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  1. framer


  2. framer

    Regal Princess Dry Cleaning

    I've used the cleaning service many times from Princess and have been pleased with the results. framer
  3. framer

    Can we bring drone onto ship?

    A lot of folk know the rules if the fly UAV's. If they are serious they get certified from the FAA. Those folks should be allow to legally fly them where allowed. If they are certified they know where to find info on airspace. FWIW, there are some professional small fold up UAV's that would be perfect for traveling. Knowing the rules It does upset me when I see some idiot flying over a large assembly of people. framer
  4. framer


    Nobody goes hungry. Eat 24/7. Don't forget my favorite, "room service", for lunch on your balcony if it's a nice day. framer
  5. framer

    Cabin Decorations

    Tip: take a small bottle of glass cleaner, think eyeglass cleaner size. Clean the spots on the glass that you will tape the lights to, the glass will have a film of salt and moisture from the sea that will effect the tape sticking good. Use heavy duty clear packing tape. Make sure to make a removal tab on the tape before you tape the wire on. Have fun. framer
  6. framer

    Cabin Decorations

    Our steward was ask from the bridge to check on our lights. We had some on the balcony. We showed him they were battery operated and he said he would tell the bridge and they should be OK. He later came back and said the bridge approved battery operated lights. I had brought a couple of outdoor rated battery operated strings for use on the balcony. We were the only one's that I saw with outside lights😁 You might get away with a plug in string if you unplug them when out of the room and not use them outside; however, you might be told by your room steward to take them down. framer
  7. framer

    Cabin Decorations

    Magnets w/hooks work the best. Lights if used must be battery operated, they do not allow plug-in Christmas lights. There are fabulous LED battery operated lights you can bring. We even packed a 24" tree w/stand for the round table. Here's a photo of our room a couple years ago. Have fun, framer
  8. framer

    Nervous about Forward, upper deck, cabin?

    Love the forward cabins, forward views are the best. Worst weather we've been in were 20' seas on the way to HI. We were in the most forward inside cabin for that cruise. Kinda like a carnival ride(pun intended). You get rocked to sleep like a baby. If the price is right enjoy. framer
  9. framer

    Cyber Monday

    The Caribbean Cruises for spring 2020 include free unlimited internet. framer
  10. framer

    Cyber Monday

    I booked a cruise for a buck... I'll give that new Sky Princess a go. 3 for Free + free internet = 4 for free framer
  11. That will have to wait to the wife retires. framer
  12. I had not even thought about that. I will look into it, sounds like fun. Thanks framer
  13. framer

    Club Class intro in cabin

    Tried it for the 1st time this last January. Loved it. I now have two future cruises booked in CC. framer
  14. framer

    Regal Princess. Tips

    1st I tried to send you a private message but this new system told me I was not allowed. Nikon D810 w/70-200 AFS f/2.8 lens. It was taken in Ketchican AK on the Deadliest Catch Tour. Thanks for you comment. framer
  15. framer

    Royal - "forward" mini suites

    The very few forward facing mini suites on Royal Class ships go fast. I've been known to book 2 years in advance to get one of those cabins. M108 is my 1st choice. framer