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  1. As I Stan and Jim said and I posted a few days ago the small resort Marina would appeal to my senses. You don't see much of the sea in 15 story super-sized Nordstrom with a Thanksgiving Day parade going on inside like Princess. Why cruise if you can't also see the sea? The ambiance of the Marina far outweighs the chaos of a floating congested city like Enchanted Princess.
  2. Top Dive in all of Tahiti is great but in Rangiroa the best is The Six Passengers. https://www.the6passengers.com/en/
  3. I do understand that you weren't recommending them. 🙂 I was the one who mentioned cruising Tahiti so took it upon myself to give anyone considering it a heads up. 🙂
  4. French Bee has a 2.5* rating on Tripadvisor. The reviews are frightful https://www.tripadvisor.com/Airline_Review-d11831116-Reviews-French-Bee Stick with United out of SFO- but they only operate 3 days a week. You can also book Air Tahiti Nui LAX on the Qantas website at a considerable discount than what you get direct with ATN.
  5. I'm one of several others here believing you should be sure that your travel agent has notified O of your requirements. And definitely speak with the restaurant managers as soon as you board. We traveled with someone with celiac disease and he raved about the food.
  6. I either use it when I can or keep it. Like interesting foreign currencies.
  7. This probably doesn't answer your question entirely but Oceania has a "find an agent" feature on their website that lists OCC agencies. https://www.oceaniacruises.com/find-agent/
  8. If you have questions about Oceania. petuniafish@gmail.com
  9. Putting the OP on the defensive about his/her health has not a thing to do with cruising. Hope the rest of your cruise is going well Appollo, and as you're still on Insignia I'd speak with someone about your dissatisfaction. Give O a chance to make things right for you.
  10. TBK is right- it is a bit tricky to get to Vaitape from BB Pearl but very doable. You take a land taxi to the landing where the Pearl's regular boat shuttle brings you to the resort. The taxi ride doesn't take more than 5-10 minutes. But one other option. When we were there there was a once a day direct catamaran ride from the resort directly to Vaitape. It was $20 each way. Things may have changed- it might run more frequently or at a time that matches up perfectly to when you plan to travel to and from the resort. It's been almost 3 years for me but the Pearl was fabulous- what a spot! They have a coral reef nursery and the snorkeling was superb. Be sure to email the concierge to see if anything has changed regarding pickup. Just one thing....I've heard that the Pearl is undergoing renovation winter 2019. Hope you can confirm that time frame.
  11. Gluten intolerance is not a true food allergy but a gluten sensitivity. When people have symptoms similar to those with celiac disease, but test negative for it, doctors sometimes suggest trying a gluten free diet to see if it alleviates symptoms. It's like if you get migraines when you drink red wine or food with nitrites, you're not allergic to those substances as much as you suffer when you ingest them. My heart goes out to people with gluten intolerance like you Appollo. Know that sometimes gluten free food can be wonderful or it can taste like hockey pucks. With the prevalence of gluten sensitivity it's unfortunate that O doesn't have the art down.
  12. Wow.....thanks so much everyone. I think this will be very manageable. I'm pretty familiar with SF but not that area. Everyone's guidance is very appreciated especially you residents and Dani who worked down there. I also always forget the Google maps is and should always be my best friend traveling.
  13. if you haven't before try booking a Tahiti cruise. O is very reasonable for what is offered, and most of the time booking your own air saves you $.
  14. Also....if anything should go wrong with your booking (but it never has for me) you have someone to go to bat for you with the cruise line. If you have questions about most anything you can ask your TA to take care of them. My TA has notified me of savings and sales to help watch my pocketbook. She negotiates the best deals on upsells I'm offered, and even once got me a free category upgrade to an aft stateroom I'd been hankering for. She too is a cruise "Oceania connoisseur club" TA with Oceania. Google that phrase and poke around for an agency that is part of it. I don't cruise with Celebrity anymore but she would do the same with X as well back in the days.
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