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  1. Has anyone else come across this? All times were greyed out, I could only select passengers!
  2. Make sure you have your phone on airplane mode when at sea, Calls cost $$$ as the ship uses satellite connection. This is why we use our Elite minutes.
  3. You will need your Captain’s club number to log in.
  4. I usually pre book our dining time about 3 weeks before sailing. It is a long drawn process, as each night has to be booked individually. Today, I decided that I would start the process, as I had a few hours to spare, while waiting for a telephone call I managed the 1st day, but couldn’t get any more days reserved. I was given a message, which said: ”We are sorry but this restaurant is not available during this time. Please update your choice, or one of the guests does not meet the criteria.” Really?
  5. I had a RCCL cruise cancelled in 2011, which was for my 70 th Birthday. I was given a FCC and we used it for a Celebrity cruise to Hawaii in 2012.
  6. We will be too, in August. Looking forward to it as it is out first time Concierge.
  7. I think there is an attempt to get bookings ‘universal.’ For too long those of us booking in the UK have suffered with higher prices caused by the multiple booking of rooms by US passengers. We have always lost our deposit if we cancel ,due to our T&C. so only book a cruise that we intend to take.
  8. Since the advent of NRD, this might not be the case. It’s the reason NRD were introduced.
  9. I would go on to the Celebrity web site for the most up to date benefits. Its 2012 since we were Select, so I can’t remember clearly of any other benefits.
  10. We usually go on a Sea day. I have had both plated (Silhouette2018) and buffet style on Eclipse.(2015). I understood that they had reverted to plated, as a buffet cannot be served on carpeted areas.
  11. In the last few years we have been allowed to change our cruise booking ONCE at a cost of £75 p.p. This was allowed after so many complaints from UK passengers, that they were treated differently from US pax. We are still different however, we don’t get the choice of deposits, unless we book on the ship ( or so I have been told).
  12. I cancelled and rebooked an excursion a few weeks as as the cost had gone down. The refund was credited back to my card in 6 working days ( I didn’t count Saturday and Sunday) So, I cancelled on Feb 3rd and it was refunded on Feb 11th.
  13. Do you mean Suite guests ami3679? All passengers on the ship are regarded as guests. Bristol5 BUT, this is also the case on Royal ( Explorer of the Seas). We were denied access to the seats in the centre of the balcony, as we are only Diamond on Royal ( via Elite on Celebrity). They were reserved for Diamond Plus and above.
  14. I’m afraid you will get responses from US passengers on here, which will have different T&C. UK also suffers from different T&C.
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