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  1. Arrival into Southampton can be seen on a map here: https://www.*****/cruise-port-tracker/europe/southampton-england/
  2. Just seen this on cruisemapper: ”Celebrity Apex current location is at North East Atlantic Ocean (coordinates 47.28985 N / -3.46497 W) cruising at speed of 11.4 kn (21 kph/ 13 mph) en route to SOUTHAMPTON. The AIS position was reported 2 minutes ago.” Just wonder why she is going to Southampton?
  3. I cancelled on 17th April and claimed on our Insurance x2, as I had heard nothing from the first claim. The Insurance company phoned us on 6th July and settled out claim. I have since been told that claims are only dealt with ONE MONTH before the due sailing date(1st August ). This is in UK.
  4. I have always had quick feedback by complaining on Celebrity FB site. Once, after a recent cruise, my C.C points points were wiped, rather than added to. I rang Celebrity UK, who said it would take about 10 days for points to be added to my account. My complaint was that the points on the account had been wiped, but I had had a promotional e mail stating I was Elite. My complaint on FB was responded to by a phone call from Miami within the hour. She said she could see my points, but I couldn’t, because my D.O.B was input incorrectly (UK format, rather than U.S format). That was adjusted and my correct points appeared on line again.
  5. Azamara are known for staying late in port, not Celebrity.
  6. I have found the International Roll Calls are the ones with most participants. Most recently, we have sailed from Southampton and wonder if cruisers from UK are less inclined to take part.
  7. I believe the updated ships and Edge have something similar via their App. I downloaded the Celebrity App, when Silhouette was upgraded in February, but apparently it can’t be activated until you have filled in ‘Manage your booking ‘ 90 days before boarding. Sadly, this never happened, as we were due to sail on August 1st.
  8. Elite too. We have never boarded by assigned timing, as Deck 6 WAS one of the last to board, but as we have Elite status, we drove to the port when we had checked out of the hotel.
  9. Far cheaper way than when we aimed for Elite. We took a 2 day repositioning cruise from Amsterdam to Southampton, to make sure we were Elite for our 14 night cruise.
  10. Well, if that is the case, I won’t be booking a cruise. I have asthma, so find difficulty breathing with a mask on. I am continuing to order on line, so that I can avoid going into shops. I’m not going to book a place for our 1st Church service on Sunday next, as there is no way I will sit for an hour with a mask on. So, until a vaccine is produced, I will not be cruising again, unfortunately.
  11. If Constellation hasn’t been refurbished by 2022, could you claim the sailing at a cheaper price? Friends were on her in January 2020 and said that parts were in real need of the upgrade.
  12. I have just had an email from Azamara, indicating that they are giving me a complimentary Double Upgrade to enjoy a Two Category stateroom upgrade on sailings from March 20 th 2021, if I book between September 1st- November 18 th 2020. Plus, an added bonus, if I book by September 18th, I will earn double points towards my Azamara circle loyalty benefits. I just need to mention 2XPOINTS when I book. i would normally jump at an offer like this, but first I want to: a) see when ships start sailing again b) what the new Azamara requirements are for sailing c) if there is a Covid vaccine available. d) any age penalties. We cancelled our recent Celebrity cruise, as a doctors ‘Fit to Sail letter was required. it took me a long time to get our Insurance company to refund our deposit, due the Gov.Uk advice against over 70’s cruising. This advice is still in place for all cruising, so I’m afraid that I won’t be taking up Azamara’s offer, although normally I would have booked ASAP.
  13. I feel exactly the same about any cruise line at the moment. I have just had an e mail from Azamara, indicating that they have a new promotion: Double cabin upgrade and Double Captains circle points. In normal times I would jump on an offer like that, but at the moment I will wait until cruising begins, so that I can see what the health requirements are.
  14. Have intended doing this but never have. i have also intended booking late, to get the best price, but never have. However, I really think that this will be the way to cruise in the future, as at the moment there are so many unknowns: 1) When the ships start sailing again 2) Health requirements as stipulated by the cruise company 3) Our health status and age 4) Itinerary- will the ship be allowed to Dock? Far too many unknowns at the moment.
  15. The price is in $US. No VAT is added, unless you exceed the UK customs allowance (£390). When I bought my iPad mini in 2015, there was also a great e change rate, so I was actually able to buy 128gb for slightly less than £390.
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