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  1. At the cruise terminals you can rent a car which runs around $50. a day. We did that years ago on our first visit to Cozumel and visited a lot of the eastern spots! Its much more 'rustic' on the Eastern side, and the waves on the beaches are much larger! You'll also be more on your own so safety must always be in the back of your mind!
  2. Great deal, How long hadn't you cruised before receiving the offer? Thanks!
  3. Can you tell us what kind of offers you received before you walked away in 2017? Were you a big gambler? Can you explain the way you used your phone to submit to urcomp, i'm not that informed in phones/cameras etc. Thanks!
  4. As far as future changes go, we all know they will happen, when is the question! We cruise Carnival, MSC, and RCL a lot, and find they usually try to make their loyalty programs and casino perks similar! At RCL right now, the levels are as follows,,, Gold=3 Platinum=30 Emerald=55 Diamond=80 Diamond Plus=175 Pinnacle=700 Diamond and above is where the benes start kicking in, but don't change all that much between Diamond Plus and Pinacle!
  5. We are beach people when we cruise the Caribbean so that's all I can offer! 'St Martin' we take the water taxi ($6. pp) over to the beach next to the port, you can rent 2 loungers with 1 umbrella there for about $20-25. Great beach area, lots of drink/food options, and lots of shopping nearby. 'St Thomas we take a taxi usually shared (so it costs around $7 pp) over to Coki beach, which has good snorkeling, or to Megan's beach which is a nice swimming beach! 'St Lucia' we took a taxi(most expensive taxi is here on this island, abt $20. one way for 2)to Reduit Beach, to the St Lucia Yacht club where on one side there's Spinakers, and on the other side there's Hi Tide which is part of the Bayside beach resort. All of these 3 have decent food, there's loungers and umbrellas to rent on the beach (abt $25.) 'Barbados' we took a taxi,(abt $6. pp) over to Brownes Beach where there's Pirate's Cove, The Boatyard, and Cococabana all in a row next to each other. All about the same, decent food, and drinks! Nice beach to swim! St Kitts you can taxi over to Frigate Bay where there are a number of beach bar/rests. Boozies, Buddy's, Inon's, etc.. farther away is Reegae beach and Reegae beach bar! Dominica the best bet is to share a taxi up to Coconut public beach! Since you mentioned an interest in rain forest, that might be the best pick here other then the public beach! Happy cruising!
  6. Once you insert your card into a machine, and transfer some money onto it, you're in! What you get in benes. will depend on how much you play! (play, not win/lose) At the end of your cruise, some who have gambled a lot will get what they call a bounce back offer that's only good for a few weeks to book, and usually only cruises in the next 3 months. The amount needed to get a bounce back changes because it depends only on where you rank with other gamblers on that cruise! A cruise with a lot of big gamblers will take a lot more play on your part to get the offer. The offers go from money off, to a free cabin in all categories, again based on your play! Once you've shown Carnival how much you on average play, they will send you out offers for getaway short cruises to Premiere/Ultra/Elite cruises that even have some journey/longer crises offered! There are quite a few categories so I won't go into all of them! Most of these offers come with free drinks in the casino while playing, a first day 1 hour party with food and drinks, some little gifts in your cabin, contests during the cruise for casino cash, and for those with a lot of play, a free invite to the steak house!! Each category has their own specific perks! Good luck!
  7. You'll be able to use your cabin phone to call but the charges run 'about' $2. a min.!
  8. Thanks, and you are also, though I'd respectfully disagree here! Guess its up to Carnival as we all have little say beyond our opinion. If they booked their flight thru Carnival, the ship would likely wait! We once waited on a MSC cruise out of Miami almost 2 hours for a late overseas flight to land that had been booked through the cruise line. The Captain explained to us what was going on, told everyone we'd have no problem making out first port on time, so everyone was good by it!
  9. We only drive 5 hours or less! Luckily living in Florida we have 5 ports within that time frame! But even the drive to Ft L. or Miami which is 4 1/2-5 hours for us, we'll drive in a day early! As far as those who missed their ships because of delays, use it as a learning experience to go a day early to the port area! Sorry to say I'm one of those who doesn't want the ship waiting for those late!
  10. If I was you, I'd try another Cruise Line, maybe urcomp!
  11. Some like to add up cruises, Carnival offers specials at 25/50/75/100 cruises! You get 25% off at 25 cruises, 50% off at 50 cruises, etc.!
  12. You go to their site and upload your offers from your computer! To save them on your computer you need a printer/scanner, scan them into your computer, at least that's what my wife did for us!
  13. Near the end of your first cruise, you'll receive instructions in your cabin,,,, That morning when everyone else gets off, you'll have your breakfast, etc..., then meet in a area described on the instructions with others who are also B2B, Then you'll wait til the ship is cleared of everyone else, then all together walk off the ship to border control, where they will look at everyone's passport, then you'll go back to the ship, usually to gather for a photo, that you'll get later in the cruise for free, and a glass of champagne. Then you are free to roam the ship, usually you got about 1/2 hour before the next weeks passengers start boarding! Have fun! B2B is the only way to go, unless its a B2B2B or more!-))
  14. We're booked on a Premier before the Miracle leaves Tampa in a 'inside with a window' on deck 4! Is it a window, or do they still have the french doors to no balcony?-))
  15. The one we went on a while back had less winners per game, seemingly to stretch the same amount of money given away over more days! ie, they might call 6 people on a drawing on a 7 day, but only 3 on a 14 day, something like that! Other wise you get the same benes. you'd get on a shorter Premier, but you get the extra days of free drinks in the casino!
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