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  1. This one does! ✋ However, mine is one that magnifies X7 to help me with my make-up. 👀 Kat 😻
  2. cruisehome, Note the attached dinner menu shows how Gluten Free, Vegetarian, No Sugar Added, Lactose Free, and Fit Fare are marked as upwarduk mentions. Kat 1396545028_CosmoRestdinner.pdf
  3. FYI: In your case regarding a RCI ship, the Find Your Royal Caribbean Roll Call is OUT OF ORDER. See the following from CC Help Jenn: Hi Everyone! While your roll call topics are available to read and post in their respective ROLL CALL FORUMS, our FIND YOUR ROLL CALL search tool that allows you to easily search for your roll call is currently under the weather. New roll calls are not being added into the search tool at the moment. My team is working to diagnose and correct the issues and I will update when I know more. In the meanwhile, roll calls can be found/searched for by browsing or searching in the roll call forums themselves. You can get to the Roll Call Forums here: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/20-roll-calls/ Once you locate the Roll Call forum for your line and ship: Click the forum name to open the forum Browse the pages of topic titles to find your particular cruise sail date. Click the title that matches your cruise Read Posts/Click Reply to post your own message on the roll call thread. Type your message in and click Submit Reply button. Your post will appear in the topic. We feel sure your fellow Roll Call members will post welcoming replies. You are now forming your on-line relationship with cruisers just like you. What if there isn't a Roll Call for my sailing? You can start one! Click ROLL CALL FORUMS Click your Ship's or Cruise Line's name to open the correct forum Browse the topic titles shown in the forum to double check there is no existing Roll Call topic for your sail date. Click the Start New Topic button at the top of the Ship's roll call forum. In the Title Box, type the name of your ship, your sail date and year. When you create a new ROLL CALL topic, you MUST include the sail date in the subject line, and here's the suggested format: Example: January 1, 2016 Type a message in the message box and click the Submit Topic button. Thanks for your patience while we work on the tool!
  4. cruisehome, I suggest you contact the Celebrity Access Department for that information. From the Celebrity site at https://www.celebritycruises.com/special-needs: For more information contact our Access Department at (866) 592-7225 (voice), fax (954) 628-9622, send an e-mail to special_needs@celebrity.com, or have your local Travel Agent or International Representative contact us. On the attached Celebrity Guest Special Needs form's last page there is a Medical Related Dietary Requests section where Regular lactose-free milk is mentioned. Happy sails, Kat Celebrity-Guest-Special-Needs-Form.pdf
  5. TxCityKat


  6. Please note it probably worked for you because that Roll Call thread started waaaay back on December 17, 2017 BEFORE the Roll Call finder tool went wonky. @1025cruise is correct. The "Find your Roll Call" tool" and "quick and easy Roll Call Finder tool" mentioned in How To: Create A New Roll Call and What is a Roll Call? Everything you Need to Know has been OUT OF ORDER for a very long time and is no longer being updated. See CC Help Jenn's Roll Call Tool - Under Construction. NO NEW Roll Call information is being added into the BROKEN Find Your Roll Call search tool as well as all the other ship Roll Call Finder tools with the . The search tool was "fixed" back in May for a very short time. But alas, it "broke" again. ☹️ The broken search tool no longer gives members a way to easily find and then be redirected to their Roll Call threads. Also other information is not being updated too such as number of members on the thread. Hopefully all Roll Call threads for all ships and all cruise lines in all their Roll Call forums will be correctly added back into the search tool with the correct updated information and redirects AFTER the search tool is repaired, IF IT EVER IS. In the meantime, any members looking for their Roll Call thread for the first time should NOT use the BROKEN search tool. As CC Help Jenn mentions in Roll Call Tool - Under Construction, members need to browse their ship's Roll Call forum pages carefully looking for a thread with their sail date in the title. If they do not find one, they need to start one. Yes, this is back to the way it was done waaaay back before there was a Roll Call search tool. I truly wish 🤞 there was more "signage" out there explaining this situation. For additional information regarding the Roll Call finder tool, please