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  1. Hi Jacqui! Can you please add this to the list? Thank you. December 22, 2019 Koningsdam 11 Day Southern Caribbean Wayfarer Holiday It's back on the Koningsdam for us to celebrate Christmas & New Year's! Looking forward to our first extended holiday cruise.
  2. Congrats on your awesome upsell! We just had our first (and probably only) Neptune aft in December. The views are amazing. In addition to all the wonderful perks everyone mentioned, you can have snacks delivered to your room in the afternoon. It was really nice to sit on our wrap around deck and have our own happy hour. Talk to the concierge about ordering them. To us, having the concierge in the Neptune Lounge is worth every dollar not to have to go to guest services. I will say, we have had varied experiences with the Neptune Lounge concierge. It has been different on every ship. Some were more pro-active than others. But they are truly appreciated for the personal service that they provide to Neptune guests.
  3. Another vote for the Eixample district and the Hotel Europark was very pleasant. We loved the area.
  4. Aweeee. I'm so sorry to hear about Host Walt. He will be missed on the boards and was so helpful to all of us in the CC community. Rest in peace.😪💔
  5. Bon voyage! Wishing you both a wonderful cruise!
  6. Hi Rosskeys, We are very interested in any information that you can share about the Retreat deck. We are coming from Retreat Cabanas on HAL and are used to having our own space. So very curious about how busy it is. Would like to know if you can get a lounge chair at any time or do you still need to arrive early. (Especially on sea days.) We are also interested in the service level. Is there a bar or a place to get drinks in the Retreat itself? Thank you so much for taking time out of your vacay to help educate all of us! We are enjoying your review very much and it is so helpful. Enjoy!
  7. Thank you, everyone! Happy holidays to all whether you be celebrating on land or sea.🛳️🏖️😎
  8. Bon Voyage, Everyone! We're so excited for you. Safe travels and thanks for taking us all along with you.🍾
  9. We had a Vista Suite. It is only slightly larger than a veranda and the bathroom is small. Two people can't fit in the bathroom at once. Can you go on the website that can't be named and look at pictures of Vista Suites? Then you can get a better idea if you think your family can manage in one. Good luck!
  10. The first time I tried to login after the website changed I could not get in. I tried changing my password at least 7-10 times and I had no luck. I sent several emails to Cruise Critic with no response. I finally got through to someone through a direct message on Instagram who forwarded my information to someone who contacted me by email and eventually reset my password for me.
  11. We use our Retreat Cabana everyday, not just sea days. We always spend time in there when we get back from port. We will also spend some time in there in the morning if a port arrival is later. You can have breakfast and lunch in the cabana. It is definitely worth it to have a space to return to each day. I think it's a great idea for a solo traveler because if you leave your chair to swim or get something to eat, you won't have to worry about leaving your things behind. We don't mind taking a walk to the pool and we usually go to the aft pool which Is for adults. We don't mind, we go down, hang out on the back deck for a while, have a drink and maybe a slice of pizza. It's a nice little excursion before returning to the Retreat for peace & quiet. :D
  12. We just got off Odyssey yesterday after a two week Greek Islands cruise ( which was awesome BTW!). We haven't been on Seabourn since 2014 and had only been on the little sisters so not sure what the usual expectations are for the Odyssey. We got a letter in our room within the first couple days saying that there were special things planned to celebrate the 30th. But we never really knew what those things were. We did not get a pin. There was not a special dinner. We got a jar of peppers one night at turn down and evil eyes on another night. We were left wondering if these were 30th gifts or usual treats. We had a couple dance parties on deck, and two classical music concerts by the staff on deck. Again, not sure if these were as per usual or part of the 30th festivities. There is no deck dinner anymore but the last night we had an officers' party with food stations. The entire crew and all the officers came out to deck 9 and walked around. Chelsea and Anna were the CD and assistant CD and I believe they were responsible for a lot of the entertainment on the ship. Sounds like they plan out each cruise and customize what they do depending on the passenger mix.
  13. Diann, I'd be careful with Luggage Direct. Once when we were cruising with family, we all signed up for Luggage Direct. Boy was I surprised when I got pulled over into a special room after disembarking. Apparently, some Luggage Direct users are pulled for random searches and I was one of them. Everyone was waiting for me for our ride to the FLL airport! It all worked out but I was concerned at first before I knew what was going on. I did sit in the special room for a while before I was called over as they searched my luggage. Anyway, my point is, if you have to get to the airport, walk off with your own luggage. I do think you have a good chance of making your flight. And the advice to have a backup plan is a good one. Enjoy your cruise!
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