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  1. Lol people tipping $1,000 for a week is crazy.
  2. You shouldn’t have a problem. Most bartenders are pretty lenient with that kind of stuff
  3. Never bothered me seeing dogs on the ship. This new change doesn’t bother me either. To each their own. I’ve always made the best out of all my vacations and will continue to do so.
  4. If you have a balcony, just buy clips to clip the bathing suits on the chairs outside the balcony.
  5. “4-10K to gamble with” 😳 Geez, good luck at the slots/tables.
  6. That’s awesome . I’m always checking every day until I reach final payment. It’s definitely worth it. I’ve gotten great price reductions by doing so. Enjoy your cruise!
  7. With all the money they have, you’d think they should probably fix it. Haha.
  8. Awesome. Glad you were able to get it resolved. Sometimes it just takes a little persistence in getting the right rep on the phone that actually knows what they're doing and can help lol. Enjoy the cruise!
  9. It's not really free anyway. Everyone here says they only charge the kids port charges. But when I priced a cruise out, they were charging more than just port charges. Just another bogus sale tactic. Just track the prices. They are good deals to be had. Just gotta monitor the prices.
  10. I’ve gotten a price reduction on a sold out category. So just call.
  11. I would just take your own. Doesn’t hurt to pack it. I personally don’t like the one available in the staterooms
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