I'd wait till then to see. But masks will almost definitely be required and I expect one's travels on land will be restricted. I know you said that you couldn't go at any other time. But since you can switch dates till late 2021 or 2022 maybe this will be sorted out by then. If COVID parallels flu incidence January will be the height of the season.
  7. Don't know how reliable this is but RNZ reports Fr. Polynesia has 1330 active COVID cases, 67 hospitalized, 20 ICU, 4610 cases total since start of pandemic. Heartbreaking for these wonderful people. Surprising that they've not buttoned up again. https://www.rnz.co.nz/international/pacific-news/428761/covid-19-claims-two-more-lives-in-french-polynesia
  8. I've got tons of nice places near me too, but I'd still wear a mask with both hands tied behind my back to be cruising on a WS ship right now.
  9. Would be happy just sitting on her in port.
  10. Susiesan, HOW could WS possibly know what will happen to cruises in January when resumption of cruises depends on the FP government and the state of COVID on the islands? COVID is currently ravaging FP- the FP president has it. I was anticipating that any day it could be locked up again. How can WS make plans? Halting sailings for this fall WS was protecting guests wisely. And not being certain of sailings this winter or hereafter is not WS fault. The environment is capricious and under no one's control. Wind Spirit won't sail unless the the winds of fate blow gently, and it's pointless to fuss at WS. Release your frustration for sure, but there's no one to blame.
  11. If you're going Moorea looks like TBK might have the best option for you in Moorea. Don't know your ship's itinerary but if you might be going to Huahine, Marc's Nautique might be an option. It is all day on a motu with boat ride and snorkeling (not what you want) and lunch. It's very reasonable at $100pp. It seems like with all the facilities at their motu they might be willing to leave you there to your own devices until they come back before lunch. You can always ask them if you happen to be visiting there. Where are you stopping besides Bora Bora?
  12. As TBK says WS has both a motu day in Tahaa, as well as a ship's tour in Huahine for a relaxing day on a motu with lunch. But honestly the snorkeling in Tahiti is amazing! If Bora Bora is the only place you will be snorkeling you may be sorry. Did Windstar a year ago and in 18 days we did 16 days of snorkeling- it will most likely be the most incredible snorkeling of your life. The other thing you might consider is a day stay at a resort like Hilton Moorea. Not a motu but a beautiful spot. Lovely beach, pool and superb lunch for about $90pp. Definitely a kick back relaxing day.
  13. Susie.... I know that you're on vacation and please don't feel this necessitates a response. We are online friends even though we're at opposite ends of COVID precautions issues. Your state, MO, is in a lot of trouble with COVID. The article here shows that in Kansas City MO ambulances are being turned away because of the COVID crunch. https://thehill.com/homenews/state-watch/521440-kansas-city-hospitals-turn-away-ambulances-due-to-covid-19-patient-surge You may be young and your risk factors nominal so that you aren't concerned about contracting COVID. However with this horribly infectious and deadly illness, it is a sign of respect to others to wear a mask. I'm 68 and husband 74- we are healthy but age alone puts us at higher risk. The mask shows that you are concerned about someone's well being outside of your own family's EVEN IF YOU HATE IT. You are as vulnerable as the next guy to COVID especially in MO. You are such a smart woman- you could spend 10 minutes on the Johns Hopkins website and figure out why precautions are necessary. Again, EVEN IF YOU HATE IT and it's uncomfortable, wear the damn mask and don't fuss. Respect is what it's all about. You said that I'd never get on your AA flight to Phoenix as it was so full. You're right. But it would tempt me sorely if the grandkids were at the end of the journey. However their three dads are all MDs and would refuse to even acknowledge me if I took flight at the moment. My sons seem to know some stuff. They aren't panicked fearmongers- they've cared for too many who have lost their lives or a major body function. They agonize over the losses and families left behind. I'll keep sending you as much elastic to make your masks because it makes me happy, but would be happier hearing that you've adjusted to wearing one. I can keep yakking but I know you'll still gripe at me. 😉 So just one more harangue in our never ending go around about this. Hope you're having fun on vacation!
  14. Deb, The picture will have changed by the time we get around to sailing but really curious all the same. Where does one find the list of "approved labs" for Tahiti?
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