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  1. I know that Perry Grant has a charter cruise on Summit leaving New York on 16th June 2020. How can I find out if it is a full charter or just a large group on the ship?
  2. Our OBC (refundable) given to us by our TA, was refunded to my Credit Card today17.09.19.We disembarked Explorer of the Seas on 13.09.19. Impressed.
  3. 500 less passengers on our cruise as most cabins only accommodated 2 passengers instead of 3/4 ie families. Never ever heard so many Alpha calls on a cruise. We arrived in Tenerife from Gran Canaria at 1.45 instead of 7 am to transfer a passenger who had collapsed at Perry’s show, to hospital. The ship was met at every port by an ambulance, including Southampton.
  4. I think living close to the port has a different perception in U.S; one passenger who was bumped as he had booked Guarantee and they had no cabin for them, lived 200 miles away.😱 He didn't consider that to be close to the port. Passengers who are worried, are ringing Royal to be told that providing they have a cabin number they are OK. I also think that this is something to do with 'Royal Up.' I was still being sent e mails as late as last weekend, inviting us to pay between £65 p.p for a Superior Balcony to £2300 p.p for a suite. So it seems that there were rooms available. I live on a pension, so wasn't paying out any more money and I am quite happy with the position of the cabin that I choose. Did people get bumped when the upgrade fairy was at work? Wouldn't Royal just have upgraded Balcony passengers to a suite, insides to a balcony, to make room for the Guarantee passengers to occupy insides?
  5. Initially all had booked direct and had booked Guarantee. One couple were told Guarantee has a different meaning in the UK??
  6. Yes, Explorer from Southampton. Now passengers are being contacted by their Travel Agents.😪 This seems to be a huge mess up by Royal? No one knows how any cabins they are short of, but many many people have been contacted.
  7. Fortunately we haven’t been rung, but people are saying refund and future cruise certificate. At first they were offering Independence of the Seas for 26.09 or 11.10.19. We have an assigned cabin ( we choose it) and also booked through a TA. It seems that’s its people who have booked direct who are being contacted. No one has been called by a TA.
  8. We are supposed to be sailing on Saturday 31.08.19. People are being rung by Royal asking them if they are willing to take a later cruise. Just wondering how usual this is. At the moment, it appears to be those who have booked Direct and booked a Guarenteed cabin. I have read on Social Media that many people have been rung and one has actually been told that they have no room for them and that Guaranteed does not have the same meaning as in the UK. Really?? We were still be invited to ‘Royal Up’ as late as last week. The cheapest offer for us was £65 p.p for a Superior balcony, but as we are pensioners, I’m not paying more money to Royal, so it does sound as if there are cabins available, even though Royal are saying the ship is full. For good PR, Royal should be upgrading passengers for free, as they used to. They have become greedy. https://www.cruisehabit.com/just-airlines-cruise-lines-overbook-–-and-it’s-nothing-new
  9. Azamara arranged one for us as we had booked our Air as well. This was in Montreal when we had completed our TA from Southampton on Quest in 2016. We also had transport included in the package.
  10. Plenty of hotels available in Southampton close to the pier(101 City Cruise Terminal, B on the map, if sailing Royal). I have attached a map so you can see how close some of the hotels are. I believe it will be Anthem of the Seas sailing from Southampton in 2020.
  11. How do you know your Muster station already? I have always looked at the notice on the back of our cabin door to find the information.
  12. Royal are still inviting us to bid, we sail in 9 days. If no one has bid for the suites, do they upgrade at the port?
  13. 4 now, that I have signed up. Thank you you for the link that worked: https://secure.royalcaribbean.co.uk/ccRegister.do
  14. Last year on Silhouette, we were able to get a drink in the MDR, by presenting our card, provided it was before 7 pm.
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