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  1. Petoonya

    South Pacific Currency Questions

    On 15th day of 17 day Windstar FP Cruise and it has been just incredible. Have done O in FP too and it’s just as spectacular. Have a terrific time.
  2. Petoonya

    South Pacific Currency Questions

    There is a bank/ATM almost immediately across the street from the pier, and ATMs all over Papeete. Infact there were ATMs at just about every port that I could see with maybe the exception of Fakarava, Raiatea and Rangiroa. I like to have maybe 5000-10000xpf on hand to be comfy and get the rest as I go. No XPF can be obtained onboard. Depending on where you’re staying pre-cruise you can google an ATM map for Papeete. Have fun! I leave FP in 2 days so I’m envious of anyone looking forward to an FP cruise!
  3. Petoonya

    Wind Spirit 17 day cruise spectacular

    Yes Milepig we really enjoyed the first Motu BBQ here on BB last week on this Twice the Tahiti cruise. Agree with you, it went on longer than it needed to but everyone seemed to really appreciate. This second go round of the cruise gives me a chance to get shots I didn’t get the first time, tonite being no different. Pretty funny comment you picked up on! Interesting Twice the Tahiti is a combined 10 and 7 day. Only 30 people stayed for both. These last 7 days it is an entirely different loud party crowd than the first 10. The dining room which is usually noisy (to us anyway) is deafeningly loud. And where the lounge after dinner used to have 3-4 couples, now it’s packed. There a few large family groups and a large travel agent contingent. Next week an Indian family has rented the whole yacht for a wedding as well as a motu. Today is the 4th of our four days total in BB, tomorrow second of two in Huahine. Then back to Papeete. Not ready for it to be over but we more than got our moneys worth. Would do it again in a week but not for the Indian wedding. Wonder where the elephant will come from?
  4. Petoonya

    Are we Crazy?

    Funinthesun, We did the Terevau Ferry a few days ago and the schedule was very “loose”. We weren’t able to board till about 10 min after predicted boarding time Tahiti-Moorea. And did not leave till a good 30 min later. It was again about 30 min late on the return. I’d not plan a tight schedule around the ferry but take a ferry at least 1.5 hrs earlier than you need on the return. It would make me very nervous otherwise.
  5. Petoonya

    Wind Spirit 17 day cruise spectacular

    Actually we were able to comfortably sit and read on the front of the boat here in BB by 3:30 pm today with lush breeze cooling us. The Yacht Club party was at 5:30 and it was heavenly out on deck. Tomorrow we’re doing all day with Lagoon Service and then the BB motu dinner. Was wonderful our first time thru last week and as long as no rain looking forward to again. Our friends were chosen as dance partners by show members last week, and my husband swears he’ll be in the men’s room at partner choosing time tomorrow, the spoil sport. It’s all just been wonderful. Can’t wait to write review and share about shore excursions too. I did see the gallery with the beautiful glass. Stunning.
  6. Petoonya

    South Pacific Currency Questions

    Smalltowner, Its 1pm on our third day in BB. When I was in Vaitape this morning a taxi driver approached me with an offer to take the two of us to Matira Beach 2000 XPF roundtrip. Better than what I said earlier.
  7. Petoonya

    Wind Spirit 17 day cruise spectacular

    Milepig, the weather is as you say, steaming hot now after a few days of rain. This is first day of two in BB and only day we did not have in the water/snorkeling trip planned. We’ve been hanging out on the marina most of the morning but just had lunch outside and it’s an oven. If we weren’t water people this could be challenging. But in a few hours a breeze will come thru with relief as it has in the afternoon almost every day.
  8. Petoonya

    Wind Surf 2018 Westbound T/A And Afterwards

    What was the weather like on the crossing portion? Trying to figure out how to pack for next year 11/30/19.
  9. Thanks Ride. Did see it but unless I missed there is no mention of the weather. I’ll post direct to that thread tho.
  10. Petoonya

    Ra'iatea - scooter or car rental near port

    I was just there 2 days ago and there was nothing at the dock but boats for hire for the day. But we came in on Wind Spirit with 140 passengers so maybe locals were not expecting demand. There is an open air Tahiti Tourist office in complex right as you exit ship and they can prob hook you up with a driver.
  11. Petoonya

    South Pacific Currency Questions

    Smalltowner, In BB to go to Matira Beach about 5 miles from the dock for two people is about 2000xpf or $20 each way. About the same in Moorea for beach a little further away. We just got a day pass at the Hilton :Moorea and it was wonderful. Nice beach, pool and luncheon. But in Moorea use Torea Nui Transport- super reliable, best prices, nice people. They can do a tour if you like as well. Matira Beach in BB is lovely but it was burning hot and humid with little shade. In BB taxi tours run about 10000xpf or $100pp for 3-4 hour tour. Better off just renting an Avis car at dock for around $80. Pre-book and get the best deal.
  12. Griller- Can you tell me what the weather and seas were like on your November TA? Thanks.
  13. Petoonya

    South Pacific Currency Questions

    Smalltowner- I’m writing this from a cruise in French Polynesia and about paying a taxi driver here.....no USD. XPF only. Always nice to have a little XPF here for unforeseen moments.
  14. Petoonya

    French Polynesian cruise for non-swimmer?

    I wrote the previous post almost 12 days ago now and it’s been in limbo since then. Now I’m on the last week of this almost 3 week cruise here and we’ve snorkeled every port with only 2 sea days. There are certainly a lot of land-based interesting things to do on a cruise here. We’ve not done land based but spoken to many onboard who have and were pleased. But if you visit Tahiti you’d be missing a lot if you didn’t snorkel and swim decently and take in the sea life. You can’t always count on the water being calm- depends on wind and current. If you book water excursions through independent operators be sure you let them know your swimming/snorkeling abilities first. Hope you decide to go.