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  1. Per NBC news the ship is called “ Freewinds” and is owned by the Church of Scientology. There are approx. 300 passengers aboard. A member of the ships crew is reported to have measles. The powers that be on St Lucia are preventing the ship from docking as they are afraid the disease will spread on the island.
  2. With the measles outbreak in the US and a cruise ship being quarantined in St Lucia, do you think cruise lines will soon require proof of measles vaccination before boarding ? We have a cruise coming up the end of this month. Being senior citizens we would be hard pressed to locate shot records from 60 years ago. Only other alternative would be to get a booster shot next week, just in case. Per information I have located online, those people born before 1957 are assumed to have immunity since measles was rampant when we were young. Thoughts ?
  3. Thank you Princeton123211and Charles4515 for the quick responses !
  4. We are looking at a last minute cruise to Bermuda that spends two nights. My question, while in port, do all the ships services stay open ? Restaurants, shopping, casino , etc ? Since we are “older” we wouldn’t spend all day and all evening ashore. Would hate to have to go ashore just to grab a candy bar if a yearning strikes ! Thanks in advance.
  5. Still wondering about the fresh squeezed orange juice at breakfast . Extra charge or free ? We were on another cruise line that charged extra, but one that didn’t.
  6. We are basically non-drinkers. Maybe one glass of wine with dinner. So, I’m looking at the non alcoholic beverage packages and trying to decide if worth the money. We do drink sodas. My question, we enjoy Fresh squeezed OJ with breakfast. Does that cost extra ? Or would it be worth it to pay a little extra for the the classic non-alcoholic package rather than basic? This will be our first celebrity cruise so we are newbies. Thanks in advance .
  7. Jkgourmet didn’t think of cold medicine ! Good call ! Thanks !
  8. Thank you Cruisestitch and Muffinz for the info! I have several lists of what to pack, but usually forget one thing ! We are counting the days til Solstice, Alaska ! Fifty eight til we head for Seattle !
  9. I’ve looked at the various deck layouts for the Solstice, but only see “ general shopping “ areas. Can someone fill me in on what shopping is available ? I saw someone mentioned Tiffany’s, but I can’t imagine that is all. Is there a small shop for sundries ? Things we may have forgotten to pack ? Also, what is the Mast Grill like ? Better alternative at busy times to the buffet ? This is is our first Celebrity Cruise, though my tenth cruise in general. Really looking forward to the Celebrity experience. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hello ! Have really enjoyed reading your various travel logs. There is a ton of information on Alaska on the “Alaska Board”. I’ve been using the info to plan our first Alaskan Trip scheduled May 31 on Solstice. Give the various trip reviews a look. Info on excursions and lots of info on what to wear. I have found very helpful.
  11. As for knowing your “status” by looking at the color of the wristband, when we last bought one on RC they were out of colors, so everyone from that point in time on for that cruise, got a black one. Not sure whether black indicated steerage or elite. Didn’t matter one wit.
  12. HOS.... Harmony of the Seas, Royal Caribbean
  13. We had a wristband on our last cruise on HOS. They were ok, but still needed to use a sea pass card to get on and off the ship. We also removed them when we cleaned up for dinner each night. Not very fashionable, rather ugly rubber. Worth the extra $5.00, maybe?. Not sure I would bother again. Besides, I collect all my sea pass/ sail and sign cards as souvenirs.
  14. Thank you Budget Queen and AKfamily for the responses. I will look into renting a car closer to the pier per your suggestions.
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