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  1. Will only operate sports deck where ship is at anchor. There isn't much to see snorkeling off the back of the boat, but you can kayak, sail, waterski, tube and sit on a lovely big raft where half of you enjoys the sun and half in the water.
  2. @aprilsp88 I remember reading a few weeks ago when someone asked if there were operators on the pier in Raiatea, the answer was no. They were there two years ago when I did it, but operators have been burned so badly, I'd not count on anything. Several I used my last visit went under.
  3. We love Oceania too, but give just slightly higher marks to WS. For dining, between numbers of 1 and 5, I give Oceania a 4.4, and WS 4.8. If we cruised for dining primarily it is WS hands down.
  4. @ezspirit72@ezspirit7 Were you looking more for a west coast USA to Tahiti, rather than a shorter island to island Tahiti? If so it's NCL and the Pacific can be rough or calm. I've done it several times and only once did we run into 25ft swells- rest of the times very peaceful. But if just looking for a shorter inter island Tahiti I agree with USNA 72 about Oceania, Windstar, and PG; and can't forget Aranui. Been on all except Aranui and partial to WS and O. Rarely does it get rough in the islands- but it's more likely in winter months Dec-Feb. Not a fan of seeing big ships like NCL's in FP. The islands can't support 1500 people disembarking and touring. But if the ship sails it hits Hawaii too and I think it's 12 days.
  5. Well dummy me, most of you are already aware that a full refund is given by ATN if Tahiti shuts down again. Even for economy. And a cancelled cruise is covered by my insurance. Feeling ok about booking. UA's credit voucher looks pretty puny compared to a full refund. Makes decision easy.
  6. Well, got a happy answer from Air Tahiti Nui. If flights get cancelled due to shut down of FP due to COVID they will offer a full refund or credit till the end of 2023. Not too shabby. Unfortunately my fare went up about $300 over night so I'll have to keep an eye out now.
  7. I'd love to purchase LAX to PPT as the prices are decent for next August. But if the flight was cancelled due to COVID restrictions I fear my air credit would only be good for one year meaning today 2023. I doubt I could arrange another cruise in so little time. I guess I do as LikeToCruise suggests and wait until next winter to purchase. When you see a decent price it's hard not to jump!
  8. I'm already starting to look at air on ATN for a cruise next summer. If you were on the most recent spate of Tahiti cancellations have a question for you. How easy was it to deal with ATN? Did they give you a credit to be used within one year from the purchase date? Have happily flown them several times before but have been told that they are a pain with COVID. Last spring UA gave credit to be used within two years.
  9. Many thanks for the reminder and I am chastened. I've no business judging one's life preferences. My apologies.
  10. Yes sb44. I agree with ridethe tide. COVID came offering one nicety of no makeup along with some other optional contraptions. Such freedom! I can't get by without some moisture on my mouth, so I do with a thin covering of chapstick, or some Aquaphor. But nothing else. Not a perfect solution but has the potential of keeping me healthier than not wearing a KN95 or N95. I'll change my mask everyday and more with this new system. And keep my skin healthier with just a little moisturizer. The point is that if you want to be on the winning side of this mess, you find a way to make the KN95/N95 work- and set a good example for kids grandkids etc. Nothings perfect but we can set our sights for it anyway.
  11. Forgive me if you already know the bag method of cleaning N95 or KN95 masks. But thought I'd add as an alternative- didn't discover it until yesterday. I can buy 20 KN95's on Amazon for $30. I get different colors for husband and I. You wear one a day, clean hands, and remove your mask by the straps and place into a lunch paper bag. The front of the mask faces the bottom of the bag. You want to tear a couple strips at the top of the bag on each side to hang the straps from, so mask is suspended inside the bag. Close the bag and initial and date the bag to tell yours apart from whoever you cohabitate with. After three days, clean hands, open bag, remove mask by straps and wear, or put on a clean surface for when you do. Safely dispose of the paper bag. The principle is that the virus is inactivated after three days. CDC says you can only cycle through five times as straps stretch, and won't properly seal the mask. Again sorry to those of you who already know this. Also read that the delta variant is as contagious as chicken pox even for those who've been vaxed. For me time to finally upgrade to N95 or KN95.
  12. Who'd book October to December. Not me. But the prices are so nice it's tempting. Not quite as low as the big sale 18 months ago but still pretty nice. $1899 for 7 day, $2699 11 day. Spirit or Breeze. Like who would commit to October? Back to usual price end of December and 2022. I wish I wish I wish.
  13. @Wilcoam LOVE your positivity. Want to cruise with you! In the event that you can't cruise 10/17, consider joining a several of us CCers who, because of cancellations, have interestingly booked the same cruise. It's a 7, 11 or 18 day cruise 8/4/22. Not a group certainly; we'll probably all go our own way. But nice to have built in companions for independent tours if we're allowed them. And dinner companions if you choose. AND in the summer in Tahiti, you can swim with the whales.
  14. Again, this is from three years ago when things were fully operational and very active. And there were probably 3-4 tour operators at the dock for a 600 passenger ship. If things are up and running briskly, you can expect operators to be at the pier. If you're on an NCL ship maybe more than 3-4. For Wind Spirit not as likely. For my money I'd still book in advance with The 6 Passengers.
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