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  1. Kahuna is right. Bora Bora has no equal- it's not hype at all. Just drop dead water and scenery. I'm a snorkeler and former diver so it's all about snorkeling for me. And if so, for the serious snorkeler I'd recommend Tahora Bora Bora, Pure Snorkeling or Lagoon Service. Tohora Bora Bora has no "cultural" show or luncheon like the others but deep water manta rays and eagle rays, coral gardens, reef sharks, lemon sharks, sting rays. It's our favorite after many trips to BB. Pure Snorkeling and Lagoon Service offer much of the rest but also lunch if that's what you're into. All three among the top rated in BB on Tripadvisor. I'm a little baffled TLC Ohio as you posted a similar thread with many of the same questions. Were you looking for something specifically or did I miss something? Gorgeous photos Kahuna!!
  2. Sorry Kahuna. Can see why you'd be frustrated with Avis. We fond them very responsive though, and waiting for us by the tender when we were there in December. From pickup to getting into a vehicle was not more than 25 min. Maybe next time in 2020 we'll try Albert's but Avis served us well this last visit and in the past.
  3. Yes Avis is still across from the ferry in Vaiare. A little depends on where your ship tenders as there are two places possible. Last cruise we tendered in Cooks Bay (Windstar) where usually the smaller ships go, a 15 min shuttle to Avis. If your ship is tendering in Opunahu Bay, generally large ships, the Avis shuttle takes 20 min. I've not noticed shuttling from either location to be a hassle. But Alberts is off Cooks Bay 5 min shuttle time...from Opunahu 10 min. It could be a better option if you are watching your time closely. Try to find out where your ship tenders.
  4. We were there in December and Avis was quick and easy. Picked us up at the tender and brought us back promptly. Very nice people- they aim to please. They'll ask you what ship you'll be on and figure out which port your ship will be arriving at. (There are two.) No Tahiti license needed. We emailed and attachment of our drivers licenses before arrival. http://www.avis-tahiti.com/en/
  5. Thanks Wendy. I’ve been to Tahiti several times myself and don’t do snorkel trips with more than 10 people. So when I became interested in particular Tahiti Regent cruise I heard that the group sizes even on snorkeling excursions numbered 32. Went straight to the Regent board to inquire and while it didn’t seem possible, yes it is true. Infact a few contributors posted photos of the Bora Bora snorkeling excursion on a big flat boat with 28-32 people. The people who’d taken them said they had a wonderful time and that I needn’t worry. But I won’t worry at all because I’d never snorkel in a group that large. I’m on vacation at the moment or I’d look up the thread and pictures for you. But if you can’t believe it don’t take my word for it. Go post on the Regent board and ask if it’s true....some very nice people will post more pictures of their groups, and in chest deep water.
  6. Everyone gets pushed into the coral even excellent swimmers- you'll be totally protected with the neoprene. So beautiful. Have drift snorkeled a lot of places but this one is exceptional.
  7. Ia orana Msears101! Had to look up Tikehau. Oh man- it looks like heaven! A whole week there- wowee! And then the cruise too? Sounds too incredible to believe. Have a wonderful time and really look forward to your posts. (We did Windsong in 1993. One of Wind Spirit's staff reminded me that Windsong was scuttled before he was born!)
  8. You'll do great snorkeling Kat. Hopefully since you're in a warm water state you can do some more practicing there before you leave. The Coral gardens is not all that challenging. Not deep, just the current can slam you into coral. You'll do great everywhere. I'll be waiting to read your review when you return 🙂
  9. You're going again?????? So excited for you and envious. Have a wonderful time and we sure to post if you're able!
  10. Doing the Coral Gardens drift snorkel two times was really worth it. And there was plenty of time for the motu picnic. We brought water shoes, gloves, and some rash guards and pants ($20 on Amazaon) just for this and glad to have. There were people on the ship with some nasty cuts being treated. You can really get smashed up on sharp rocks depending on the current that day. The clarity of the water in the Coral Gardens was like not even being in water, and the setting in the trees like paradise.
  11. Blah, blah, blah- here I go droning on again about Tahiti especially on Wind Spirit! Think about maybe doing your excursions privately. We heard very mixed reactions on the ships tours on our 17 day in November. Because we had so much time to plan I researched here and on Tripadvisor and glad I did. We had excellent experiences with providers. The only excursion we did with the ship was the visit to Coral Gardens when we were on Tahaa. It was surreal- so much so that we did it again on the second go round of it second visit to Tahaa. I'm embarrassed to post this again because I just did on a different thread, and it's very wordy. (Took me awhile to adjust to a non-Nirvana state). But here you go- this is my 17 day Tahiti cruise review https://www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=641857 We snorkeled with 3 different providers on the 4 days in Bora Bora and while they were all good I have my #1. If you can get enough people to commit to it, Ato in Fakarava is amazing. Went with him on previous cruise. We snorkeled at every stop on the 17 day and it was beyond memorable. Again.....I'm soooooooo envious of you! 🙂
  12. There's very little that you'll need XPF for even though it's kind of nice having a foreign currency 'jingle' in your pocket. Some small vendors at the side of the road or the various docks usually don't take credit cards but you'll find almost everyone else does. The exception to that is that if you do independent shore excursions- we found some will only accept euros or XPF but you'll know that in your emails with them. There are ATMs close to every dock just in case. The island picnic is on the day you visit the motu off Tahaa. The deck barbecue is usually the 5th night. There are usually vendors who'll book shore excursions at the dock but I would NOT rely on that. For many this is a cruise you may never do again so take some time to peruse the best of the best excursion providers on Tripadvisor. This is a link to the review from the 17 day Tahiti/Tuamotu cruise we took in November and it covers the independent shore excursions we used and were very pleased with. I'm really envious of you- as I said in another thread it was the best 17 days of my life! https://www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=641857
  13. Kat- You can cancel 24 hours before the excursion begins and get a full refund. But on our cruise a few people we met canceled just a few hours before and it was no problem.
  14. Put Me, Did the 17 day in November of this last year. The motu picnic is in Tahaa. The special event evening for us was after the second night on the stop in Bora Bora, so assuming the dinner is at a motu off Bora Bora. The motu picnic off Tahaa was a little boring the second time around as the activities are the same as what's available off the sports platform. Snorkeling not great at the motu, but it's there. The special event evening....could do that more then a few times- really spectacular. Be sure to have your camera especially for the trip back to the ship. The ship lit up against the dark sky is awe inspiring. Yes both events will be at the same spots on both legs. Meals at both were superb. We really loved both events. I am envious of you. The cruise was the best 17 days of my life. Never in my life could we have anticipated such a cruise!
  15. You give all the reasons Navigator is perfect for you! It wouldn't work for me but we've been to Tahiti frequently enough that we're particular about what we like to do. The shore excursions in Tahiti are costly and choosing my own at each port wouldn't be cost efficient for me. If I felt like you do about a lot of people on shore excursions I'd be on Regent too. The guides that we plan to use know us and we can prearrange our day. Feel like you'll love Regent even though I've never been on it- besides it was a great deal you got!
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