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  1. Wonderful story. Well written and a fun read. I love the line, "At the slightest provocation from COVID-19, Mongolia would — in public health terms — go ape----!"
  2. Lucky you! Have a wonderful time 🙂
  3. Pam- it is such a joy to maintain that bond on FT and let them know that you're still grandma and love them to pieces. I play cars and trucks with them with the one and two year old grandsons, and "guess where granny's toys are". I hide toys under the pillows etc around the house. I load up on cheap toys at the Dollar Store and carry the Ipad around the house. We play a lot of "birthday party" too. One of their toys or stuffed animals is always having a birthday. Short attention span but I think they know I'm trying! You probably have "games" you play with the youngest ones too, and I'd love ideas for more. FT is a small miracle in COVID times. Even the 2 year old (almost 3) tells me he can't visit me till "no more forona virus".
  4. Susie, You've probably read a few articles discussing new tech for COVID test results available in 20 minutes and ready to be released in September. Take a look in the Pacific Islands section of this board. Mercruiser has posted a lot of new info about FP regulations. The one that concerned me most was the one about a saliva test self administered 4 days after arrival. Didn't know how that would work for results on a cruise. But since the cruise line needs to keep people coming they will find a way to get results to where they need to go. I still feel confident that this will be workable even with the US as messed up as we are with COVID.
  5. Mercruiser. Thanks so much for all the info. I will be in BB four days after arrival and guessing the samples could be sent from there as long as interisland flights are running daily then. The worst case scenario is that if you get the virus while you're there. Which is why I can see that proof of health insurance will be mandatory for all visitors. Again really appreciate all this and for all you do on this board.
  6. Paul.....does my CC protect me even if I used it over a year ago?
  7. Sorry about your United fares.....hope that turns out ok. I'm on the fence about cancelling right now but like you leaning towards a cancel. Good to hear O refunded in reasonable time. Yes, I'm fully aware of the policy of returning 100% of the fare if they cancel or a 125% FCC. Had that happen last spring. My concern was more should the policy change and a deposit be refunded in the form of an FCC. Lyn, the cruise was just about sold out back in Jan/Feb. Think there's a big group on board. I wouldn't get the same deal canceling and rebooking if the cruise ends up actually being a go. My concern was more my deposit- if it was decided that the deposit be returned in the form of an FCC or cruise line goes kaput. The deposit is not as big a concern as would be full payment but it's still money. Guess I'll hold on a week at a time until Sept at least when more is known. Isn't looking very bright at the moment 😞
  8. Thinking again about canceling my Regatta Papeete to SF cruise for next April. We were booked on the same cruise for 2020 when it was cancelled so my original deposit was over two years ago. It's looking more and more like the cruise won't come about. Booked on Windstar Tahiti for later in the year so have that (possibly if that sails) as a backup. I worry that O will start treating deposits as FCC and don't want that. Wait a few months yet or scrap it now?
  9. Fun Basor. Great inter-generational game to play with COVID or without!
  10. Love it Peaches! And something the little ones can play too. Have to add this to our game repertoire. I still have our packed suitcases for Tahiti 4/20 that was cancelled packed and in my guest bedroom. I know it's weird but my Alzheimers husband says it would be bad luck to unpack them for our hoped-for trip next year. If he says so I'm keeping them packed. But I have all our various Facetime games stacked in there next to the suitcases waiting for the next set of grandkids to call and want to play. Friday was a looooooong playing game- 3 sets of kids called. Husband is too debilitated to play but so tickled by the games. He definitely understands that he *might* get to cruise to Tahiti next year and asked if Tahiti has Facetime. Cruising and Tahiti has some remarkable effects on people with memory deficits 😉
  11. That would be fun. In the "olden days" used to get down there every couple months. Will catch up with you one of these days 🙂 Much love to you.
  12. With you on the cancelled trips. We were on the 4/20 Papeete-SF and a May Alaska. Easy come, easy go but not easy when it comes to disappointment on seeing grandkids. Loved 4/18 Sirena Papeete-LA. We're shadowing each other on the Alzheimer's husbands although my guy's isn't early onset. Thanks for the heads up on two board Monopoly (as you say though, at the risk of being banished to the Floataway Lounge.) My extended family (but not kids) all live in Encinitas 😃
  13. Was thinking on Monopoly and couldn't figure out how to do it. But wouldn't be all that hard would it? Sorry about your grandkids cancelled trip 😞 What would we do without FT?
  14. Hover over the person's name and at the bottom of the area that will appear (highlighted in gray) is "ignore user". Gives you some options after you press on that. Here's to more peaceful living 🙂
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