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  1. Royal Caribbean does have the six person rooms. You do have to call if you are booking more than four to a room though. If you do a search for four people, it will at least show you if they are available. Look for ultra spacious- interior, ocean view, and ocean view with balcony. They have the twin beds that push together, a sofa bed, and a set of bunk beds. The ships that have the panoramic ocean view also have two of these rooms in the panoramic view option, but they are under the suite category and are pricier.
  2. We love our shoe organizer for various items. Kids items down low- crayons, etc and anything requiring adult up higher. Hair brushes, sunscreen, bandaids, medications, charging cords, all go in their own “shoe” compartment. magnetic hooks for the walls. We hang lanyards, hats, bathing suits, etc on them. we took our own toddler cup, bottle brush, and small container of dish soap. Brush and soap were kept in organizer. We washed the cup every night. we use tablets for downtime at the dinner table in the main dining room. They have been good in there, but there are still times we needed to entertain them with something. if you aren’t limited on luggage space (driving to port, etc) you may want to pack a small fold-up step stool to help the little one reach the sink for brushing teeth, etc. And, if the youngest is a boy, he may need it for reaching the potty as well. Just make sure you are with them while using in just in case of any sudden boat movements. We never had an issue with that, but I always played it on the safe side.
  3. Thank you everyone. It's good to know there is a site to go to and that some still get these emails. They supposedly "reset" my email options a few times, like you gi_pam, and it still never worked.
  4. A long time ago I opted in for email promotions from Royal. I receive them from, Azmara, but never have from Royal. I have even called to verify that I should be receiving emails. And no, they don’t go to my spam box either. I have read before that others have this issue as well. I am wondering if anyone else having this issue has still received a Royal Up email. I can keep up with sales between reading on here and their site. But, for the first time, I would love to have the option to bid up on our next cruise and am hoping I will get that email.
  5. Our first cruise was when my boys were 3 and 7. We brought tablets with movies downloaded, but then they never really touched them. We also brought some small toys and crayons with books. These came in handy when we wanted some down time in the room. We brought sippy cups with a bottle brush and travel size container with dish soap. A shoe organizer to place the crayons and other small items in. Kid items at the bottom, adult items (sunscreen, bandaids, etc) at the top. Bring any medication you may need as the on board prices are high. If your youngest is a boy, bring a foldable step stool that you can place in your luggage. Our youngest was on the small side and it was difficult for him to use the toilet and reach the sink to brush teeth. Just make sure he knows that you are to be with him when he is on it. While we never had major movements from the boat, I would just take caution to be right there in case there is some that causes balance issues on the stool. While a lot of rooms don't have tubs, you can adjust most of the shower heads for them. Our oldest loves kids club, while the younger one prefers to remain with us. Even with that, we did make him attend kids club a couple times to give us some quiet time. We typically stick to our home schedule to cut down on any meltdowns from being overly stimulated. We still go to bed within the same time frame and on sea days we would take breaks in the room to have some quiet time in the middle of the day. Overall, I'm sure your kids will love it as much as ours did. We have been fortunate enough to take them on two more cruises since that one, and as we leave each one they are asking when we will do another.
  6. They were on Ovation with us in August. We don't usually go to shows, but they caught my attention when I walked by the theater. I agree that they are entertaining. I would have enjoyed watching that entire show if my family wasn't waiting on me.
  7. From what I have read, and experienced, you will not get credit or refund. However, if the price drops enough, you can upgrade to better cabin for little to no extra. We got very lucky on one cruise and upgraded from one panoramic ocean view to two connecting balconies for about $100 for all four of us.
  8. I have always been able to book excursions as soon as I booked the cruise. Try clearing your history. Otherwise, you can book by phone. Just pick the excursions you want and call in. I did this once and they individual on the phone was very helpful. I just knew ahead of time which excursion I wanted so that I could give them the specific name and/or excursion number.
  9. My boys (currently 9 and 6) are the same as the previous commenters. They went on their third cruise in August. They have all been 7-8 nights and they have loved all of them. We are in the planning stage for booking another cruise. Personally, I think 3 days would be too short. I would feel like we are getting off just after getting on. I would rather have more time.
  10. I know. I have asked and asked (website and phone calls) to receive emails from them, but I still don't. My in-laws, that are also on this cruise, received the email. I was hoping that if the request to remain connecting could be done, that I could piggyback off of their email since we are a group with three rooms. I'm not sure how to resolve the email issue so that I can personally receive the emails when we are not booked with relatives.
  11. That's what I was afraid of. Thank you for the quick reply.
  12. I don't want to assume anything. We have connecting rooms for my husband and I along with our two kids on our upcoming cruise. If we were to bid in the royal up process, is there any way to request that the upgrades remain as connecting rooms (we would bid for four people total, so two cabins upgraded)? Or, is it a roll of the dice with the chance of separated rooms and/or one upgraded but not the other?
  13. That is great news! Our first cruise was on Legend of the Seas out of Brisbane in 2016. What an amazing city! There will be no hesitation to fly back for a visit, and possibly a cruise, if a chance ($$$) comes up.
  14. I agree that there are some good and bad on the list. We did not bring the plates, but we did bring sippy cups. Along with the dish soap someone else mentioned and a bottle brush. Cups were cleaned in our bathroom. We take hooks, but not to make a room barrier. We hang lanyards, hats, etc there to help organize. We definitely take meds and band aids. We take the hanging shoe organizer. We use the spots for crayons, some bathroom items due to bathroom storage (toothpaste, hairbrush, etc), charger cords, etc. It helps to keep things off the flat surfaces in the room and more organized. Kids items lower down, adult items higher up. I usually hang it over a closet door. Tablets are a must, with downloaded movies ahead of time. A few favorite, small toys.
  15. Yes, this. When I price out the specific carnival ship, route, and date I want and compare it to a Royal ship, route, and date I want, I have always come out better with Royal. Maybe others are finding different sales and prices than me or I am looking at odd times. Anyway, we have had amazing experiences with our kids. They are 5 & 9 and taking their third cruise in August. My older child loves the kids club, my younger would prefer to stay with us. They enjoy the water slides, kids splash area, pools, mini golf, etc. We have never run out of options to keep them entertained.
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