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  1. I’ve always been under the impression that if your phone is even off airplane mode, you will run up a huge bill. I’ve never heard of any plan that makes it feasible while cruising. That’s not to say that it doesn’t exist. I just totally unplug from the internet and back home when on a cruise. That’s my vacation time. I know that you said you need it for work, but aren’t you allowed vacation time? That is your time, not your employer’s. My hubby and I were professionals prior to our retirement, and we never felt the need to stay in touch with the job. I’m so surprised of all the people that feel the need to stay in touch with their jobs. Before cell phones and internet, nobody even questioned this. When they were on vacation, they remained on vacation. But I guess times are different, and today’s work force always feels that need to stay connected. So, my advice to you is to call AT&T and clarify what they mean by this plan, or you could run up a huge bill.



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    I am allowed 5+ weeks off from work so if somebody needs to reach me for an urgent issue, I don’t mind.



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  2. WiFi calling with the premium internet plan has worked well for me in the past. This AT&T plan is definitely interesting. The fine print says the plan will be in effect when connected to Cellular at Sea so the only potential charges should be data overages or connecting in a non-covered port which if you keep data roaming off should not be an issue. Definitely give them a call to verify but it looks good.



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  3. You can call the ship directly


    NCL Ship Telephone & Fax Numbers


    When calling from the United States:

    Dial 1.888.NC SHIPS (627.4477), select the ship, and enter your credit card information.


    When Calling from outside the United States:

    Dial 1.732.335.3280, select the ship, and enter your credit card information.



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  4. 302555139_008?$s7product$&fmt=jpg&fit=constrain,1&wid=1024&hei=1336




    Exactly like this only flowers instead of polka dots




    Oh wow, that is super cute and now I want one! I always cringe a little bit at the strapless ones that seem to require the wearer to tug up repeatedly but this is very different and nice. I would totally wear that to dinner.



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  5. Well darn! I wonder if I call them they'll 'downgrade' my offer? I'm not taking one of the 10 7-night sailings offered due to lack of vacation time. More options on a 4-day sailing (especially out of Mobile) would be perfect! Think I'll do some research on this next week. :confused: I still think it's odd that I got the offer to begin with when I haven't sailed with them in 3 years, and only hit above 7500 points once or twice in those old sailings. Weird.




    Check your Carnival vifp account online, you can usually see all of your available offers there and both types of premiers.



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  6. Ship departs at 5pm with last call at 4pm. https://www.ncl.com/faq%2523boarding-times


    Pretty sure we can get 25 miles to Port Carnival from the airport in 4 hours.




    Unless you are using a different airport, MCO to Port Canaveral is 45 miles. It is also Saturday in the tail end of spring break, MCO will be insane. You seem to have it all figured out though so good luck to you.



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  7. Thanks all!




    Clarification for Julie. I have a roaming package thats good for the Islands so as long as I am NOT on Cellular at Sea, I will be fine. Just kept hearing about people sitting on deck using phones !!




    Ah ok yep, it shows up on the top left and I typically get a text message as well. What you can also do to be sure you don’t accidentally end up on Cellular at Sea is when you get to the ship, go into your iPhone settings under “Carrier” and turn off “automatic” you will then be able to manually select the cellular carrier that you want to use.



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  8. I am not sure what exactly you are asking. Are you talking about turning off cellular service and connecting to a Wi-Fi network? We do that both on the ship and in port and use Wi-Fi calling on our iPhones. You can also call using the cellular network but what charges you get will depend upon the cellular provider you have, what plan you have, and which cellular provider you are connecting to in order to place the calls.



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