read the following thread: Due to the tool being broken, multiple Roll Call threads for same sail dates are being created in the Roll Call forums. If you notice there is more than one Roll Call thread for the same sail date, please e-mail your merge request to help@cruisecritic.com from your Cruise Critic e-mail address of record. Also please include your user name, the Roll Call forum name, each thread title and each thread link when you request the merge. All posts in the merged thread will appear in post date/time order on the Roll Call thread title with the first start date. Merges should be requested per the following in How To: Create A New Roll Call: ... If you see two or more threads for the same sail date please email help@cruisecritic.com to have them merged... I sincerely hope this information will be helpful! Happy sails to all, Kat 😺
  7. And now Jenn's Roll Call Tool - Under Construction that WAS in Announcements is no longer there. ☹️ Her Roll Call Tool - Under Construction only appears as a pinned thread on the first page of this Need Help Using the Forums? Check Here! forum. Kat 🐱
  8. @cruisenewbie1 You might want to check out the Disabled Cruise Travel forum since that's where cruisers with physical limitations share their advice & experiences. Someone there may have cruised from NOLA while on Peritoneal dialysis too. Hopefully they will be able to give you the answers you seek there. Also, you might want to check out the Ports of Call - New Orleans forum too.
  9. @longhorn2004 Here is what is needed to qualify: Disabled Vets & Purple Heart Recipients The Port of Galveston would like to extend a complimentary parking space to Disabled American Veterans and Purple Heart recipients. To qualify for a complimentary parking space read the following information: States that DO offer Disabled American Veteran and Purple Heart license plates will need the following: Ø State vehicle registration receipt with Disabled Veteran or Purple Heart Recipient License Plates Ø Driver’s license or state-issued ID to match the vehicle registration information Ø The Disabled American Veteran or Purple Heart Recipient MUST be present at time of check in along with the vehicle that has the DV/PH license plate States that DO NOT offer Disabled American Veteran and Purple Heart license plates will need the following: Documents needed from Disabled Veterans: Ø Award Letter showing service-connected disability of 50% or higher Ø Driver’s license or state-issued ID to match the name on the Award Letter Ø The Disabled American Veteran MUST be present at time of check in Documents needed from Purple Heart Recipients: Ø DD-214 showing that the individual was a recipient of a Purple Heart Medal Ø Driver’s license or state-issued ID to match the name on the DD-214 Ø The Purple Heart Recipient MUST be present at time of check in Please DO NOT reserve parking ahead of time, it is not necessary. When you arrive at the parking lot, let the gate attendant know you are here for DV/PH parking and they will send you to the port parking staff’s office, which is a white trailer near the gate. Complimentary parking is only offered on the day you arrive to sail and it’s good for the duration of the cruise. NO REFUNDS OR REIMBURSEMENTS will be granted after the vessel sails port. Lot A is located at 160 33rd Street Lot B is located at 224 33rd Street No Discounted Parking in the Garage Email any questions you may have to parking@portofgalveston.com
  10. 2old4this, I see you also posted the same request on the Princess Cruises forum asking members sailing with you to carry bottles of wine so you can host a wine tasting. Essiesmom is correct. The Roll Call thread for your cruise is the ONLY place where you should have posted the request. As a reminder, please note the following information from What is a Roll Call? Everything you Need to Know: ... Please remember, do not start a new Roll Call topic on the Roll Call forum or any other message board forum with your share request. Use your existing Roll Call topic to post your share request...
  11. Perhaps the following thread from the Cruise Air forum will be helpful. Quite a few are mentioned. Now if they have alerts or not, I do not know.
  12. A good place to research is the Cruise/Travel Insurance forum. Kat
  13. Howdy shel003! I suggest you research the Disabled Cruise Travel forum. That's where cruisers with physical limitations share their advice & experiences. Someone there will have probably sailed Princess, went to Oslo and will be able to give you the answers you seek. I sincerely hope this will be helpful and glad to have you aboard Cruise Critic! Kat 🐱
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