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  1. Unfortunately it wouldn’t matter. Unless he has another event before May 17 he’s going.
  2. Not ok in kitchen sink. i agree to disagree and nothing more to be said on the subject on this end.
  3. Ha ha! DIL can’t say no to her DF and My DS can’t say no to his DW despite my exhortations.
  4. They are certainly aware and neuro contributed her opinion as well. I don’t get it but it’s the way he is. Isn’t there a 40% chance of stroke within the first year anyway?
  5. I’d not be disgusted by someone sticking their mouth under the faucet to get a drink of water. I am disgusted by some one gargling and spitting that water and saliva in the kitchen sink. And clearing throat and spitting the contents in the sink. It is not sanitary. Maybe I’m weird but it literally makes my stomach flip flop. The kitchen sink is not the cleanest place in the world but it’s not meant to be a spittoon IMO.
  6. Thanks very much. Fortunately I’m not the one paying $7k for their cruise. DS and DiIL are. They decided that with pre-existing they’d get partial or zero with insurance depending on how close to departure should he have another CVA. I suggested keeping it for med evac alone but it’s their choice. I shudder at the thought of a DVT taking a 3 hour flight prior. I just want to be able to enjoy my cruise without being shackled. He’s fortunate the kids are MDs. They’ve urged him to back off on this but it’s not going to happen- he’s demanding and they can’t say no. Sure appreciate your care and concern😀
  7. Heh-heh. It’s pretty gross! I’m going to do the right thing and extricate myself from dining with them and talk with NCL after I board. But there’s no way I can prevent others in the dining room from suffering. Their daughter has pleaded with them to straighten up and become a least a bit more Americanized especially with eating practices to no avail. Unfortunately you meet all kinds on cruises. Wish I could do more for those who will suffer thru it at neighboring tables. Thanks..
  8. Thanks very much for your caring. think I’ve got the right thing to do and all set. Best wishes to you.
  9. You’ll love it. The ship, the people, staff, small population, 4.8/5 dining. We cruised last on O 15 years ago and that was the end of Celebrity for us. And you are right pricing is not far off NCL. Ours in April is Tahiti- Hawaii- SF for 18 days on Regatta. Been doing same itinerary yearly for last 5 years. Have become Tahiti-philes. If you decide you like small ships try to get in on a special with Windstar too- unbelievably perfect in every way. Did a Mediterranean on Insignia- lovely ship. Have a wonderful cruise!
  10. No comedy shows, small casino. It is very understated and elegant. Gracious and unpretentious fellow cruisers. We love it, the service and dining particularly and the small ships only 600 passengers. A little more costly than NCL but worth it for the cruising we like.
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