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  1. Maybe I'm not paying attention but I've never heard of such a thing on Princess. There are Escape Rooms.
  2. I was on the Grand in January and we had 12. I would think it would be the same...interesting.
  3. Yes, it's that way on a few of the ships...the Grand also for sure. If you click on the picture on the website, it states it clearly that they can't be adjusted.
  4. For the cabins that I want, for the prices they are charging, I think we're just going to do a land vacation for half the price. Maybe when I'm older and richer.
  5. There are 2 window suites each on the forthcoming Sky and Enchanted but they look like whole different creatures than the ones on the ships mentioned above.
  6. The Chef's Table on the Grand was wonderful. Enjoyed our dining companions and the food was amazing.
  7. I enjoy it but it's not a deal breaker. I'd be more upset if they took the full MDR menu ordering away from room service. I love my breakfast on my balcony.
  8. They don't have a typical app, just stuff you can use onboard. It would be nice if they had one that you could use like the website but that doesn't seem to be a priority with them.
  9. Real ID isn't required anywhere until October 1, 2020 but even then, I'm not sure if it affects ships or just planes. TSA website should be able to tell you.
  10. Thanks, I was more wondering about Victoria. I've got a car waiting for us in Seattle. We plan on taking advantage of the Seattle port luggage service so customs there should be pretty easy.
  11. If you don't mind, I have some questions for you.. How long does it take to get off the ship? Are there cabs waiting at the pier if you don't want to do the shuttle? Were there pedicabs available for hire? Thanks
  12. I agree. I got the other one on the TA...can't wait. Got an absolutely amazing price.
  13. I get random surveys from them occasionally. I think they are just looking at overall experience not your most recent cruise.
  14. Where? The kind of cabin has nothing to do with anything. Do you have TSA Precheck?
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