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  1. Loved your review and so glad everything went blissfully well.
  2. Petoonya

    Raiatea car rental

    Yes. Our cruise buddies booked one for half day in December. Raiatea Rent a Car. Car was not in perfect shape but it was fine according to them. I just looked and think maybe wifi is not working on the island at the moment.
  3. Petoonya

    Snorkel masks always leak.

    Agree with all the above. Have a narrow face, and masks always leaked. A few years back invested in a mask that fits great at a snorkel/dive shop in Maui. If only cost me $50 and no more leaks. For as much as I travel and snorkel it makes all the difference in the world.
  4. Petoonya

    Ferry Info from Papeete to Moorea

    Golly, I was wrong about the charge for transport from the ferry to Hilton. It was 1000XPF per person each way. Just checked my confirmation email from December. Maybe the Hilton is quoting a roundtrip price but if not Torea Nui transport was excellent.
  5. Petoonya

    Ferry Info from Papeete to Moorea

    Not only does the Hilton have terrific bungalows, but for day users it has some of the the best snorkeling on the island and use of all water toys. Lovely pool and friendly staff. And excellent, huge lunch. We wished we could have stayed longer but had to catch ferry back to a departing cruise ship.
  6. We just did this cruise in December and we docked in Cooks Bay which is approximately 10-12 miles from Vaire where the ferry lands. We used Torea Nui Transport while we were there. Very nice people and more reasonable than taxi. enttoreanui@gmail.com. But Wind Spirit can also dock at Papetoai when big ships are visiting so it's good to check with your agent. That's more like 15 miles from the ferry.
  7. Petoonya

    Ferry Info from Papeete to Moorea

    Can't help you with prearranged transfer in Papeete, but there are a ton of taxis waiting for flights at the airport. And it's about 3-4 blocks to walk to ferry from Hotel Sarah Nui. We just used Torea Nui Transport in Moorea to the Hilton in December- they were wonderful. Air conditioned van to the Hilton and even though our ferry was 1/2 hour late they waited right by the dock for us. 1500XPF each way. They were right there outside the Hilton waiting for us at our prearranged time. enttoreanui@gmail.com Highly recommend. https://toreanui.com/
  8. Wow, Newleno that is an enormous price difference. Can really understand why you need to disembark. Maybe you could ask to speak to a supervisor as well as get it in writing. The other option you have is disembarking in Moorea and taking the ferry back. Best wishes.
  9. Petoonya

    Ferry Info from Papeete to Moorea

    One other thing. Just in case you are interested in doing the day at the Hilton, you don't pay till you arrive so you can reserve but there is no obligation. There are taxis at the ferry so you can arrange a return time from anywhere if you choose. Also we used Terevau Ferry rather than Aremiti as the times worked better. Have a wonderful trip!
  10. Newleno, like Rally says as soon as docked and cleared by customs you'll be allowed to disembark. I was just on Wind Spirit in December and we didn't dock in Papeete until 7am. Check with your TA to be sure but 12:01am disembarkment on our cruise would have been impossible. Hate to think that the time would affect your ability to take the cruise. If you can get the same flight for the following day I know a terrific little Airbnb that you can use for your post cruise day that is very reasonable. Pickup and drop off at airport only 1000XPF each way extra.
  11. Petoonya

    Anchor ports Tahiti

    I was just on the 17 day in Nov/Dec and the only ports the sports platform was not available was Papeete, Raiatea and Tahaa/Motu Mahaea (because almost everything but tubing is available on Motu Mahaea). Others may have had a different experience on Motu Mahaea. But really going to FP you might think about doing some snorkeling aside from the sports platform. At the minimum, do it in Bora Bora. Tohora Bora Bora- perfection for 4.5 hrs only $100USD pp. You can do a short tour in the morning at any stop, have lunch, and go back to the platform afterwards till 3pm. So much to see there- and you don't want to miss a thing after that long flight and so much invested.
  12. Hi there. I don't know anything about transportation in Fakarava but wanted to possibly discourage you from walking/bicycling. We were just there in December and it was sooooo hot that those who were bicycling were sweating and struggling with the heat. The heat and humidity are oppressive Nov-Mar, much more so that June-Sept.We walked about in several of the islands but quickly gave up and headed back to the ship we were perspiring so badly. I hope that you can find some kind of transportation. Like you say the atoll doesn't have much of a tourist industry. But you might want to contact Ato, Fakarava Explorer and see if he knows of someone willing to do it. Or contact one of the dive shops. Tours sometimes come together via word of mouth. Best wishes.
  13. Petoonya

    Ferry Info from Papeete to Moorea

    Spent 2 days in Moorea on a B2B cruise last month, but wanted an extra day there on a day to be spent in Papeete between cruises. Not meaning to rain on your parade but I quickly gave up on using a bus after looking into it. First of all It was difficult enough to get the ferry times to work within our confines. And since the buses run according to ferry times they are very infrequent. It's not like the usual HOHO where you can expect the next bus within 30 minutes. Often the bus drivers don't even know the ferry schedules as the ferry times are not precise. Both buses end up at Le Petit Village in the northwest part of the island. A popular restaurant in the vicinity is Snack Mahana, great food. If you get stuck in that area a ride back could be hard to come by but if you are willing to take the risk it's about $60. I'm not a risk taker when I cruise, and things in Tahiti are very laid back- not reliable schedules including buses. Love Moorea. We used that extra day taking the ferry over and doing a day pass at the Hilton Moorea for $90pp with use of everything plus a fantastic lunch. It would have been nice to have the option to take it or leave it, but still grateful that we did it the way we did. We also had a great day jet skiing with Moorea Activities Center and another renting a car and driving the island. It's wonderful to be able to wing it though and hope you get the chance.
  14. You might find the post below helpful. It's from a recent thread from a traveler who was in the exact same circumstances as yours in Papeete. Taina Tahiti Tours in Papeete is what is being discussed, and they offer the services you are looking for. "....Taina Tahiti Tours - they have a Facebook page. She met our group of 8 at the cruise port, ferried us around Tahiti, and dropped us off at the airport. Fortunately, our cruise line transported our luggage to the airport - if you are carrying luggage with you, she can accommodate 6 people. Her English was excellent, and we enjoyed the tour."
  15. Petoonya

    Upcoming Cruise ... freaking out a little ...

    So sorry you've had to go through all of this with him, but especially happy that Barney has a new lease on life. He looks pretty perky in the most recent photo and has a little glint in his eye. He's got a few weeks to stabilize even further before you leave and that'll give you the confidence you need to get yourselves to Papeete. I prayed for him too and will continue to. Our animals really are part of our families and they are such innocents. My dogs are big knuckleheads but gotta love 'em anyway. Best wishes and continued recovery to Barney.