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  1. People on the Royal board are interpreting it as Adult only cruises.
  2. My husband and I had our first dose of the vaccine 8 weeks ago, so should be getting the second one this month. Many cruises that we have been on are tender ports, so I can’t see a problem about not being able to go ashore. Not sure how Anthem compares in size to Celebrity Silhouette, but we have seen her in Liverpool.
  3. Seems that RCG have decided that a vaccination is necessary. Odyssey now moved to Haifa, Israel, for vaccinated Israelis over 16 and crew.
  4. I would book Starboard side, as you won’t then get stale smoke from Deck 5 Port side. The advantage of the hump cabins, is that they are in the centre of the ship, therefore least movement. I would not book a forward cabin, in case you have bad weather. Have a look at the S class , someone will most probably have written a report.
  5. Apparently the UK has ordered 30,000 doses.
  6. Here, here. Just hope our UK government decides that they are required, then hopefully they can rescind the following advice: https://www.express.co.uk/travel/cruise/1402897/cruise-holidays-cruises-2021-fco-travel-advice-when-cruise-ship-will-start
  7. It doesn’t look as though there will be cruising from UK in the near future, while the cruising ban is still in place: https://www.express.co.uk/travel/cruise/1402897/cruise-holidays-cruises-2021-fco-travel-advice-when-cruise-ship-will-start
  8. I fancy any cruise. However unless GovUK lifts that cruising ban we can’t bring all those cruise clothes out of the wardrobe. Here is a link to the cruising ban in UK, mentioned by sandancer: https://www.express.co.uk/travel/cruise/1402897/cruise-holidays-cruises-2021-fco-travel-advice-when-cruise-ship-will-start
  9. He was on Royal (Explorer of the Seas) in September 2019. At the moment I believe he is still in UK. He came over last Fall to sell his house, but everything has slowed down in house sales.
  10. Actually it seems they have taken them from C1 down to SV. These cabins have large balconies are were very desirable as C1’s. We stayed in 9156 FV in 2013. I did read that after being refurbished, they would be reclassified. Hopefully, they will be easier to book, as classed as FV, they weren’t available to book for less than 5 people. As we were doing a TA, which families don’t tend to sail, they were released in June for our October sailing.We had a 1A booked, so were able to transfer at no additional cost.
  11. Will the new owners accept 125% of a cruise fare issued by RCG?
  12. When I first opened the information about Europe, there was a space for my C.C number. I read the information and then opened the quiz section for a second time. This time, by C.C had been inserted, so there was no need for me to put it in. I have done PUP activities in the past, so conclude it’s not only for new participants.
  13. As things stand at the moment, anyone flying into England has to quarantine for 10 days, either in a hotel if they come from a country on the ‘red’ list, or at home. So, this could make a big difference for cruise embarkation. If the ships even come to Southampton for the summer season, who will be able to embark- maybe only passengers who live in UK? I quite fancy a Round Britain cruise.😱
  14. The Newsletter also contains 6 photos of the RibEye Steak contributions, cooked by members.
  15. Just when I was wondering if we had a chance to get away in the summer, after the Prime Minister announced the UK’s road map out Lockdown, on Monday 22.02.21: https://www.azamara.com/cruising-suspension
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