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  1. Well- so nice to meet you! Hopefully when there is some hope with coronavirus one of us can start a roll call 🙂 I'm only booked for the 18 day Papeete-SF on April 4. Have done Oceania and Tahiti many times- also did Oceania Sirena, Papeete-SF three years ago. Let's hope to heaven about COVID-19 and keep fingers crossed for our cruise. You're going to LOVE O!
  2. Was to be on Oceania Regatta 4/14/20 Tahiti that's cancelled. Rebooked same 4/4/21, and like everyone else says- mayhaps.
  3. Actually if mass testing shows that the vast majority of us have had it without symptoms, many of us will be immune at least temporarily. Hope to heaven we never have to learn to accept so many of us dying. Not a prayerful person here but it's got me asking a power greater then myself for learned people to develop a vaccine. I've given up hoping that my cruise will be cancelled to hope that a mirage-like protective bubble be placed around medical people trying to save us all from this scourge. You stay well now Julian 🙂
  4. Reading all the comments here, am I being naive and self-centered again (I'll remain ashamed) hoping that the 148 passenger Wind Spirit built in 1987 might do Tahiti next November? Or Regatta might possibly do Tahiti-SF next April/21? Realize the future with coronavirus is completely up in the air but what's the thought on small older ships survival? This is a ridiculous question as answers are speculation but what is your speculation all the same?
  5. Everything I've read in my policy states that the clear reasons that are allowed for cancellation is your severe illness, or illness or death of a family member. Every policy is different and worldwide illness could be covered. I've learned to say never say never. But reading my own policy it appears that threat of illness doesn't qualify. Since many travel insurance companies are requesting bailouts I think it would be unlikely that they would alter the wording of their contracts. But again I could be wrong. Best to read your own policies terms and conditions. Mine was spelled out plainly and obvious that threat from something like a pandemic would not be covered. Read yours carefully.
  6. Mine is Travel Insured and it does kick in if the supplier cancels and unable to fulfill it's obligations. Not so if you had cancelled. Read your terms and conditions. I have my doubts that if you bought NCL's policy it's going to be so. It's why it's always better to buy independent insurance. The thing is that we have to wait the designated time to see if NCL is going to give refunds. I went ahead and filed a claim with all the particulars for airline cancellations too just in case. Good luck to you.🙂
  7. Frank Del Rio is not the CEO of NCL. FDR is the CEO of Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings a financial holding company that owns three cruise lines. Harry Sommer is president and CEO NCL harrysommer@ncl.com
  8. I disagree. Being abandoned in a foreign country and left to your own devices in the middle of a pandemic might put many into not only a health risk, but a psychological health risk. Not only that but there was a risk of being left in Chile and not being able to get back home. The state department was advising travelers in foreign countries to get home or lose the ability to get home at all. There are many American stuck in that position now. I have no doubt in an airline passenger group of the sizes these cruisers were coming home on, there were at least several coronavirus carriers on board. Not in a contest with you on the worst treatment. This just happens to take the cake in my book.
  9. Qantas is also offering vouchers. However after spending 4-6 hours in five phone calls to Qantas requesting a voucher for our booking, the booking is blank- shows only our names. Every time I call Qantas (again after waiting on hold each time 4-6 hours) an agent tells me they have it "fixed"- to check the booking again in an hour to see the voucher. But each time absolutely nothing. Just our names- no voucher. I'm not quite sure what to do now other than to keep trying. The wait on hold is absurd especially when I get no return on my time. I HATE Qantas, Just like the koala bear.
  10. I'm 68 and have been cruising for over 40 years. This is without a doubt the most horrific story of cruise line neglect and disregard of passengers needs I've ever heard. Not to mention the outrageous, unconscionable lack of reimbursement for your expenses. I wonder what some attorneys reading your account on here would think. So sorry for your catastrophic cruise and aftermath.
  11. I'm the crazy dismissive, cavalier cruiser who was determined to sail on Regatta Tahiti-SF in April. I'm ashamed of my attitude now and freely admit that I was hopelessly entrenched in my own desires. It was not until around March 12 when my state asked us to isolate at home that the depth and scope of Coronavirus finally hit me over the head like a frying pan. And then the horror that is Italy and NY. My adult kids had been jumping up and down for weeks trying to get me to listen to what those smarter than me were trying to impress on the world. I've not left home but twice for groceries since then. I ask those who patiently listened to my rants for forgiveness. Yet.....I have bookings on both Windstar in November 2020 and O April 2021. If cruising is being permitted for a healthy person my age (68) at that time, I'll go. But I won't be disdainful or as arrogant I was prior to my Tahiti cruise- if cruising is questionable or not at all I won't feel deprived not going. I'm not a Fox news person or part of the cult following of you-know-who. Just someone who thought she was smarter than the average bear. But been taught a good lesson in humility. Thanks for your patience.
  12. Besides the Alaska cruise May 17 that I'm hoping NCL will cancel, I have a 17 day on Windstar in November 2020, and an 18 day Oceania April 2021. If they're sailing we're onboard.
  13. I sincerely hope that NCL does not go under then there will be no refunds to hope for. They would most likely file for Chapter 11.
  14. That's exactly what I said in my previous post- Seattle closed "indefinitely". Workers are hurting there too. If coronavirus situation changes as not to pose such an extreme danger to public health, not only could the port of Seattle open ,but Canada could also change it's mind about opening ports to large ships. Nothing is in the realm of the impossible right now.
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