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  1. I was desperate to get to Elite due the priority tendering perk. We had a bad experience in Split, where it took us 3 HOURS to get off the Eclipse. I was told I should have booked a ship’s excursion to guarantee getting off the ship early.
  2. At one time X sold 5 tee shirts for $20, on a TA. They obviously wanted to get rid of their European stock. They were excellent quality and my husband still goes to the end of cruise sales to see if he can get more, but they don’t actually need replacing.
  3. Much better arrangements on our recent Royal Explorer of the Seas cruise, the mini bar was empty on embarkation day, enabling us to put our 2 bottles of wine in immediately.
  4. When I tried to link reservations in 2013, it wouldn’t allow me to do it, as we had booked in different currencies. Our friends Canadian TA tried, but was unsuccessful. We eventually went to the MDR ( Select) on embarkation afternoon, where it was sorted.
  5. So, are still at a disadvantage if we book via UK, we just loose our deposit as we have always done ( different T&C). I was once told that as I am Elite, I can move my booking for free, but only ONCE.
  6. Sue Denning joined the ship on 8th Nov. Normally, she is on 4 month contracts, which would mean that she would be leaving at the beginning of Feb 2020. BUT, I have no idea what will happen during the dry dock, so maybe someone on board can ask her.
  7. I am sure that flights have a lot to answer for, where the same air is circulated throughout the flight. Since we have sailed from Southampton( meaning we have driven to the port) I have not had a chest infection on a cruise. I avoid the buffet if possible, as I can never be sure if serving spoons have been cross contaminated with Dairy ( I am Dairy Intolerant). We eat in the MDR wherever possible. I also have never been into the casino. Do all the machines get wiped after someone has finished playing? I imagine not.
  8. Has Tuscan Grille been moved. I have always entered on Deck 5 for the Elite breakfast, but the menu you have shown says deck 3.
  9. I know CD Sue Denning joined the ship on 8th Nov. I was quite surprised that she flew out on Thursday ( learnt via her Instagram account) rather than sail on the TA from Southampton.
  10. Just my thought. We were there early September, but choose to go to Puerto de la Cruz, where we had spent a number of holidays in the early 80’s. Last time we were in Santa Cruz it was a building site, as they were re laying tram lines, so I suppose it put me off staying in the port, so thank you for the photos. The attached photo of the Opera house, was taken as we left the port on 7Sept ‘19. It was built to mimic the Sydney Opera house.
  11. Celebrity UK ‘We're absolutely delighted to have won Best Premium Cruise Line at the Scottish Travel Awards last night. Thank you #ScottishTravelAwards!’
  12. For those that missed the Rock, I took the attached photo from my cabin window in May 2017. It was a partially obstructed cabin, so the photo has been cropped to eradicate the top of a lifeboat.
  13. The next to final sentence should read - ‘as I am Dairy Intolerant.’ Not sure why that changed.
  14. We have frequented the Elite breakfast in Tuscan on Sea days. On Eclipse in 2015 it was buffet style, on Silhouette 2018 it was plated service. Not sure if this was because there were fewer Elites, or whether it was due to a ruling that buffet service cannot happen in carpeted areas. The attached picture is of the Ultimate platter, which I had already shared with my husband. He had the cheese, i a meal Dairy Intolerant. There was also cheese & fruit platter on offer.
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